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Dorfromantik review: the best strategy puzzler two years in a row

Until last year, the idea of having a ‘forever game’ never really clicked with me. I’m too old and thin-skinned to enjoy the competitive nature of most online FPS games, and rallying together a regular squad of buddies to tackle the world of games as a service always seemed too much like hard work. Heck, even the allure of daily challenges in some of my favourite single-player games has never quite hooked me in the same way I’ve seen them take hold in friends and family. But with Dorfromantik, the chill, pastoral village builder from Toukana Interactive, I finally understand…

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The top 10 games on PC in April 2022

And breathe… We did it! We made it through the first three months of 2022, potentially the busiest first quarter of any year to date. By comparison, April 2022 almost seems a little light when it comes to new PC releases. Only one AAA blockbuster launching this month? How quaint. Still, this relatively quiet period finally gives indie games a chance to breathe again. There are a ton of super interesting, smaller titles launching on PC this month that I’m excited to share with you all today. From epic turn-based RPGs based on English mythology to offbeat walking simulators about…

dorfromantik-has-launched-its-creative-mode-in-beta-for-you-to-puzzle-over Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dorfromantik has launched its creative mode in beta for you to puzzle over

Tiny strategy puzzler Dorfromantik is a relaxing experience already, but it’s now even more so thanks to the creative mode that the developers have been working on. It’s still in a beta phase, which you can opt in to test yourself right now. You can now start snapping together its pretty landscapes free as you please if you don’t care to worry about your score for a bit. The new test branch also reworks the save system to give you more freedom there too. Read more

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Our favourite games of 2021 so far

With 2021 marching on at a seemingly impossible pace, we thought it was high time we sat down in our virtual Treehouses to chat about the best games of the year we’ve played so far. 2021 has been an odd year for games. The first few months were front-loaded with some big meaty hitters after giving Cyberpunk 2077 a wide berth at the end of last year, while others have been pushed back even further into the depths of 2022. Indeed, a lot of the games we’re really looking forward to in 2021 are still hovering away on the horizon,…

dorfromantik-will-get-our-much-desired-creative-mode-this-summer Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Dorfromantik will get our much desired creative mode this summer

Dorfromantik is an entrancing early access building game about placing hexagonal tiles to complete challenges and construct beautiful, pastoral landscapes. Run out of available moves and it’s game over, however, consigning your crafted world to the scrapheap. For now. An update coming this summer will add what I’ve been clamouring for: a creative mode. Read more

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Cute townbuilder Dorfromantik is out now

Dorfromantik is a delightful-looking strategy puzzle game which lets you plop little hexagonal landscape tiles amongst pretty forests, fields and towns to create a little world. It’s made by German game developers Toukana Interactive, and our hardware queen Katharine just can’t get enough of it. Dorfromantik really does sound like a very relaxing time – even the developer chatting over the trailer below has a nice soothing voice. Read more