resolve-esports-acquire-barrage-esports-and-will-be-playing-in-the-league-of-legends-nlc ESports News UK

Resolve Esports acquire Barrage Esports and will be playing in the League of Legends NLC

For transparency: Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco was hired on a freelance consultancy basis to help shape earlier versions of the announcement found in Resolve’s Google Doc UK esports organisation Resolve have acquired Barrage in a deal that will see Resolve play in the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC) from the Summer 2021 Season. Resolve said they have both ‘acquired and merged’ with Barrage in a Google Doc, and that they will now take on Barrage’s day-to-day operations. Continue reading Resolve Esports acquire Barrage Esports and will be playing in the League of Legends NLC

uk-talent-joins-rainbow-six-invitational-broadcast-line-up ESports News UK

UK talent joins Rainbow Six Invitational broadcast line-up

Ubisoft has announced the broadcast talent line-up for the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational – and there’s a host of UK talent on board. UK casters and hosts on board for this year’s Invitational include Dezachu, AceOfPyrite, Fluke, Xrtroika, Demo, Kixstar and (US/UK). That represents 40% of the total talent line-up. The full line-up also includes other top hosts from around the world, including Jess, Interro, Zenox and more. You can see all 15 talent in the tweets below: Here is the lineup of talent that will share the #SixInvitational experience with you! Continue reading UK talent joins Rainbow Six Invitational…

league-of-legends-world-cup:-riot-wants-to-run-an-international-tournament-in-the-future ESports News UK

League of Legends World Cup: Riot wants to run an international tournament in the future

Riot Games is open to organising an international League of Legends World Cup-style tournament in the future, where teams would represent their countries. This has been a talking point since two showmatches took place between an all-star French team and a Spanish mix team, drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers. But could this kind of thing become an official Riot tournament in the future? John Needham, global head of esports at Riot Games, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to engage with our fans and while a LoL World Cup would translate well around the world, making room in…

msi-2021-preview-with-lck-caster-chronicler-and-lpl-caster-munchables ESports News UK

MSI 2021 preview with LCK caster Chronicler and LPL caster Munchables

The League of Legends Mid-Seasonal Invitational (MSI) kicks off in Iceland on May 6th 2021, after a two-year break due to the pandemic, bringing together championship-winning teams from Riot’s different regional leagues. While MSI is often dominated by the Chinese LPL and Korean LCK teams, in 2019 G2 Esports and Team Liquid bucked that trend by making the finals in Taiwan. With the help of Megalodontus, ENUK editor Dom Sacco speaks to Dutch caster Chronicler (pictured left, from the LCK) and Brit Munchables (right, from the LPL) to get their insights before MSI begins. Continue reading MSI 2021 preview with…

super-squad-playtest-and-interview:-uk-dev-bad-fox-studios-aims-to-shake-up-moba-genre-with-new-5v5-team-shooter ESports News UK

Super Squad playtest and interview: UK dev Bad Fox Studios aims to shake up MOBA genre with new 5v5 team shooter

We might not feature the game development sector all that much on Esports News UK, but the UK is home to a host of dev talent that often gets overlooked. Bad Fox Studios is one such developer, which has built Super Squad, a new 5v5 MOBA-like team shooter that the studio is calling a Multiplayer Online Shoot-‘Em-Up (MOSH). Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco catches up with three members of the team to interview them while playtesting Super Squad at the same time. Continue reading Super Squad playtest and interview: UK dev Bad Fox Studios aims to shake up MOBA…

newsflash:-fifa-win-for-hashtag-tom,-pyrionflax-and-odpixel-recognised-at-dreamies,-scientists-discover-way-to-secure-wins-in-fifa,-more-royal-ravens-changes ESports News UK

Newsflash: FIFA win for Hashtag Tom, PyrionFlax and ODPixel recognised at Dreamies, scientists discover way to secure wins in FIFA, more Royal Ravens changes

Here’s our latest weekly Newsflash roundup, where we cover a host of brief esports and gaming news in an informal, bitesize nature for you to digest. Hashtag Tom wins EU FIFA qualifier UK FIFA player Tom ‘Hashtag Tom’ Leese won the PS4 FIFA Global Series PS4 Europe Qualifier 5 over the weekend and picked up $15,000 in winnings. YESSSSSSSSSSS WE DID IT!!!! EU FUT CHAMPS CUP 5 CHAMPION 🏆 — Tom Leese (@HashtagTom_) April 25, 2021 London Royal Ravens release Zer0 and Dominate The London Royal Ravens, ReKTGlobal’s Call of Duty League franchise team and top-four finisher in the inaugural…

interview-with-eu-league-of-legends-casters-noa-and-carmeline-on-women-in-esports:-“on-one-hand-i-know-how-important-the-exposure-is-for-brands-and-media,-and-i-know-that-we-need-it,-but-on-the-other-hand-i-get-angry-when-i-see-them-using-us-for-marketing,-and-only-speak-up-about-our-problems-one-day-per-year” ESports News UK

Interview with EU League of Legends casters Noa and Carmeline on women in esports: “On one hand I know how important the exposure is for brands and media, and I know that we need it, but on the other hand I get angry when I see them using us for marketing, and only speak up about our problems one day per year”

March was Women’s History Month, and the esports industry took the chance to celebrate the many talented and often times overlooked individuals within the space. Some say esports is getting more diverse, but there are still many challenges that women face in esports. There aren’t many women within the League of Legends European Regional Leagues (LoL ERLs). Ainhoa ‘Noa’ Campos (pictured left) and Carmen ‘Carmeline’ Junquera (right) are two such personalities, with Noa casting the Spanish LVP SuperLiga and Carmeline casting the Baltic Masters (and NUEL’s Women’s University tournament). Continue reading Interview with EU League of Legends casters Noa and…

guild-esports-win-unofficial-eu-vs-na-rocket-league-showmatch-following-cancellation-of-worlds ESports News UK

Guild Esports win unofficial EU vs NA Rocket League showmatch following cancellation of Worlds

Jake Nordland recaps the latest informal installment in Rocket League’s NA v EU storyline Psyonix’s unexpected cancellation of the RLCS X World Championship, and its subsequent replacement with yet more regional tournaments, rocked the Rocket League community in April.  The eagerly awaited opportunity to answer the burning question – which is the better region – was delayed once more. And a battle of words ensued across social media. But when British Guild Esports player Joseph ‘Noly’ Kidd called French star Evan ‘M0nkeyM00n’ Rogez “100% better” than US player Jason ‘Firstkiller’ Corral on Rocket League’s official podcast First Touch, words were…

fnatic-and-team-liquid-qualify-for-valorant-masters-lan-in-iceland ESports News UK

Fnatic and Team Liquid qualify for Valorant Masters LAN in Iceland

What’s been a top weekend for UK esports so far is just getting better and better. Two Valorant esports teams featuring a host of UK talent have qualified for the world’s first international Valorant LAN. Team Liquid and Fnatic will be the two European representatives at the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2021: Stage 2 Masters, which takes place in Reykjavík, Iceland from May 24th to 30th. They beat Oxygen Esports and Gambit Esports 2-0 respectively today in the EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Finals, and will be playing one another in the grand final of that tournament tomorrow (May 2nd). Continue…

22,000-pubg-mobile-uk-national-championship-2021-announced ESports News UK

£22,000 PUBG Mobile UK National Championship 2021 announced

PUBG Mobile has announced the first PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) in the UK, which it says signals its further commitment to expanding the game’s esports ecosystem in the region. The PMNC 2021 UK will see national rosters will battle it out at the event, with £22,000 up for grabs. Open qualifiers take place from June 4th to 11th. Teams from the UK, which must consist of a minimum of four players and a maximum of six players from the same country, are invited to sign up and compete online now at Continue reading £22,000 PUBG Mobile UK National Championship 2021 announced

queen-mary’s-college-esports-facility-becomes-first-in-uk-to-include-a-dedicated-yoga-room,-with-league-of-legends-themed-yoga-positions-planned ESports News UK

Queen Mary’s College esports facility becomes first in UK to include a dedicated yoga room, with League of Legends-themed yoga positions planned

A UK college is about to open a brand new esports building, complete with 52 gaming systems, an editing and streaming room, mini cafe… and even a yoga room. Queen Mary’s College in Basingstoke will open its new esports facility on May 27th 2021. It’s part of a £700,000 project that has seen the first floor of a pre-existing building gutted out with a fresh new interior added, while the IT and STEAM provision on the top floor will be expanded. Continue reading Queen Mary’s College esports facility becomes first in UK to include a dedicated yoga room, with League…

richard-lewis-contemplates-retiring-from-esports:-‘i-think-the-esports-ride-should-come-to-an-end-in-the-next-year-or-two-for-sure’ ESports News UK

Richard Lewis contemplates retiring from esports: ‘I think the esports ride should come to an end in the next year or two for sure’

British esports personality Richard Lewis has revealed he is thinking about retiring from esports. The outspoken 39-year-old is known for his work as a journalist, desk host and analyst, with a particular specialism in Counter-Strike. He produces content on his YouTube and Twitch channels, has won multiple Esports Awards and last year was appointed editor-at-large at Dexerto. Richard shared his thoughts around retirement during his latest video covering the FBI’s investigations into CSGO match-fixing, and said it was brought on following his recent chat with journalist and professor Declan Hill. Continue reading Richard Lewis contemplates retiring from esports: ‘I think…

ldn-utd-partners-with-rio-ferdinand-foundation-for-utd-against-racism-event,-including-a-fifa-21-celebrity-pro-am ESports News UK

LDN UTD partners with Rio Ferdinand Foundation for UTD Against Racism event, including a FIFA 21 celebrity pro-am

UK esports org LDN UTD and the Rio Ferdinand Foundation have today announced UTD Against Racism, an online event empowering the young community through esports. Fans will be offered the opportunity to compete in open qualifiers for FIFA 21 with a chance to play alongside influencers and sports athletes in the finals brackets on Sunday May 30th, which will be broadcast live on LDN UTD’s Twitch channel and produced by 1080 Media. All profits from the event will be donated, along with funds raised through the stream, to deliver empowerment and skills workshops, in a bid to enable young people…

british-esports-championships-student-finals-to-take-place-at-a-live-venue-in-july ESports News UK

British Esports Championships student finals to take place at a live venue in July

For transparency: Esports News UK editor Dom Sacco used to work full-time for British Esports and currently does some freelance work for them The British Esports Association has partnered with Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies to host its 2021 student finals. The British Esports Championships consist of League of Legends, Overwatch and Rocket League tournaments for students aged 12+ in schools and colleges across the UK. Confetti’s 400-seat live events venue in Nottingham, known as Metronome, will host the grand finals on July 3rd 2021. Continue reading British Esports Championships student finals to take place at a live venue in July