the-blue-bawl:-karmine-corp-fans-are-raging-on-twitter-about-others-adapting-their-org’s-artwork-ahead-of-eu-masters,-but-is-it-theft-or-fair-use?-we-asked-a-legal-copyright-specialist ESports News UK

The Blue Bawl: Karmine Corp fans are raging on Twitter about others adapting their org’s artwork ahead of EU Masters, but is it theft or fair use? We asked a legal copyright specialist

X7 Esports made history on the weekend when they became the first esports organisation from the Isle of Man to reach the EU Masters, but their celebrations were marred somewhat on social media. Fans of French LFL organisation Karmine Corp argued an image posted on Twitter by X7 members and other teams was ‘stolen’ from Karmine and adapted without their permission. Debate and confusion ensued, and we thought it’d be useful for organisations and the LoL esports community to understand the legalities around image copyright to prevent such ire in the future. Continue reading The Blue Bawl: Karmine Corp fans…

streamer-awards-trophy-leads-to-pepe-confusion Twitch

Streamer Awards Trophy Leads To Pepe Confusion

The Streamer Awards, an awards ceremony dedicated to livestreaming (and not to be confused with The Streamy Awards), hosted its first-ever show on March 12. Founded and organized by cooking streamer QTCinderella, the celebration pulled in 380,000 concurrent viewers, as big-name broadcasters like Hasanabi and Pokimane made appearances to pick up their golden trophies. However, many weren’t happy with the event for one particular reason: The trophy is getting confused for Pepe the Frog.

vi-finally-gets-a-gloveless-skin-–-but-in-fortnite-not-lol:-arcane-vi-outfit,-back-bling,-pickaxe,-emote,-loading-screen-and-bundle-head-to-fortnite’s-item-shop ESports News UK

Vi finally gets a gloveless skin – but in Fortnite not LoL: Arcane Vi Outfit, Back Bling, Pickaxe, Emote, Loading Screen and bundle head to Fortnite’s Item Shop

League of Legends’ Piltover Enforcer and star of Riot’s Netflix show Arcane – Vi – has been officially added to Fortnite. The LoL champion first arrived in that game back in late 2012, and despite having plenty of skins, has not had a gloveless variant – until now. But the gloves aren’t off for League of Legends players – the gloveless Arcane Vi skin is being added exclusively to Fortnite. Vi was added to the Fortnite Item Shop today (January 23rd 2022), with the Arcane Vi Outfit costing 1,500 V-Bucks (about £10). Continue reading Vi finally gets a gloveless skin…

uk-yogscast-streamer-pedguin-banned-on-twitch-for-use-of-emotes-including-a-winnie-the-pooh-cartoon-posterior-and-hot-tub ESports News UK

UK Yogscast streamer Pedguin banned on Twitch for use of emotes including a Winnie the Pooh cartoon posterior and hot tub

Peter ‘Pedguin’ Mann, UK streamer and member of the UK-based entertainment group Yogscast, has been banned on Twitch. Pedguin says the ban was due to his emotes, and white Twitch hadn’t apparently told him what was specifically wrong with his latest emotes, it did previously state previous emotes were removed due to ‘imagery of sexualised content or nudity’. Pedguin had previously submitted slightly different versions of the below Winnie the Pooh-style emotes, which were removed by Twitch, prompting him to make tweaks and changes. Continue reading UK Yogscast streamer Pedguin banned on Twitch for use of emotes including a Winnie the…

twitch-removes-stereotypical-emotes-meant-to-celebrate-hispanic-heritage-month Twitch

Twitch Removes Stereotypical Emotes Meant To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Earlier today, Twitch announced several initiatives to kick off National Hispanic Heritage Month, a 30-day period for celebrating the “histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.” As part of this, Twitch added the ability to customize emotes with accessories from those cultures, but after criticism about stereotypes, Twitch has removed and apologized for them.