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borderlands-3-is-free-on-the-epic-games-store-for-the-next-week VG247

Borderlands 3 is free on the Epic Games Store for the next week

The first of four freebies being handed out over the next few weeks. The Epic MEGA Sale has kicked off on the Epic Games Store, and the first of four free games being offered during this time is Borderlands 3. You can download Borderlands 3 from today through May 26 at 11am ET. If you have never played the looter-shooter before, it’s free, so now there is no excuse. Borderlands 3 is set on the planet Pandora seven years after the death of Handsome Jack. In the interim, twin siblings Troy and Tyreen Calypso form the Children of the Vault…

fall-guys-finally-has-a-release-date-on-xbox-and-switch,-and-it’s-going-free-to-play VG247

Fall Guys finally has a release date on Xbox and Switch, and it’s going free to play

With cross-platfrom play and progression too, so all your mates can play starting June 21. Fall Guys, the family friendly battle royale that released to immense levels of success back in 2020 is going free to play June 21. While that’s big news for the game on its own, the folks at Mediatonic have also announced the title is coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store alongside the free version. If you’re a PlayStation player feeling a little left out, don’t worry! A PS5 version is also set to release alongside the rest. If you’ve got friends…

xcom-2-is-free-to-keep-on-the-epic-games-store-right-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

XCOM 2 is free to keep on the Epic Games Store right now

This week’s headline free game on the Epic Games Store is a goodie: XCOM 2. You have one week to grab Firaxis’s sequel to their alien-busting turn-based tactics game, the streamlined reboot of ye olde X-COM games. XCOM 2 is a good game, well worth grabbing for free! Also free right now is Insurmountable, a roguelikelike mountaineering game. Read more

total-war:-warhammer-is-free-this-week-on-the-epic-games-store VG247

Total War: Warhammer is free this week on the Epic Games Store

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Total War: Warhammer is free this week on the Epic Games Store. It features hundreds of hours of gameplay full of heroes, monsters, flying creatures, magical storms, and regiments of nightmarish warriors. The game contains various campaigns of conquest and you can play as the Empire, Dwarfs, Vampire Counts or the Orcs and Goblins of the Greenskin tribes. Each Race is wholly different with its own unique characters, campaign mechanics, battlefield units and play style. Alongside the game are a…

tiny-tina’s-wonderlands-details-post-release-season-pass-contents VG247

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands details post-release Season Pass contents

New details revealed alongside a Wonderlands-inspired Diamond Pony Glider for Fortnite. Details on what you can expect from post-launch content in the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Season Pass have been revealed. Available for individual purchase or as part of the Chaotic Great Edition, the Season Pass includes four DLC drops featuring bosses and new settings, a seventh class that expands the Multiclass system, and a suite of cosmetics in the Butt Stallion Pack. Each of the four content drops begins in Dreamveil Overlook, where fortune-teller Vesper awaits. While visiting, you will peer into her Mirrors of Mystery in order to be…

stalker-2-development-“shifted-to-the-side-lines”-due-to-ongoing-war-with-russia VG247

Stalker 2 development “shifted to the side-lines” due to ongoing war with Russia

The Ukrainian developers of Stalker 2 are based in Kyiv which was invaded by Russian troops on February 25. GSC Game World has announced Stalker 2 development is on hold due to the ongoing war with Russia but will resume once Ukraine is triumphant. Speaking in a video, the team said the week before Russia’s invasion it was editing a new video which was to go over the motion capture process. The video was to show how the game’s cutscenes were created. However, editing of the video as well as development on the game was suspended due to current events….

hitman-3-will-make-changes-to-arcade-contracts,-provide-enhanced-support-for-contracts-mode,-more-in-march VG247

Hitman 3 will make changes to Arcade Contracts, provide enhanced support for Contracts Mode, more in March

Plenty of changes and additions for March. IO Interactive has outlined what Hitman 3 players can expect for the month of March. Players can expect a reworked Elusive Target Arcade, new Arcade contracts, the return of an Elusive Target, and enhanced support for Contracts Mode. Kicking off today is a new batch of three Arcade Contracts, one for each game in the Trilogy: Nebulae, Genera and Vitae. Complete any one of them and you’ll unlock the Sieger AR552 Tactical. Today also marks some changes which impact already released Arcade Contracts, including those arriving today. Changes include a reintroduction to the…

epic-games-store-will-continue-weekly-free-games-in-2022 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Epic Games Store will continue weekly free games in 2022

Epic have put out their year-in-review, looking at how the Epic Games Store performed across 2021. The takeaways: the store now has 194 million PC users, up 34 million from 2020; the number of games on the store is now 917, nearly double from the year before; and the weekly free game giveaways will continue in 2022. Read more

epic-games-store-now-boasts-194-million-users-which-spent-$840-million-on-the-store-last-year VG247

Epic Games Store now boasts 194 million users which spent $840 million on the store last year

You can expect more free games to be handed out through the Epic Games Store in 2022. There are millions and millions of PC users who flock to the Epic Game Store in 2021. That’s according to the latest figures published by Epic Games which note the store now boasts 194 million users, which is an increase of 34 million from 2020. Daily active users peaked at 31.1 million, and peak concurrent users reached 13.2 million. December’s monthly active users peaked at 62 million users, which is an 11% increase from 2020’s 56 million. Folks also bought plenty of games…

death-stranding-director’s-cut-coming-to-pc-march-30 VG247

Death Stranding Director’s Cut coming to PC March 30

That’s good news for the PC crowd. Death Stranding Director’s Cut is heading to Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 30. Owners of the original Death Stranding on PC can upgrade to the Director’s Cut for $9.99. To upgrade, owners should just make sure to install the standard edition of the game, then purchase the Director’s Cut through the in-game store-front at the discounted rate. If you are new to the game, you will find the base game discounted at 70% off on Steam, courtesy of the Lunar Sale beginning today and ending February 3, 2022. Death Stranding…

hitman-3-year-2-content-includes-a-roguelike-mode,-new-map,-customizable-safehouse,-and-more VG247

Hitman 3 Year 2 content includes a roguelike mode, new map, customizable safehouse, and more

The Hitman Trilogy is also coming to Game Pass soon. Hitman 3 is entering year two, and today, IO Interactive provided information on what to expect out of it. One of the more interesting bits to expect out of Year 2 is a new mode with roguelike elements called Freelancer which introduces strategic planning and a customizable safehouse. Coming this spring, the mode features Agent 47’s Safehouse. This playable space is customizable as it allows you to choose exactly what type of Hitman you are. As you progress through Freelancer, more areas of the Safehouse can be unlocked and new…

far:-changing-tides-will-hit-game-pass-day-one-when-it-releases-in-march VG247

Far: Changing Tides will hit Game Pass day one when it releases in March

Coming to other platforms as well. Far: Changing Tides, an atmospheric vehicle adventure that follows the emotional journey of a boy and his ship, is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one in March. Out on March 1, the story features the boy embarking on a voyage to find a new home, where he will sail stormy waters, dive unknown depths, and explore forgotten ruins in a flooded world. If you aren’t an Xbox Game Pass user, it is also coming to platforms other than those developed by Microsoft. You will also be able to pick it up for…

pathfinder:-kingmaker-is-free-to-keep-on-epic-right-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is free to keep on Epic right now

If you like your RPG adventures to contain dungeons and dragons, and be as complex as Dungeons & Dragons, perhaps you might fancy the latest game being given away free in the Epic Games Store’s festive sale. For 24 hours, Epic are handing out Pathfinder: Kingmaker free for keepsies. It’s a vast fantasy RPG based on the Pathfinder pen ‘n’ paper system, played out in ye olde isometric perspective. The sort of RPG that’s fascinating to some, offputting to others—so a great candidate for a freebie. Read more

loop-hero-is-free-on-the-epic-games-store-right-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Loop Hero is free on the Epic Games Store right now

This year had us stuck in many video game time loops, but one of my absolute favourites was Loop Hero. I never thought an autobattler RPG would hook me the way it did, but I spent hours upon hours helping a little knight circle a seemingly endless void, and had a wonderful time doing it. If you didn’t have a chance to play it earlier this year, it’s now free on the Epic Game Store until tomorrow. I heartily encourage you to pick this one up, it’s one of our favourite games of 2021. Read more

sniper-elite-5-will-take-you-to-france-when-it-releases-next-year VG247

Sniper Elite 5 will take you to France when it releases next year

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Take on Nazis in 1944 France. Rebellion has announced Sniper Elite 5, the next iteration in the action-adventure shooter series. Relasing simultaneously on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, the Epic Games Store, Steam and Windows Store, Sniper Elite 5 once again stars Karl Fairburne who will travel to 1944 France to destroy Operation Kraken. As the elite marksman and SOE Operative, Fairburne is connected to a covert US Ranger operation to provide Sniper support as…