Duke Nukem 3D

nier:-automata-‘secret-church’-mystery-leads-to-mod-tools-and-memes Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Nier: Automata ‘secret church’ mystery leads to mod tools and memes

For several weeks, a Nier: Automata player has caused intrigue and excitement by posting mysterious images and videos from an area no one had seen before. Was it a secret area? An unfinished area? A hoax? A mod? If it was a mod, it was far more complex than any so far. Turns out, that’s because a group of fans have secretly been making their own mod tools, and plan to release them soon. In the meantime, I’ve enjoyed pranksters memeing on the mystery by creating secret churches in other games, including Half-Life 2 and Super Mario 64. Read more

the-greatest-chronicle-of-english-culture-is-a-duke-nukem-3d-level Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The greatest chronicle of English culture is a Duke Nukem 3D level

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. The diary of Samuel Pepys. The movie Mary Poppins. For years, people have sought to understand English culture and history by consulting such artifacts. When future generations wish to understand what England was like in the early 21st century, they’ll simply need to play a Duke Nukem 3D level. Since June 2021, Dan Douglas has been making a DN3D level which captures facets of the real England: town centres, Wetherspoons, Greggs, a sausage roll nativity, Michael Gove dancing, lads, absolute madmen, life under Covid, performative patriotism, the Brexit bus, and so much more. It’s astonishing. Read more