stadia-is-experimenting-with-30-minute-game-demos-and-kicks-things-off-with-hello-engineer VG247

Stadia is experimenting with 30-minute game demos and kicks things off with Hello Engineer

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Stadia has started adding free time-limited trials of games. While only one 30-minute trial is available at present, currently Stadia-exclusive Hello Engineer, it’s at least a start. To give the game a try, all you have to do is log into your account and scroll down to the free trial button, reports 9to5Google. After the trial period is over, you have the option to purchase the game, and all progress made in the demo will carry over. Speaking with The…

a-game-trials-feature-has-been-added-to-playstation-5,-but-there’s-one-drawback VG247

A Game Trials feature has been added to PlayStation 5, but there’s one drawback

It’s also only available in the UK for now, it seems. A new Game Trials feature is now available on PlayStation 5, and as you probably figured out, it provides the opportunity to try out games before you buy them. With the new feature, it seems Sony is more or less testing the waters so to speak because, at present, there are only two games available: Death Stranding Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. The Death Stranding Director’s Cut trial contains six hours of playtime, and you can play Sackboy: A Big Adventure for five hours. All progress, save…

steam-next-fest:-october-edition-–-here’s-just-sampling-of-the-demos-available VG247

Steam Next Fest: October Edition – here’s just sampling of the demos available

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Hundreds upon hundreds of indie demos are ready for you to hit the download button. Steam Next Fest kicked off yesterday, and there are hundreds of indie demos to download and play. Steam Next Fest: October 2021 Edition runs through October 7 and alongside demos, developers will be taking part in livestreams to discuss their upcoming releases. There will also be chats with the devs themselves, and this will continue throughout the week. There will be demos available for titles…

rfm-is-a-retro-future-tactical-roguelite-with-a-demo-this-weekend Rock,Paper,Shotgun

RFM is a retro-future tactical roguelite with a demo this weekend

This stylish retro-future strategy game has you diving into real-time tactical battles as an inter-dimensional mercenary. It’s quite a looker, with a very chill, retro synth soundtrack to match. Don’t let that get you too relaxed though, it looks like these battles may get a bit hectic as you dive deeper. RFM is looking to launch sometime next year, but you’ll also be able to take it for a spin in the upcoming Steam Next Fest that kicks off this Friday. Read more

deltarune-chapter-2-launched-for-free-because-the-world-is-tough-enough Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Deltarune Chapter 2 launched for free because the world is tough enough

Unlike the cheeky surprise release of its first free chapter back in 2018, we got a warning about Deltarune Chapter 2. It’s out now, also free, because creator Toby Fox says the world has been tough enough lately. The not-a-sequel-or-prequel-but-sort-of-related game to Fox’s hit RPG Undertale is still a work in progress, but the newest chunk of story should hopefully keep fans busy chatting and hunting for secrets for a while yet. It may indeed be a while, once again. Fox plans to release chapters three through five as a paid release when they’re finished but even he doesn’t know…

the-garden-path’s-sweet-garden-sim-demo-is-like-a-painterly-animal-crossing Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Garden Path’s sweet garden sim demo is like a painterly Animal Crossing

Sweet little garden simulation The Garden Path currently has a demo on and if you’re a member of the Stardewbut fanclub you should really go ahead and download it. From the 30 mintues I’ve spent with it so far, it’s certainly more gardening than farming, and probably shares more with Animal Crossing, really. It’s managed to unlock some dusty old memories I have of watching Beatrix Potter animated VHS tapes—partially thanks to its art style and also thanks to characters whose vocabulary includes words like “coppice” and “secateurs”. Read more

the-next-steam-next-fest-is-scaring-up-hundreds-more-demos-in-october Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The next Steam Next Fest is scaring up hundreds more demos in October

It looks like Steam Sales and Steam Next Fests are fated to be pals for the foreseeable future. Valve have announced that they’ll be hosting yet another big game demo bonanza in early October, which is almost guaranteed to be followed by the yearly Steam Halloween Sale. The next Steam Next Fest is scheduled to kick off on October 1, once again bringing hundreds of demos for upcoming games and livestreams from their developers. Read more

a-history-of-shareware,-demos-and-covertapes Twitch

A History Of Shareware, Demos And Covertapes

Back before YouTube and Twitch and always online DRM, developers needed more effective ways of marketing than just relying on word of mouth. This resulted in shareware, demos and demo discs, free slices of playable content that spawned one of the most interesting phases in the gaming.

nintendo-vet-fils-aime-says-leaked-e3-2021-plans-not-“all-that-compelling” VG247

Nintendo vet Fils-Aime says leaked E3 2021 plans not “all that compelling”

Company’s former US boss hasn’t been blown away by the ESA’s vision for this year’s show.The former president of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aime has given his two cents on what is apparently planned for this year’s E3.Speaking to Danny Pena on Gamertag Radio – as spotted by VGC – the Nintendo vet said that what has been laid out in leaked plans for E3 2021 doesn’t sound that exciting. A report earlier this month said that this year’s LA trade show would be a digital-only show with streams from top-level publishers, as well as influencers and media partners.Event organiser…

steam-game-festival-february-edition-kicks-off-today VG247

Steam Game Festival February edition kicks off today

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 3 February 2021 17:07 GMT The winter Steam Game Festival kicks off today, giving you plenty of demos to try out.This is the first Steam Game Festival of the year, and it all starts at 10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm UK. The demos will be playable until February 9.You will be able to explore over 500 free game demos, watch developer livestreams, and chat with developers about the games they are making.Some of the demos include: Undying Unbound: World’s Apart Devastator Lust from Beyond Sands of Aura Scarlet Hood and the Wicked Wood Exophobia First Class…

sci-fi-shooter-outriders-announces-new-release-date-and-free-demo Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sci-fi shooter Outriders announces new release date and free demo

As with oh so many games originally planned for 2020, Bulletstorm devs People Can Fly’s shooter Outriders has slipped into 2021. They’ve announced a new date now, a bit later than the February mark they’d previously mentioned. The good news is that they’ll be putting a free demo in players’ hands in February instead and launch will happen not too long after in April. (more…)

the-game-devs-of-color-expo-presents-developer-talks-and-free-demos-this-weekend Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Game Devs of Color Expo presents developer talks and free demos this weekend

The fifth Game Devs of Color Expo kicks off this weekend with presentations by a number of different creators. Although the weekend of talks is a paid event, you can spot some developer interviews and free demos being hosted by the expo over on Steam in an event called Gradient Convergence. You’ve got from now until Monday, to try those out if you’re keen. (more…)