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Pokemon Go Ditto disguises list 2021: how to catch a Ditto & understanding Ditto spawns

One of the most elusive Pokemon remains the shape shifting critter Ditto – and in Pokemon Go, that can lead to some significant frustration.Ditto is an absolutely key Pokemon in Pokemon Go, and that’s despite it not being the sort of Pokemon that could ever rank on the best Pokemon Tier lists – and its unpredictable nature means it isn’t even really very useful for battle. It also can’t be obtained in the usual methods – it can’t be hatched from eggs, and is rarely a field research quest reward. It’s a pain. Despite this, Ditto is a Pokemon that…

Trippy head-tosser Gonner2 bounces out next week

Truly the Basement Jaxx of videogames, shooty wobbly platforming sequel Gonner2 is almost ready to start asking where your head’s at. The sequel to Ditto’s absolute stunner of a side-scrolling roguelite, Gonner 2 dives into the underworld next Thursday, promising an even greater explosion of colour that threaten to knock the skull right off you. (more…)