in-depth-interview-with-foxdrop:-‘i-sometimes-wonder-whether-i’m-a-worse-lol-caster-now-than-when-i-started-out,-because-i-focus-on-fixing-my-faults-rather-than-what-made-me-a-good-caster-in-the-first-place:-being-kind-of-cheeky,-kind-of-dumb,-and-very-english!’ ESports News UK

In-depth interview with Foxdrop: ‘I sometimes wonder whether I’m a worse LoL caster now than when I started out, because I focus on fixing my faults rather than what made me a good caster in the first place: being kind of cheeky, kind of dumb, and very English!’

Image credit: Lolesports Flickr In the vast world of League of Legends (LoL) streamers and personalities, few are as synonymous with the British scene as Dan ‘Foxdrop’ Wyatt. The well-known streamer, jungler and content creator has also made his name as a caster after making his ESL Prem debut in early 2017, and casting the old EU LCS, to the NLC, EU Masters and the LEC. Known for his jolly persona, witty remarks and on-screen antics, it’s never a dull day when Foxdrop is given the casting reins. Continue reading In-depth interview with Foxdrop: ‘I sometimes wonder whether I’m a…