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minecraft-dungeons-is-getting-seasons,-a-battle-pass-and-more VG247

Minecraft Dungeons is getting seasons, a battle pass and more

Mojang plans to keep Minecraft spin-off Minecraft Dungeons alive a little longer with a battle pass, seasonal updates and more besides. Hack-and-slash dungeon-crawling Minecraft spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons, will be getting even more new content later this year – with plenty more set to be added further down the line. “Heroes, the adventure continues!” announced the official Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account during this year’s Minecon Live. “Seasonal Adventures are coming to Dungeons! Advance through an all-new progression system to earn pets, flairs, emotes and skins!” There will also be a non-paid, free Battle Pass track that will unlock various in-game currencies,…

prison-architect’s-second-chances-dlc-adds-new-routes-to-rehabilitation Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Prison Architect’s Second Chances DLC adds new routes to rehabilitation

I thought the original Prison Architect did a pretty job of letting you build different kinds of prisons, and letting you try to effect the rates of recidivism among your population. It seems the next expansion is going further down the rebah route, though. Prison Architect: Second Chances will introduce new ways to prepare your population for life after prison, from animal therapy to conflict resolution classes. There’s a trailer below. Read more

rust-console-edition-coming-to-ps4-and-xbox-one-this-spring VG247

Rust Console Edition coming to PS4 and Xbox One this spring

Publisher Double Eleven and developer Facepunch Studios have confirmed that Rust Console Edition will be coming to both PlayStation and Xbox consoles this spring, following a closed beta test.Though Rust is getting on in years – it first launched in Early Access for PC via Steam in December 2013 – the demand for the game is still pretty huge: in January, the game managed to smash Twitch and Steam peak users records thanks to a renewed popularity from the likes of Shroud, XQc, and Myth playing the game on the Offline TV server.After being teased and hinted at for some time, Rust Console…