the-eu-vote-to-take-action-against-loot-boxes,-gaming-addiction-and-gold-farming Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The EU vote to take action against loot boxes, gaming addiction and gold-farming

The EU have voted to push for reform in the videogame industry, backing a report that takes aim at everything from loot boxes to human rights violations tied up with gold-farming. The report includes calls for better parental control options, “harmonised rules” compelling sellers to show more information about game content, and a clamp down on third-party skin gambling. Those are all laudable goals, but time will tell how much change this actually amounts to. Read more

sjokz-returns-to-csgo-to-host-pgl-european-rmr-with-james-banks ESports News UK

Sjokz returns to CSGO to host PGL European RMR with James Banks

Two popular esports hosts are teaming up – Belgian esports host Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depoortere and British host James Banks will work on the PGL European RMR (Regional Major Rankings) event. Sjokz, who is more known for her League of Legends work in the European LEC and beyond, has got involved in CSGO in the past, including the Blast Premier/Pro Series events a few years ago. Now she’ll be on the desk in Romania as teams battle it out for a spot at the PGL Major Antwerp. Continue reading Sjokz returns to CSGO to host PGL European RMR with James Banks

toronto-ultra-cod-challengers-teams-including-all-uk-roster-qualify-for-elite-stage-2-following-partnership-between-team-singularity-and-mad-lions’-parent-company ESports News UK

Toronto Ultra CoD Challengers teams including all-UK roster qualify for Elite Stage 2 following partnership between Team Singularity and Mad Lions’ parent company

Danish esports org Team Singularity, who have a team in the UK/Nordics League of Legends NLC, are fielding Toronto Ultra Call of Duty Challengers teams. These teams have got off to a strong start and qualified for Stage 2 Challengers in their regions. ULTRA Academy EU Qualified for S2. ✅ ULTRA Academy NA Qualified for S2. ✅ GGWP. Successful day. 🤝💚💜#SNGARMY | #StrengthInTheNorth | @TorontoUltra — Team Singularity (@SNG_Esports) February 26, 2022 The news comes following a partnership with OverActive Media, the parent company of LEC team Mad Lions. Continue reading Toronto Ultra CoD Challengers teams including all-UK roster qualify…

alphari-and-perkz-make-eu-return-official-as-team-vitality-announce-2022-lec-roster,-hope-to-reach-worlds-final:-“this-is-team-vitality’s-time-–-watch-out-for-us” ESports News UK

Alphari and Perkz make EU return official as Team Vitality announce 2022 LEC roster, hope to reach Worlds final: “This is Team Vitality’s time – watch out for us”

The rumours and leaks were of course true – UK League of Legends top-laner Barney ‘Alphari’ Morris and Croatian mid-laner Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković have moved from the NA LCS back to the EU LEC. They were previously with Team Liquid and Cloud9 respectively. Vitality have also signed ADC Matyáš ‘Carzzy’ Orság from Mad Lions, who won back-to-back LEC championships in 2021. These new additions and join support player Labros ‘Labrov’ Papoutsakis and jungler Oskar ‘Selfmade’ Boderek to create what Vitality is saying ‘a European powerhouse with the ambition to ambition to get to the final of the World Championship’. Continue reading…