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skate-4-is-now-just-skate.-and-will-be-free-to-play-with-microtransactions Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Skate 4 is now just skate. and will be free-to-play with microtransactions

It’s been more than two years since EA announced their next Skate game, but the devs at Full Circle have sat down to share some more info on what to expect from it. Annoyingly for folks like us who have to write about it, they’ve decided to drop the capital S and add a completely unnecessary full stop to its new name. Yep, it’s no longer Skate 4, but “skate.”. At least it’s going free-to-play. Read more

skate-gets-an-official-title-and-will-be-a-free-to-play-game-with-cross-play-and-cross-progression VG247

Skate gets an official title and will be a free-to-play game with cross-play and cross-progression

Yes, there will be microtransactions, but it’s not pay-to-win and doesn’t include paid loot boxes. The next Skate game will not be titled Skate 4, but skate. – yes, skate with a period. That’s according to the game’s developer and publisher, Full Circle and Electronic Arts. In the premiere episode of The Board Room today, a series where the developers provide an inside look at skate’s development, the team shared updates and answered some community questions. The team touches upon the title, which is just “skate.” and the return of the franchise in general. The show also goes over the…

ea-to-reveal-skate-4-in-july-–-report VG247

EA to reveal Skate 4 in July – report

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. It’s said we’ll get a look at some in-game footage. It sounds as though EA is ready to show off Skate 4, according to a report. Sources speaking with Try Hard’s Tom Henderson have said EA is ready to give the world a look at the next entry in the series. The game is reportedly just called Skate and is further along in development than previously thought when leaked footage surfaced back in April. Apparently, the leaked footage showed a…

dragon-age:-dreadwolf-qa-contractors-vote-unanimously-to-unionise Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf QA contractors vote unanimously to unionise

QA contractors working on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf at BioWare Edmonton in Alberta, Canada have voted in favour of unionising by 16 ayes to zero nays. The confirmation means that the KWS Edmonton United group become the first games industry professionals to unionise in Canada. Their decision follows on from the Game Workers Alliance group’s successful vote last month to unionise at Actvision Blizzard subsidiary Raven Software in Wisconsin, the first notable such group in the US to do so. Read more

the-sims-4-werewolves-game-pack-urges-you-to-embrace-the-full-moon VG247

The Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack urges you to embrace the full moon

After plenty of teasing, Maxis has finally announced the Werewolves Game Pack for The Sims 4. In the game pack, you can create and fully customize your werewolf using Create a Sim. Werewolves can be “fierce, playful, dramatic, or cuddly,” and all start with a beast and a Sim form that are linked. This provides parity and matches up to the other form. But you can also create a beast of your very own by unlinking the forms and making them distinct by editing face structure, ears, eyes, tufts, and more. The pack is set in Moonwood Mill, a former…

dead-space-remake-release-date-set-for-january-27 VG247

Dead Space remake release date set for January 27

Take out the Necromorphs in late-January. EA and Motive have announced a release date for the Dead Space remake during the developer’s Crafting the Tension Art developer livestream. Coming January 27, 2023 to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, the remake of the classic sci-fi survival horror game is being rebuilt from the ground up using the Frostbite game engine. Promising to remain true to the original game’s thrilling vision, the game will feature enhanced audio and crisper visuals carefully reimagined for a new level of immersion and quality. “Developing this remake has been a lot of fun for us…

ea-has-four-unannounced-projects-in-the-works-slated-to-release-sometime-before-april-2023 VG247

EA has four unannounced projects in the works slated to release sometime before April 2023

EA released its financials for the year ending March 31, 2022, noting it has four games currently in the works that have not been publically disclosed. The four titles are a partner title, a remake, a sports title, and one is from a major IP. EA notes in its slide presentation that the game would be released during Q4 of its current fiscal year which ends on March 31, 2023. That means we should expect each game to arrive sometime between January and March 2023. Looking over one of the presentation slides, EA shows one of its new studios located…

electronic-arts-is-dropping-fifa-branding-after-30-years-for-ea-sports-fc VG247

Electronic Arts is dropping FIFA branding after 30 years for EA Sports FC

EA will bid adieu to the brand after FIFA 2023 releases this fall. Electronic Arts announced today it is stepping away from FIFA, and come 2023, its football games will move forward under the new EA Sports FC brand. According to EA, the move will allow it to “deliver the world’s biggest interactive sports experience” for the growing community in collaboration with over 300 partners across the world of football. EA Sports FC will provide EA with a platform to “innovate, create, and grow new experiences,” the company said. Plus, it will bring more areas of the sport to life,…

the-sims-4-may-be-getting-customizable-pronouns-and-werewolves-soon VG247

The Sims 4 may be getting customizable pronouns and werewolves soon

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. New content is coming to The Sims 4, and the game’s developer has been teasing players a bit regarding what’s to come. Fans of the game can expect a new pack and two kits coming in May and June, all of which are said to be themed around the night. Seize the Night was teased recently on Twitter, and the pack tease has led many to believe werewolves will make a return to the game. Called Go Wild, the pack…

fifa-22-cross-play-test-coming-to-ps5,-xbox-series-x/s-and-stadia VG247

FIFA 22 cross-play test coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Online Seasons and Online Friendlies will be the modes tested. Electronic Arts has announced that “in the near future,” it will be testing FIFA 22 cross-play functionality in Online Seasons and Online Friendlies. The testing will occur on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia. PC was not mentioned in the announcement. Online Seasons and Online Friendlies are the only modes being tested, EA said, because, with only the two modes, it will reduce the chance of introducing new issues into…

f1-2022-announced-for-july-release-on-consoles-and-pc-with-vr-support VG247

F1 2022 announced for July release on consoles and PC with VR support

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Hit the wheel and double the stakes, throttle wide open like a bat outta hell. EA and Codemasters have announced F1 2022 alongside a July 1 release date. With the racer you can expect a new season, redesigned cars, overhauled rules, and the new Miami International Autodrome. The game features an authentic lineup of all 20 drivers and 10 teams, and you can enjoy new immersive or cinematic race sequences. You will be able to create a team using the…

battlefield-2042-update-4.0-goes-live-next-week-with-over-400-fixes,-qol-improvements,-and-more VG247

Battlefield 2042 update 4.0 goes live next week with over 400 fixes, QoL improvements, and more

Rao and Paik will also have their traits updated. Update 4.0 for Battlefield 2042 is set to go live next week, and according to DICE, you can expect over 400 individual fixes, bug squashing, and quality-of-life improvements. While the patch notes will go live at the start of next week, community manager Kevin Johnson shared a bit of what to expect on Twitter. For one, Rao and Paik will have their traits updated. Also, Sundance has received fixes to their Grenade Belt, which will allow for better Anti-Armor Grenade target acquisition within their immediate vicinity rather than “football fields away.”…

e3-2022-canceled E3

E3 2022 Canceled

Pour one out for the “world reveals” and “world exclusives.” E3 won’t happen at all this summer, the Entertainment Software Association said in a statement to Kotaku.The news, which was first reported by IGN, confirms what some observers anticipated would happen. For 2022, event organizers with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) didn’t plan on hosting an in-person event, citing health concerns from the then-nascent omicron variant back in January, though the org’s statement at the time never explicitly stated a digital event would happen this year.“We previously announced that E3 would not be held in person in 2022 due to…