“it-doesn’t-surprise-me,-but-i’m-still-pretty-upset”-–-multiversus-modders-lose-momentum-after-dmca-strikes VG247

“It doesn’t surprise me, but I’m still pretty upset” – MultiVersus modders lose momentum after DMCA strikes

We talk to modders about why they wanted to create MultiVersus mods, and their plans moving forward. The MultiVersus hype is still strong, moving on from its rapturous release a few weeks ago. The game has a lot to offer for fans of the ridiculous collection of IP under the Warner Bros umbrella, and with news of more characters on the horizon, it looks like they’ll have more to look forward to. Even then, for a significant portion of the playerbase, the game is ripe for more. These creatives, artists, and memsters make up the MultiVersus Modding community. However, the…

twitch-inks-deal-with-warner-music,-but-you-still-can’t-stream-its-music VG247

Twitch inks deal with Warner Music, but you still can’t stream its music

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Twitch is certainly making moves in the music business, even if they’ll hardly affect problems faced by streamers today. Last week, Twitch announced a new partnership with the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), and revealed a new process for record labels to report use of their copyrighted music. The news didn’t have any immediate effects on the ongoing DMCA disaster on Twitch. This week, Twitch signed another agreement, this time with Warner Music Group, which will allow the music publisher…

twitch-edited-metallica’s-blizzconline-show-to-avoid-a-dmca-strike VG247

Twitch edited Metallica’s BlizzConline show to avoid a DMCA strike

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 21 February 2021 13:42 GMT If you were watching 2021’s BlizzConline show on Twitch, you may have been taken aback to see heavy metal monsters Metallica sound a little different from what you were expecting.Twitch replaced Metallica’s live performance of For Whom The Bell Tolls at the end of BlizzConline’s opening ceremony with royalty-free music to avoid a DMCA (that’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown, making for some… interesting scenes at the end of the show.Anyone watching the stream via the Twitch Gaming channel may have noted that the heavy riffs of James Hetfiled and the gang…

proposed-us.-law-could-slap-twitch-streamers-with-felonies-for-broadcasting-copyrighted-material Twitch

Proposed U.S. Law Could Slap Twitch Streamers With Felonies For Broadcasting Copyrighted Material

The United States government is, as we all know, extremely functional. It’s so functional, in fact, that it regularly struggles to pass spending bills in order to prevent itself from shutting down. The latest “must-pass” bill, like many of its predecessors, includes controversial measures that wouldn’t be able to pass on their own, negotiated with the high stakes of this particular bill in mind. One of them would turn unauthorized streaming of copyrighted material into a felony.

twitch-apologizes,-but-dmca-fiasco-continues-with-punishments-for-in-game-sounds,-deleted-clips Twitch

Twitch Apologizes, But DMCA Fiasco Continues With Punishments For In-Game Sounds, Deleted Clips

Twitch’s past three weeks have been bleak, to say the least. Late last month, the company abruptly purged thousands of streamers’ videos and advised them to delete all remaining clips in advance of a massive music industry DMCA crackdown—one it had known about for months, but failed to adequately warn streamers about until it developed rudimentary tools to aid them in deleting their entire histories. Today, Twitch published a lengthy apology letter, but it did little to quell fury that’s once again at a boiling point due to copyright claims and muted VODs stemming from in-game sound effects and clips…

botched-twitch-promotion-just-pisses-off-streamers-dealing-with-dmca-issues Twitch

Botched Twitch Promotion Just Pisses Off Streamers Dealing With DMCA Issues

For perhaps as long as Twitch has existed, there has been a myth: On exceedingly rare occasions, if the stars align perfectly, the ever-popular “Kappa” chat emote will turn gold. Some have suggested that a single Twitch user receives golden Kappa abilities every 24 hours. Others believe you have to fulfill highly specific prerequisites in order to unlock it. Yesterday, out of the blue, Twitch gave it to everybody. Twitch streamers and viewers, in turn, did not give a shit, because they were too busy recovering from the DMCApocalypse.