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Bungie files lawsuit over “fraudulent” DMCA takedowns of Destiny videos

Earlier this month, several Destiny 2 videos created by fans were removed from YouTube due to the filing of DMCA takedown notices. Bungie tweeted that they weren’t responsible, but that they were “aware of a series of copyright takedowns” and were actively investigating. Some of their own videos had also been taken offline. Now Bungie have filed a lawsuit in Washington against ten John Does, hoping to make an example of those who filed the “fraudulent” takedown notices. Read more

here’s-five-things-you-need-to-know-before-destiny-2:-the-witch-queen-launches VG247

Here’s five things you need to know before Destiny 2: The Witch Queen launches

In a new video, Dorrani takes us through the five most important bits of info you’ll want to know ahead of the expansion launch If you’ve been reading our ongoing Destiny 2 coverage, or have been keeping tabs on the game in even a limited capacity, you’ll know the the newest expansion The Witch Queen is right around the corner! As any expansion before it, the release will supercharge the game with a vast array of new changes, updates, and features. All in all it can be a lot to take in and research on your own, which is why…

what-to-expect-from-steam-and-valve-in-2022 E3

What To Expect From Steam And Valve In 2022

It’s shaping up to be another record-breaking year for Valve-owned digital storefront Steam thanks to massive games like Elden Ring and Starfield, and new hardware like the Steam Deck. Last year was a sleepier one when it came to PC blockbusters due to covid-19-driven game delays, but 2021’s loss is this year’s gain. From ports and early access launches to massive expansions and a new console, here’s what’s coming to Steam in 2022.Read More: Valve Says It Hasn’t Found A Game That The Steam Deck Can’t HandleCapcom’s multiplayer loot RPG was a hit on Nintendo Switch last year and will…

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New Destiny 2 players are being thrown into dire Dares of Eternity matches

An unintended side-effect of leading players to new content has those just diving in finding themselves in the deep end. A funny story surrounding the recently released Dares of Eternity activity in Destiny 2 has popped up recently. First reported on by Forbes, it appears that new players jumping into Destiny 2 for the first time are being thrust into the mode as soon as they start playing the game, when they are horrendously under-geared and utterly clueless on what is going on. Here’s how this all works. As soon as Dares of Eternity was released alongside the Bungie 30th…

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Destiny 2 30th anniversary packs adds Halo-Inspired weapons

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Classics like the frag grenade and trusty pistol can be seen in the update’s launch trailer A brand new trailer for the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack update coming to Destiny 2 has been released. It, alongside a new blog post from bungie’s official website, have confirmed that new weapons inspired by Bungie’s previous games – including Halo – will be available. The trailer, which has been embedded below for your viewing pleasure, shows off a sidearm very much reminiscent of…

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This Week at Bungie: Huge Destiny 2 weapon and Trials changes are coming

Via the recent This Week at Bungie blog post, we’ve seen the first signs of some major changes coming to Destiny 2. Bungie, the development studio behind the popular live service Sci-fi FPS Destiny 2, has announced via a new blog post that a considerable number of balance changes are coming to the title ahead of the studio’s 30th anniversary event. Don’t fall asleep just yet! There’s also a new twist coming to the Trials of Osiris PvP mode. This all is set to come to the game early in December ahead of the introduction of the new Loot Cave…

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Don’t Let Halo Infinite Make You Forget About The Great New Game Pass Additions

It’s hard to believe, I know, but there are other games coming to Xbox that don’t start with Halo and end with Infinite. Over the next two weeks, Microsoft will add 10 more games to Xbox Game Pass. Here’s what’s struck me: I’ve been watching these rollouts like a hawk for several years. For the first time I can recall, every forthcoming addition will be available via Xbox Cloud Gaming: November 16November 17November 18November 23November 30The platform’s push into cloud gaming has been clear for some time, with Xbox head Phil Spencer working overtime recently to create buzz. Yesterday, an…

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Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost kicks off today with dino-inspired duds

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Destiny 2 players can have a bit of fun in the game’s annual Halloween festival. The annual Festival of the Lost event kicks off in Destiny 2 today, and you can pick up some really interesting-looking armor this time out, and it will be especially interesting to dinophiles. Earlier this year, the community helped Bungie decide on the dino-themed armor, and you can now pick up the ornament sets in the Eververse store. Have fun looking sharp in your new…

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Destiny 2 Is Deleting Its Best Expansion

Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion, a high-water mark for Bungie’s loot shooter, is going away next year with the launch of The Witch Queen, the studio announced today. The move has been positioned as a way to keep the game optimized and make room for new content, but it will also be a heavy pill to swallow for players who purchased the content when it first came out.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen details leak, expansion coming February 22

If you can’t wait a few hours for Bungie to properly reveal The Witch Queen, all relevant information is now out in the wild. Bungie is supposed to be officially revealing Destiny 2’s next expansion, The Witch Queen, later today in a livestream, after the studio dropped a teaser trailer confirming the arrival of long-awaited villain Savathun. Thanks to a rogue Australian PlayStation Store listing (since removed), however, much of what Bungie is going to talk about today has leaked. As spotted by TrueTrophies, the listing confirms a February 22, 2022 release date for The Witch Queen. According to TrueTrophies,…

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Season 15 of Destiny 2 will see a change made to the transmog system

By Stephany Nunneley 24 July 2021 20:55 GMT Bungie says it has been monitoring reception and behavior around Destiny 2’s transmog system and states it will perform a minor update around the system’s currencies. According to the developer, at the start of Season 15 in Destiny 2, it will deprecate the passively-earned currency Synthstrand, which players use to purchase transmog – known as Armor Synthesis – bounties from Ada-1. Watch on YouTubeIn its place, the bounties will be purchasable for 10,000 Glimmer instead. The hope is that the change reduces the time needed to earn 10 Synthweave tokens per class…

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Destiny 2 players will soon get more weapons from Dreaming City and the Moon

By Stephany Nunneley 25 June 2021 17:54 GMT Bungie will release more weapons from Forsaken and Shadowkeep into the game.Back in January, Bungie announced that four weapons each from Forsaken and Shadowkeep were being reissued in Destiny 2.Watch on YouTubeIn the next update, which occurs on July 6, the studio will be reissuing the remaining Moon and Dreaming City weapons with new perks. There will be nine weapons from the Moon and three from the Dreaming City.Below you will find the list of returning weapons along with their perks.Moon Weapons: Loud Lullaby – Tunnel Vision One Small Step – Trench…

psa:-don’t-buy-destiny-2’s-spicy-ramen-emblem,-it’ll-be-free-in-july VG247

PSA: Don’t buy Destiny 2’s Spicy Ramen emblem, it’ll be free in July

By Dom Peppiatt 21 June 2021 20:33 GMT You may have seen a special Spicy Ramen emblem in Destiny 2 doing the rounds online this week, but don’t buy it from chancers on social media – it’ll be free next month.Spicy Ramen has become something of a thing in the Destiny 2 community, as you may remember from the impromptu memorial shrine to Destiny’s Cayde-6 outside E3 2018. It once was a useless token that lived in your inventory, but it became a symbol to honor Cayde-6, voiced by Nathan Fillion, who died in-game when he caught a bullet from Uldren Sov.Dataminers unveiled a special Spicy Ramen…

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Destiny 2 cross-play turned on by accident with Season of the Splicer launch

By Sherif Saed 12 May 2021 16:25 GMT Destiny 2 is getting cross-play, just not today.The launch of Destiny 2‘s Season of the Splicer last night was off to a wobbly start.Watch on YouTubeWhen servers went back online following the usual maintenance before the start of every season, it didn’t take long for players to notice very long queue times. Then came reports of the Honeydew error, which prevents players from accessing the new content. Though things appear to have been more severe this time around, all of this is pretty much the usual for Destiny’s seasonal launches. But one…