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Wordle had its answer changed today to avoid a “recent news event”

Today’s Wordle answer has been changed to prevent any connection by players to an ongoing “major news event”, The New York Times have revealed in a statement. The prominent US newspaper said they wanted the viral word-game hit to “remain distinct from the news”. Maybe they should have considered that before they bought Wordle for a seven-figure sum in February? Read more

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How Psychonauts 2 turns the mind inside out

“It’s all in your head.” It’s a response that encapsulates all the condescension and ignorance surrounding mental health issues. And yet, in a way, it’s true. Subjective experience is an objective reality – that just so happens to be located and locked away in your head. These individual realities can only be conveyed through language and other subjective means of communication, and more and more games are grasping this fact, turning inward to explore and map the inland empires of the mind. They have all the tools of the medium at their disposal to turn the invisible workings of the…

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Bloody hell, Psychonauts is still a bit good, isn’t it?

Double Fine’s most treasured son (apart from Jack Black, who is not a real man and was obviously designed by a committee of wacky game developers some time in the late 90s) is undoubtedly Raz, protagonist of their 2005 cult hit Psychonauts. Psychonauts is classic Double Fine. It’s a 3D platformer with some puzzley bits that sees Raz training to be a psychonaut at a secret government facility disguised as a children’s summer camp by having adventures that take place inside people’s subconscious brains. This premise, you will note, is a cracker, even if not that many people thought so…

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Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight Movie is reality TV gold

Double Fine’s documentary series on the making of Broken Age is still, to my mind, the best videogame-related documentary. It was revealing in a way few game documentaries are, helping to demystify the development process, while also allowing you to revel in the dream of friendly, creative people doing friendly, creative work. Consider me excited therefore at the release of The Amnesia Fortnight Movie, a new two-hour documentary which focuses on four games being made in ten days for Double Fine’s internal game jam in 2019. It’s free and on YouTube and embedded below. Read more


Three classic Lucas Arts remasters coming to Xbox Game Pass

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 16 October 2020 20:50 GMT Double Fine Productions will release three classic Lucas Arts remasters on Xbox Game Pass later this month.Speaking during the Xbox Podcast today, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer announced Grim Fandango Remastered, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, and Full Throttle Remastered will come to Xbox Game Pass.Day of the Tentacle Remastered is a cartoon puzzle adventure. In it, three friends work together to prevent an “evil mutated purple tentacle” from taking over the world. You will take control of the trio and solve puzzles using time travel to explore different periods of history.Graphic adventure…