radahn’s-scrawny-horse-is-the-key-to-how-this-boss-lands-on-your-ass-every-time-in-elden-ring VG247

Radahn’s scrawny horse is the key to how this boss lands on your ass every time in Elden Ring

Radahn’s bombastic meteor attack in Elden Ring is effective, in part, because a homing beacon is involved. There are many, many spectacular moments in Elden Ring boss fights – and really much of FromSoftware’s recent work. But the Starscourge Radahn boss fight in particular stands out due to its sheer scale, unusual setup, and that one move that signals the beginning of the fight’s second phase. We’re talking, of course, about the meteor landing, where Radahn launches himself into the air and comes hurtling back around in the form of a meteor to cause a massive area of effect explosion….

elden-ring’s-leyndell-looked-unusually-different-before-the-day-one-patch VG247

Elden Ring’s Leyndell looked unusually different before the day one patch

The Leyndell that shipped on Elden Ring’s disc is different from the one we have today. If you’ve been keeping up with Elden Ring’s various updates over the last several months, the game’s minor evolutions should be familiar to you. FromSoftware has quietly changed the game’s maps (several times), and made a number of other tweaks that rarely get mentioned in patch notes. And, it turns out, one of the game’s most recongisable areas was being updated right up until the last minute. Leyndell, the Royal Capital is a vast, complex legacy dungeon, which players arrive at fairly late into…

fromsoftware’s-next-game-in-final-stages-of-development-as-studio-looks-to-beef-up-staff-for-multiple-projects VG247

FromSoftware’s next game in final stages of development as studio looks to beef up staff for multiple projects

Elden Ring updates are also coming. FromSoftware’s next game is already in the final stages of development according to the studio boss Hidetaka Miyazaki. Speaking in an interview with the Japanese outlet 4Gamer, not only is FromSoftware finishing up development on an unannounced title, but there are multiple games in the works. How many there are wasn’t shared. It’s possible the game FromSoftware is finishing up could be the next entry in the Armored Core series, especially if a January leak is accurate. According to the leak posted on resetera, which came from a survey, Armored Core 6 is in…

elden-ring-too-easy?-try-being-a-masochist-by-turning-every-enemy-into-malenia VG247

Elden Ring too easy? Try being a masochist by turning every enemy into Malenia

There’s a new Elden Ring mod that turns every enemy into Malenia – for those players who really, truly hate themselves. As anyone who’s got even a passing interest in Elden Ring knows by now, Malenia – the Goddess of Rot – is one of the game’s most intense challenges. The Blade of Miquella, an optional end-game fight, has become something of a legend amongst hardcore action game fans, and being able to beat her nets some decent in-game rewards (as well as some lovely bragging rights). You’ll know, if you’ve beaten her properly, that Malenia stands guard in Elphael,…

official-elden-ring-strategy-guides-now-available-to-pre-order-at-a-discounted-price VG247

Official Elden Ring strategy guides now available to pre-order at a discounted price

Who needs maidens when you have two hardcover strategy guides to The Lands Between? To the surprise of many, Future Press has unveiled the official strategy guide for Elden Ring, and both volumes of the Books of Knowledge are now available to pre-order via Amazon. Much like previous guides we’ve seen for the likes of Bloodborne and Sekiro, Future Press have continued to service FromSoft fans with beautiful, official guides to their games. The Elden Ring strategy guide will be in two volumes, and together, they will serve as an ultimate guide to The Lands Between. Check out what we’d…

elden-ring-boss-themes-hit-different-when-you-realise-what-the-vocals-are-actually-saying VG247

Elden Ring boss themes hit different when you realise what the vocals are actually saying

Boss music tracks in Elden Rings have a lot to say. If you know anything about FromSoftware’s dedicated fans, you’ll no doubt be familiar with their thirst for everything lore in the studio’s games. This remains true in the case of Elden Ring, despite the game’s relative approachability in world building and lore. But while most hunt for clues in item and weapon descriptions, and even in cut content and mechanics that didn’t make the final version, there’s one other part of those games that rarely gets the same exposure. That being boss music. Those iconic themes often feature vocals,…

all-elden-ring-locations,-ranked Rock,Paper,Shotgun

All Elden Ring locations, ranked

Ever have an idea that you regret the instant you commit to realising it? That’s how I feel about my decision to rank all of Elden Ring‘s major locations. It turns out that, not only are there a lot of locations in Elden Ring, but the definition of a distinct location is largely up for debate. The opening area of Limgrave, for example, could be as many as four separate regions (East Limgrave, West Limgrave, Stormhill and Weeping Peninsula) depending on how you interpret it. That’s not to mention all of the dungeons, caves, chapels, and other landmarks scattered throughout…

fromsoftware-quietly-made-it-so-elden-ring-group-boss-fights-are-less-of-a-gank-fest VG247

FromSoftware quietly made it so Elden Ring group boss fights are less of a gank fest

You may have noticed that boss fights with more than a single enemy in Elden Ring have gotten a little more manageable. Elden Ring has over 100 named bosses. Given the sheer number of boss fights you could find yourself into, some are bound to be less loved than others. Case in point, boss fights where you have to take on two, and sometimes three, enemies at once. The idea that you’re trapped in an arena with more than a single mighty foe is already terrifying, but Elden Ring’s enemy AI previously made those fights harsher than they needed to…

an-elden-ring-player-embodied-one-punch-man-to-defeat-every-boss-in-one-hit VG247

An Elden Ring player embodied One Punch Man to defeat every boss in one hit

BushyGames managed to develop a build that let him beat any boss in basically one punch. An Elden Ring player has managed to make such a powerful build that they can take down every boss in one hit. It already seems like a lifetime ago that Elden Ring launched, but no, it was February. In that time however, players have managed some ridiculous feats, such as Twitch streamer BushyGames who managed to develop a build that lets him one shot every boss in the game (thanks, Kotaku). The rules for the challenge that BushyGames set for himself are pretty simple….

how-the-spirit-of-bloodborne-lives-on-in-elden-ring VG247

How the spirit of Bloodborne lives on in Elden Ring

It may not be Bloodborne 2, but one secret location in The Lands Between comes close. Despite the rumour-mongering over the years, I can promise you there will never be a Bloodborne 2. It’s just not really been Hidetaka Miyazaki’s style (yes, he did direct Dark Souls 3, but then that was Bandai Namco’s IP, and you always got the sense that he grudgingly returned so he could snuff the bonfire out for good). Besides, seven years later, the best PS4 exclusive remains perfect – and I say that despite the 2015 title looking aged, now, with a lack of…

elden-ring’s-most-annoying-enemy-may-be-in-more-pain-than-it’s-causing-you VG247

Elden Ring’s most annoying enemy may be in more pain than it’s causing you

Elden Ring is quite similar to FromSoftware’s earlier work, in that it has no shortage of tragic tales. This also goes for enemies, some of which are simply not fun to fight against. But no enemy in the entirety of Elden Ring has garnered as much hate as the Royal Revenants. Okay, maybe they’re tied with Liurnia’s Giant Crayfish – but those are far less common in the game’s world. The Royal Revenants are the multi-limbed, crown-wearing centipede-like creatures. They’re hated because they often surprise you by spawning out of nowhere, so you can’t exactly avoid them. They’re hard to…

elden-ring’s-map-has-been-quietly-changing-with-every-patch VG247

Elden Ring’s map has been quietly changing with every patch

FromSoftware has slyly made a number of changes to the world map of Elden Ring without telling anyone. Elden Ring has received a handful of patches since its release at the end of February. Developer FromSoftware made a number of improvements to the game’s performance, fixed a few bugs, and rebalanced a whole host of skills and weapons in an attempt to tone down the most obviously overpowered options. As with many Japanese developers, FromSoft is guilty of making tweaks that do not get mentioned in patch notes. Players are left to discover and document those on their own in…

this-elden-ring-mod-lets-you-hang-out-with-your-favourite-npcs VG247

This Elden Ring mod lets you hang out with your favourite NPCs

Yes, Blaidd is on the list of NPCs you can buddy up with. There are plenty of spirit ashes for you to hang out with in Elden Ring, but a new mod lets you summon your favourite NPC or boss. Despite Souls games often having strong themes of a solitary struggle, they do frequently let you summon other players and certain NPCs to help out every now and then. Of course, when it comes to in-game NPCs, this is generally limited to very specific characters, so unfortunately for you, if you want to hang out with Ranni, you’re fresh out…

elden-ring’s-living-jars-are-the-nightmare-fuel-that-just-keeps-on-giving VG247

Elden Ring’s Living Jars are the nightmare fuel that just keeps on giving

How would you like to spend eternity crammed into a sentient jar? Because, in the Lands Between, that’s probably quite a likely fate. I can’t stop thinking about Elden Ring’s Living Jars – and not in a wholesome way. Yes, I was swept along in the initial wave of pot-worship, aaawing at their little arms and legs and wanting to pinch their clay cheeks like some over-familiar, boundary-ignorant grandma. But now, I see them for the ceramic horrors they are, Milkshake Ducks with rotting corpses instead of racism. And while I’ve tried to put them out of my mind, temporarily…