denuvo-removed-from-marvel’s-avengers-in-latest-update VG247

Denuvo removed from Marvel’s Avengers in latest update

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. A new update has removed Denuvo from Marvel’s Avengers on PC in the game’s latest patch. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have pushed out a new patch that’s removed Denuvo from Marvel’s Avengers on PC. A new update – which weighs in at 1.8GB in size and adds new Multiplayer Mission Chains and Fragment Extractors – also strips the anti-piracy software from the game, though it’s not referenced in the patch notes for the update. Reports from around the web…

resident-evil-village-crack-significantly-improves-performance,-and-capcom-is-promising-a-fix VG247

Resident Evil Village crack significantly improves performance, and Capcom is promising a fix

By Sherif Saed 15 July 2021 12:41 GMT Resident Evil Village does indeed run better when you crack it.Earlier this week, it came to light that Resident Evil Village‘s implementation of the anti-piracy DRM Denuvo (as well as Capcom’s own DRM layer) are the main reasons behind the game’s constant stuttering on PC.Watch on YouTubePirates said that using a crack eliminates all of these problems, and they have been proven right. Digital Foundry put these claims to the test, and found that DRM is indeed the cause of Village’s troubles on PC. The tech outlet’s latest video, seen above, demonstrates…

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Anti-piracy firm Denuvo brings anti-cheat tools to PS5

By Alex Calvin, Wednesday, 10 March 2021 16:47 GMT Developers and publishers can get rid of bad actors in their games on Sony’s console.Anti-tamper company Denuvo has brought its tools to fight cheating to PS5.The firm has joined the console’s tool and middleware scheme, meaning that developers and publishers will be able to use this anti-cheat tech in their games on PlayStation 5.“Cheating ruins video games for honest players,” Denuvo MD Reinhard Blaukovitsch said.“This can lead to lower engagement, game traffic and shrinking revenues for game publishers. We are really proud be able to help the world’s most talented developers…