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Diablo 4 features enemy camps you can sack, interesting PvP, and customizable mounts

At BlizzConline 2021, the Diablo 4 team discussed enemy camps, the open-world, mounts, and PvP.In a What’s Next segment for Diablo 4, the development team showed off the Rogue class a bit more, and also discussed open-world aspects of the game as well as PvP.According to Blizzard, there will be plenty of exploration in the open-world, and with an open-world, the team can dive into how Sanctuary fits together, like the player being able to ride from Scosglen to the Fractured Peaks using mounts.One of the cools things about mounts, is there will be different horse breeds and other mounts you…

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Diablo 4’s latest class reveal is the Rogue

A reimaging of one of the first classes to grace the series, the Rogue, has been revealed for Diablo 4.Announced during BlizzConline 2021’s opening ceremony, the Diablo team showed off the latest class for Diablo 4: the Rogue, which is the fourth class to be revealed for the game alongside the Barbarian, Druid, and Sorceress. That leaves just one more to be announced.The Rogue is a flexible class, and the game will let you create the kind you want to play. You can customize the look, playstyle, and background of the character. This is the first footage of the game…

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Blizzard teases new Diablo 4 class reveal at BlizzCon

By Patrick Dane, Wednesday, 16 December 2020 14:53 GMT Diablo 4 will reappear in just a few months!Despite not showing any new Diablo 4 footage since the game was announced at BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard has quietly been toiling away and releasing updates to fans.The developer has been revealing more about the game’s design on a quarterly basis in blog posts, outlining nitty-gritty details like progression and in-game systems.The last blog of the year has now been posted. It’s substantial, too, talking about things like feedback on the skill trees, legendaries, weapon types, item quality and a lot more.However, what about…