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jagex-are-buying-the-scum-devs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Jagex are buying the Scum devs

Cambridge-based Runescape publisher Jagex have announced they’ve acquired Gamepires, the devs behind open-world survival sandbox Scum. The deal was made for an undisclosed amount. Both companies said they’re now looking to work together to “accelerate Scum”, and release it in 1.0 across multiple platforms in the future. Read more

the-rps-advent-calendar-2022,-december-10th Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The RPS Advent Calendar 2022, December 10th

Religion is the opiate of the masses, I’ve heard tell. Some religions are more cute than others, though. At least, on the face of it they are. I was pretty on board at the start, but I’m not sure about the glowing eyes and sleeping in a tent and eating grass. Plus the leader keeps going into the forest and comes back covered in blood. Read more

pepper-grinder-is-a-fab-looking-pixel-platformer-about-drilling-and-grappling Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Pepper Grinder is a fab-looking pixel platformer about drilling and grappling

I’ve been eagerly anticipating Pepper Grinder since I saw a series of tweets with GIFs several years ago. It’s a pixel platformer in which the protagonist, Pepper, has a drill which she uses to plow through scenery, and a grappling hook for all the moments when she’s not underground. It’s now been officially announced with Devolver as publisher and there’s a reveal trailer below. Read more

storyteller-launches-in-march-2023,-over-a-decade-after-its-debut Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Storyteller launches in March 2023, over a decade after its debut

Last night’s Nintendo Indie showcase gave us fresh looks at many exciting indies. Chief among them was Storyteller, a narrative-puzzle game we first saw ten years ago, and has now confirmed a release date of March 23rd. The game’s comic-strip puzzles let you remix classic stories, like Dracula, using various props, verbs and nouns. A game for all the literary nerds out there. Read more

return-to-monkey-island-review:-a-charming-nostalgia-ridden-musing-on-the-ravages-of-time-–-and-a-worthy-successor VG247

Return to Monkey Island review: a charming nostalgia-ridden musing on the ravages of time – and a worthy successor

The creator of the Monkey Island series returns to offer his vision of a third game – and it’s got more to say than its nostalgic trappings first suggest. Return to Monkey Island has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. The greatest trick it manages to play, however, is to pick up where Monkey Island 2 left off, 30 years prior, and do so while feeling entirely natural. Not a beat is missed, not a shred of strange discomfort. It just works. Older players will slide into this game’s embrace like an old, battered sofa. And it feels like…

return-to-monkey-island-review:-a-perfect-new-entry-into-a-beloved-old-series Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Return To Monkey Island review: a perfect new entry into a beloved old series

To plant my piratey flag up front, I am an extremely huge fan of the Monkey Island series, and am therefore almost exactly who Return To Monkey Island is aimed at. After several adventures with other devs, sometime-mighty pirate Guybrush Threepwood (a name that invites as many tedious jokes as Benedict Cumberbatch, which is a trap I won’t be falling into) is back with his some of his original progenitors Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman – Gilbert being the director for the first two Islands Monkey. I was expecting Return To Monkey Island to be a delightful croquembouche of point…

weird-west-getting-permadeath-mode-with-two-new-travel-encounters-and-a-side-quest VG247

Weird West getting permadeath mode with two new travel encounters and a side quest

The next patch also comes with an experimental Alternative Aiming System. Weird West players are getting new features when patch 1.04 drops, and one of the features is a permadeath mode. Dubbed Nimpossible Mode, manual saving will not possible. Instead, the game will auto-save your progress, and you can play and reload from that single dedicated auto-save slot only. Nimp Heads you find during your Journeys will allow you to resurrect, but once you are out of Nimp Heads, death is permanent and the auto-save file is deleted. With Nimpossible Mode comes some side content only available in the mode….

return-to-monkey-island-sets-sail-on-pc-and-switch-september-19 VG247

Return to Monkey Island sets sail on PC and Switch September 19

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Terrible Toybox, Devolver Digital, and Lucasfilm Games have announced Return to Monkey Island will be released in September for PC and Nintendo Switch. Revealed during today’s gamescom Opening Night Live event, wannabe pirates can pre-order the game now to claim the “highly exclusive and entirely useless Horse Armor” for use upon release. The game finds Guybrush Threepwood, the leather jacket salesman, pirate-extraordinaire, and intrepid hero embarking on a new swash-buckling adventure through the Caribbean. He is determined to uncover an…

cult-of-the-lamb-recruited-over-one-million-followers-within-one-miraculous-week VG247

Cult of the Lamb recruited over one million followers within one miraculous week

Destroy the non-believers! Massive Monster and Devolver Digital have announced that over one million have joined the Cult of the Lamb. The unholy congregation swelled to this robust number within one week. Despite such devotion, the flock has seen its fair share of struggles with all manner of bugs and other infernal complications – all of which must be abolished. Fear not! Those on high have listened to your cries and are hard at work readying a multitude of fixes, improvements, and general housekeeping so they can once again spread enthusiasm to all adherents. Lastly, the faithful shall soon be…

fall-guys-free-for-all-launches,-immediately-plagued-with-server-issues VG247

Fall Guys Free for All launches, immediately plagued with server issues

Mediatonic certainly didn’t expect so many clumsy beans to jump into the game at once. Yesterday, Fall Guys did something that many of us had been wanting them to do for a while now. Mediatonic’s clumsy title went free to play, arrived on Xbox and Nintendo Switch, and introduced cross-platform play. This is a big move for the title, which appears to have a copious amount of adoring fans who have been waiting for this day. Jump into Fall Guys Free for All now! Server issues permitting. Sadly, the launch wasn’t without its problems. It took me about forty minutes…

our-eight-favourite-games-from-not-e3-2022 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Our eight favourite games from not E3 2022

Not E3 2022 is over. It’s done. I think? I mean there’s a Nacon showcase in July but, I mean come on now, we can’t start classing events that occur outside of June as being part of the event formerly known as E3 can we? That would be preposterous. Before long it would spool out across the entire year, absorbing every month until E3 is a constant series of video events that could happen at any point. Do you want to live in a world where Geoff Keighley is allowed to drop a World Premiere at 4PM on Christmas Day?…

do-give-disc-room-a-spin-now-it’s-on-game-pass Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Do give Disc Room a spin now it’s on Game Pass

Is there a name for the subgenre of games divided into little levels where you try, die to a seemingly impossible challenge, instantly retry with a button press, die, then retry and die over and over until you nail it and feel like an absolute champion? Disc Room is one of those games, and it’s a good one. First released in 2020, it hit Game Pass this week, inviting more folks to dodge through a giant alien spaceship filled with buzzsaws. I certainly recommend having a go and discovering what your insides look like. Read more

devolver-digital’s-summer-games-showcase-set-for-june-9 VG247

Devolver Digital’s summer games showcase set for June 9

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Hosted by “Mecha” Suda51. Devolver Digital has announced it will host its annual summer showcase on June 9. Kicking off at 3pm PT, 6pm ET, 11pm UK, you will be able to watch the Devolver Direct 2022 edition via Twitch, and it will apparently be hosted by none other than “Mecha” Suda51. The ‘Devolver Marketing Countdown to Marketing’ takes the “30 glorious minutes before a typically anti-climactic big summer showcase and thrusts it into the spotlight.” “Based on extensive consumer…