Here’s Every Video Game Release Date For 2023

I have awoken from my sliced ham and prosecco-induced holiday slumber and am ready to acknowledge (with only a little bit of a tremor) that we are in a new year. New year, new me? No. Spiral ham and prosecco remind me that it’s okay for some things to always remain the same. New year, new set of video game release dates? You bet.Last year’s game announcements helped me collect an ocean’s worth of dates and titles to share in a comprehensive list, but since we are so early into 2023—and more eternally, because even careful plans get delayed—you’ll notice…

disney-dreamlight-valley-has-over-1-million-players-already VG247

Disney Dreamlight Valley has over 1 million players already

It’s only been ten days since the game released in early access. As Remy of Ratatouille once said, “if you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.” Disney Dreamlight Valley is surprisingly good stuff, and I’m going to keep reaching for more and more plates until someone begs that I put it down. Yet to try it out? Check out some Disney Dreamlight Valley gameplay right here. I’m likely not alone in regards to this sentiment, either, with Disney Dreamlight Valley having raked in over 1 million players since launching ten days ago into…

amy-hennig’s-marvel-game-said-to-star-captain-america-and-black-panther VG247

Amy Hennig’s Marvel game said to star Captain America and Black Panther

It’s said the game’s setting is World War 2. A sneak peek at Skydance New Media’s upcoming Marvel game will be shown at the D23 Expo today, and it’s rumored the Amy Hennig-lead game stars Captain America and Black Panther. Said to be set during World War 2, the game will see the duo taking on Hydra according to MCU Status. Eurogamer said it understands this rumor to be true. Announced back in October the project is helmed by Hennig and EA vet Julian Beak. Theo two formed a new studio within Sky Media to work on the new Marvel…

this-twitch-streamer-just-became-the-first-person-to-beat-every-n64-game Twitch

This Twitch Streamer Just Became The First Person To Beat Every N64 Game

Samuel “Acegamersam” Girard owns a lot of video games. The 32-year-old Québécois has a vast library of classic console titles, including complete collections of North American Dreamcast and N64 games. Five years ago, with a fledgling Twitch channel, Girard began streaming the Nintendo titles to a tiny audience. That audience quickly began to grow as he set out on his goal to complete all 296 of them, a feat no one else has claimed to have done before.

twitch’s-biggest-clown-talks-about-his-wildest-spectacle-yet Twitch

Twitch’s Biggest Clown Talks About His Wildest Spectacle Yet

What’s the worst thing that could go wrong during Jerma985’s next livestream in front of hundreds of thousands of internet strangers? “I get diarrhea and can’t umpire,” he told Kotaku in a recent interview. Twitch’s notorious online jester is pulling his most elaborate stunt yet: officiating a real baseball game at an undisclosed location between the fictional California Circus and the Maryland Magicians. But it doesn’t take Jerma long to realize that shitting his pants isn’t actually the worst thing that could happen. “Maybe not. No. Thunder and lightning is actually probably the worst thing…or like a serious injury.” The…

10-video-game-rats,-ranked-by-how-chill-they-seem Twitch

10 Video Game Rats, Ranked By How Chill They Seem

Because I live in New York City, my primary enemy is the rats. I face them daily—they run their greasy bodies around mounds of hot garbage and shit all over my apartment’s welcome mat. But via their appearances in games, I want to work on our relationship, and everyone knows that ranked slideshows are the most ideal way to do that.

top-twitch-streamers-are-capitalizing-on-depp-v.-heard-trial-trauma Twitch

Top Twitch Streamers Are Capitalizing On Depp V. Heard Trial Trauma

If you’ve visited Twitch lately, you may have noticed that the most-popular “Just Chatting” category and the front page have been dominated by one thing: the defamation trial between actors Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. What started on April 11 as an in-court battle recounting a toxic relationship filled with abuse and trauma has since attracted top streamers like Pokimane and xQc, who are reacting to—and memeing—the trial. In other words, streaming the Depp v. Heard court case has become a growing trend on the Amazon-owned platform for creators big and small to maximize their viewership, some capitalizing off the…

disney-dreamlight-valley-is-a-life-sim-adventure-game-coming-to-consoles-and-pc VG247

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim adventure game coming to consoles and PC

You can be the first to experience the game this summer as part of Early Access or Xbox Game Pass. Gameloft has announced Disney Dreamlight Valley, an upcoming free-to-play life-simulation adventure game. In the game, you will create a personalized avatar and go on a journey with Disney and Pixar characters. Arriving in the dream world of Dreamlight Valley, you will go on a quest to restore a once lovely village that has become desolate and is filled with of Night Thorns thanks to a mysterious event called The Forgetting. During your quest, you will uncover why you were led…

duncan-jones-still-wants-to-make-a-full-throttle-movie Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Duncan Jones still wants to make a Full Throttle movie

The director of Moon and Warcraft is still dreaming of making a movie version of Full Throttle, the classic LucasArts adventure game about rough ‘n’ tough bikers and lovers. A year ago Duncan Jones released a tentative script he banged out in a fit of procrastination, and in 2022 he’s still thinking of the smell of asphalt. In a cheeky wee tweet over the weekend, he asked fans to bug LucasOwners Disney to let him do it. Read more

an-extremely-goofy-performance-of-‘simple-and-clean’ Twitch

An Extremely Goofy Performance Of ‘Simple And Clean’

You don’t have to be a Kingdom Hearts fan to experience goosebumps running up your arm when you hear the first infectious notes of Hikaru Utada’s “Simple and Clean.” From its early appearance in commercials to its continued use in the series, “Simple and Clean” is a beloved anthem of Kingdom Hearts thanks to Utada’s beautifully angelic vocals. But what if Goofy, the captain of the Royal Knights of King Mickey’s court, sang the classic tune instead?

quantic-dream’s-star-wars-game-won’t-play-like-the-studio’s-other-games-– report VG247

Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game won’t play like the studio’s other games – report

Quantic Dream’s rumoured Star Wars game is going to deviate from what you’d expect from a title developed by the studio, reports suggest. Quantic Dream, the developer behind PlayStation-exclusive titles Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, is supposedly working with Disney on a new Star Wars game, and as per new information, the game will be different to the sorts of things we’ve seen from the French studio to date. Since the initial reports about Quantic Dream’s unannounced project first circulated, moore information about specifically what this game will be have come to light. As per a report from Kotaku,…

a-marvel-vs-capcom-2-remaster-may-be-more-likely-than-we-previously-thought VG247

A Marvel vs Capcom 2 Remaster may be more likely than we previously thought

Digital Eclipse has told both Capcom and Disney that it would like to work on a Marvel vs Capcom 2 Remaster. Retro specialist developer Digital Eclipse would very much like to remaster Marvel vs Capcom 2 – and the studio has made its intent clear to both Capcom and Disney. In an interview with GamerHubTV (via VGC), Digial Eclipose studio head, Mike Mika, revealed that the developer had approached both companies about a potential re-imagining of the game. Digital Eclipse is responsible for both The Disney Afternoon Collection and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, so the studio has a…

workers-at-activision-blizzard-file-unfair-labor-practice-suit VG247

Workers at Activision Blizzard file unfair labor practice suit

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The suit accuses the company of union busting and intimidation. Vice reported that employees of Activision Blizzard have filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board with allegations of coercion and interrogation. This is the latest salvo in the battle between Activision Blizzard and its workers in the latter’s fight against their abusive workplace. The charging document suggests that the company “repeatedly engaged in unlawful conduct by threatening employees”. In addition, Activision Blizzard is accused of…