concerned-ape-is-taking-a-break-from-haunted-chocolatier-to-work-on-stardew-valley’s-next-update Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Concerned Ape is taking a break from Haunted Chocolatier to work on Stardew Valley’s next update

Fans have likely spent endless seasons in the comfort of Stardew Valley, and now the chill life sim is getting even bigger. Stardew Valley’s creator Eric Barone (otherwise known as ConcernedApe) is “taking a break” from working on his highly-anticipated Haunted Chocolatier. Barone will instead work on Stardew Valley’s upcoming 1.6 update, which focuses on improvements for modders, alongside some new content as well. Read more

stardew-valley-has-sold-over-20-million-copies-worldwide-on-all-platforms VG247

Stardew Valley has sold over 20 million copies worldwide on all platforms

That a nice, round number. Stardew Valley has hit another sales milestone by moving 20 million copies worldwide on all platforms. The newest figure is valid as of March 2022, and 13 million of those copies were sold on PC alone. Just eight months ago, it was revealed the game had sold 15 million copies, which means an additional 5 million copies were sold since the figure was reported in September. Speaking with PC Gamer, the game creator Eric Barone called the 20 million copies milestone “really amazing,” and that he couldn’t believe the game has “reached this level.” That…

the-first-stardew-valley-cup-will-be-co-commentated-by-the-game’s-creator Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The first Stardew Valley Cup will be co-commentated by the game’s creator

There are plenty of ways to play farm inheritance simulator Stardew Valley—whether you like co-op or challenge runs or just want to do your best to make grandpa’s ghost proud. Or you could play competitively, which is exactly what a group of Stardew Valley livestreamers will be doing in the first Stardew Valley Cup. Not just that, but Stardew’s developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone will participating as a commentator. I’ve got a feeling that these teams of fast farmers could even introduce its creator to some inventive and unexpected ways to play the game on September 4th. Read more

stardew-valley-update-will-add-split-screen-co-op,-a-new-beach-farm,-and-more VG247

Stardew Valley update will add split-screen co-op, a new Beach Farm, and more

Stardew Valley’s upcoming 1.5 update will add a new Beach Farm type, split-screen co-op and a new Advanced Game Options menu, developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has said.Barone posted a screenshot of Stardew Valley‘s new menu on his Twitter account over the weekend, showing off a wealth of new options including: a “remixed” Community Center Bundles, a guarantee one-year completion check box, a mine rewards drop-down box, and a setting that allows you to prevent monsters from spawning on your farm.“If you’re a seasoned player thinking of starting a new farm when 1.5 comes out, I’d like to highlight a couple…