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star-trek:-resurgence-review-–-a-voyage-home-for-90s-nerds VG247

Star Trek: Resurgence Review – A voyage home for 90s nerds

Cards on the table, right? I love Star Trek. More than that: I love loving it. I drive my wife mad with incessant musing about whether Ben Sisko’s birth constitutes a predestination paradox, or the sociological impact on the Federation of the Battle of Wolf 359. I have an absurd number of Hero Collector ship miniatures dotted around the place. There are more enterprises in my home than you can rent a car from. But, I am a professional, and wouldn’t dream of allowing my personal feelings to inflate my dispassionate assessment of a licensed software product. With that in…

alan-wake-2’s-titular-voice-actor-may-have-confirmed-an-october-release VG247

Alan Wake 2’s titular voice actor may have confirmed an October release

Just in time for Halloween! It sounds like we might know when to expect Alan Wake 2, as the voice actor behind the titular character said it’s “supposed” to release this October. Alan Wake 2 was announced about a year and a half ago, and we haven’t seen or heard much about it since then. We know it’s meant to be developer Remedy Entertainment’s first survival horror game (the first is more of an action game), and that it’s supposed to release this year, but we’re still waiting to see the game itself. While we’ll still have to wait a…

fortnite-is-now-officially-an-olympic-(e)sport Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fortnite is now officially an Olympic (e)sport

Fortniters everywhere, rejoice! Playing Fortnite can now put you on the road to the Olympics, so teachers can no longer scold kids for sneaking in a game during class – that’s how you win gold medals now, goddammit. The Olympics have today announced that the money-printing battle royale has joined the line-up for the Olympic Esport Series 2023, taking place in Singapore next month. Read more

star-trek:-resurgence-goes-where-no-one-has-gone-before-in-may VG247

Star Trek: Resurgence goes where no one has gone before in May

Interact with the Star Trek universe like never before. A release date for Star Trek: Resurgence has been provided by developer Dramatic Labs. You can pick the game up on May 23 for PC through the Epic Games Store and on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Star Trek: Resurgence reveal trailer from 2021. Star Trek: Resurgence is set shortly after Star Trek: The Next Generation’s timeline, where a worker uprising threatens the tenuous peace between two alien civilizations. Forced to intervene, Starfleet will send its finest as a buffer between the two, and the story will unfold through two perspectives. You…

while-dark-and-darker-is-caught-in-a-legal-battle,-a-player-is-bringing-the-game-to-fortnite VG247

While Dark and Darker is caught in a legal battle, a player is bringing the game to Fortnite

Thanks to the new Unreal Engine creative tools, people are bringing back Darker and Darker however they can. While Dark and Darker is still in legal limbo, a sole creator is working on bringing the popular fantasy RPG to a new platform: Fortnite. This sole developer comes from Fern, a UK-based software engineer who posted a video of their work-in-process project to the Fortnite Creative Reddit. Caught up in the recent tech industry layoffs, they decided to “chill for a bit” and work on personal projects. Thus, the Dark and Darker map. Check out the alpha trailer for Dark and…

the-fortnite-x-attack-on-titan-update-is-nearly-here-–-brings-new-skins-and-slick-new-odm-gear VG247

The Fortnite x Attack on Titan update is nearly here – brings new skins and slick new ODM gear

I don’t even watch the show – the ODM gear movement just looks fantastic. The Attack on Titan x Fortnite update is coming soon, according to a new post on the official Fortnite website. A teaser trailer has also been released showing off the new features in game, if you’d like to see it all in motion. This update, part of Chapter Four Season Two, brings several characters from the popular anime to the battle royale including Mikasa and Levi. You also can get your hands on some weapon cosmetics with an Attack on Titan theme. So if you’re a…

hellblade-2-looks-frighteningly-real-in-new-unreal-engine-5-tech-demo Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Hellblade 2 looks frighteningly real in new Unreal Engine 5 tech demo

Epic Games held their State Of Unreal presentation last night, where they talked about the new tech coming to Unreal Engine 5.2, unveiled Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 mode, and debuted new looks at upcoming UE5-developed games such as Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. The first hack-and-slashing adventure already had pretty lifelike faces, but the spooky sequel is taking things a step further with some frighteningly realistic tech. Read more

epic-games-store-launches-self-publishing-tools-for-devs,-but-will-still-reject-porn,-illegal-and-hateful-content Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Epic Games Store launches self-publishing tools for devs, but will still reject porn, illegal and hateful content

After more than 18 months of closed beta testing, Epic’s self-publishing tools for developers are now available for all to use on the Epic Games Store. Previously, Epic had their own internal curation process for publishing to the store, but this changes from today, with developers now having much more control over getting their games onto the EGS. Well, almost. Read more

gears-of-war-isn’t-just-a-game,-it’s-tradition Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Gears Of War isn’t just a game, it’s tradition

I’m going to Japan in a couple of weeks, and I am beyond excited. It’s been 15 years since I last visited family in Yokohama, and my last memory is one where I’m miserable and I’m staring out of a cab window going back to the airport. I didn’t want to leave. It sounds corny as heck, but I can’t wait to sucker punch that memory with a swing that’s been building for 5478 days, then jab it full of happy ones. Really, I imagine what will happen is I’ll get weirdly emotional as the plane touches down and my…

battle-royale-brawler-rumbleverse-is-shutting-down-later-this-month Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Battle royale brawler Rumbleverse is shutting down later this month

Epic Games and Iron Galaxy have announced they’re sunsetting their melee battle royale Rumbleverse, six months after launch. Live services will go offline on February 28th at 4PM GMT/10AM CST/11AM ET. In a blog post from the team, Iron Galaxy shared that Season Two will be Rumbleverse’s last, but it should be receiving one final update soon to remove the game’s monetisation. This continues the trend of me discovering a new battle royale game, thanks to the announcement of its death. Read more

deku-smash-removed-from-fortnite-due-to-in-game-“issues” VG247

Deku Smash removed from Fortnite due to in-game “issues”

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Players will have to settle without the powerful Chapter 4 feature for the foreseeable future. The Deku Smash has suddenly been removed from Fortnite due to “an issue”, according to official Fortnite social media channels. This came only a few days following epilepsy concerns were raised against the attack, as well as swirling frustrations around its ability to one-shot enemy players. Both are potential reasons to remove the weapon from the game, although the former is certainly the most troubling….

epic-games-rolls-out-new-fortnite,-rocket-league,-and-fall-guys-accounts-for-kids VG247

Epic Games rolls out new Fortnite, Rocket League, and Fall Guys accounts for kids

In an attempt to provide a safer and more inclusive experience for children, Epic Games has started rolling out Cabined Accounts. Epic Games has begun to roll out a new type of account that is specifically for children using the service to play online, multiplayer games. The new accounts are called ‘Cabined Accounts’, and will aim to provide a tailored experience that is both safe and inclusive for younger players using Epic Games. Xbox Series S isn’t holding next-gen back, reality is. The Cabined Accounts began being rolled out yesterday, Wednesday 7, in games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and…

star-wars:-squadrons-is-free-on-the-epic-games-store-for-a-week-from-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Star Wars: Squadrons is free on the Epic Games Store for a week from today

It’s that time of the week again, when the Epic Games Store reveal what new games they’ll be giving away for free next Thursday. If you haven’t jumped on it straight away, then you can nab EA Motive’s decent sci-fi dogfighting sim Star Wars: Squadrons for precisely nowt until December 1st. Starting from December 1st, you’ll have the opportunity to claim game creation tool RPG In A Box and fantasy turn-based strategy Fort Triumph. Read more

fortnite-chapter-3-will-be-the-shortest-one-yet Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Fortnite Chapter 3 will be the shortest one yet

The end of another Fortnite map is nigh, with Chapter 3 of the free-to-play battle royale drawing to a surprisingly early close next month. The change will coincide with the end of Season 4 in an event called Fracture, teased by devs Epic Games at the end of the Fortnite Champion Series held over the weekend. Fracture kicks off on December 3rd at 9pm GMT / 1pm PST. Read more

have-you-played…-fortnite? Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Have you played… Fortnite?

Buried beneath an Everest sized pile of TikTok dance emotes, Marvel skins and lavish live concerts for Ariana Grande lies the actual reason Fortnite has kept me playing for the best part of half a decade: Fortnite is one of the finest multiplayer shooters on PC, and no, I’m not joking. It rules. Read more