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absolute-chad-beats-every-souls-game-back-to-back,-without-taking-a-single-hit VG247

Absolute chad beats every Souls game back to back, without taking a single hit

This run hasn’t been seen before, so it’s quite the feat. It might not come as news to you that one player with the patience of a saint has managed to beat every Souls game, including Elden Ring, back-to-back without taking any damage. What do you want to see from an Elden Ring sequel? We’ve previously seen players take on Elden Ring while limiting themselves to one hit per boss, in a display fit for an episode of One Punch Man. We’ve also even witnessed one player complete all the Souls games (excluding Elden Ring) back to back without taking…

elden-ring’s-roaming-cavalry-is-an-enemy-design-fromsoft-has-been-trying-to-make-happen-since-demon’s-souls VG247

Elden Ring’s roaming cavalry is an enemy design FromSoft has been trying to make happen since Demon’s Souls

For over 13 years, FromSoftware has been refining a particular idea it had all the way back in Demon’s Souls, and Elden Ring contains the latest iteration. It’s quite easy to draw a line from Demon’s Souls all the way to Elden Ring. You can argue that all of developer FromSoftware’s games since that seminal title have been expansions on the same idea, even if the individual details and specifics can vary drastically. This doesn’t just refer to the general feel, game mechanics or structure; FromSoft has also been known to reiterate on old ideas with every new game, and…

the-new-playstation-plus-looks-underwhelming-for-pc-players Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The new PlayStation Plus looks underwhelming for PC players

Back in March, Sony announced plans to change their PlayStation Plus subscription service, which includes combining it with PlayStation Now, the service that lets you stream PlayStation games to PC. Yesterday Sony showed off the “all-new” PlayStation Plus game line-up, and it contains less than ever for PC players. Read more

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From Software’s Miyazaki says Elden Ring’s graphics team felt pressured after seeing Demon’s Souls remake

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. He also addresses why he doesn’t go back to games he’s worked on before. Edge Magazine (via VGC) revealed in an interview with Elden Ring director and longtime From Software designer Hidetaka Miyazaki that the graphics team at from felt extra pressure to make something that looks amazing due to the graphical fidelity in Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake for PS5. It all comes down to the things From Software prioritizes, says Miyazaki: “Graphical fidelity is not something we put as…

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Returnal and Demon’s Souls are the best PS5 Prime Day deals at $50 each

Two of the best Prime Day deals from this year’s Prime Day sale are the PS5 exclusives Returnal and Demon’s Souls, both of which can be picked up for $50 each.Watch on YouTubeWe’re now onto day 2 of this year’s Amazon Prime Day sale, which ends tonight at midnight. While there have been plenty of amazing Prime Day PS5 deals, Returnal and Demon’s Souls are definitely the highlights.They are, arguably, two of the very best games available on the PS5 at the moment. And as they carry an RRP of $70, this is the cheapest they’ve been yet.Let’s start with Returnal….

devil-may-cry-5-and-final-fantasy-7-remake-voice-actor-brad-venable-has-died VG247

Devil May Cry 5 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake voice actor Brad Venable has died

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 8 January 2021 20:30 GMT The cause of death is not known at the time of writing.Video games voice actor Brad Venable has passed away.The news was broken on social media by fellow actor Darrel J Delfin, who paid his respects to their peer with the permission of his wife on Twitter. Venable died aged 43; no cause of death has been revealed at the time of writing.During his career, Venable worked on a number of big video game projects including Devil May Cry 5, where he voiced V’s familiars Griffon and Nightmare, as well as…

a-demon’s-souls-streamer-has-beaten-the-flamelurker-with-a-dance-pad VG247

A Demon’s Souls streamer has beaten the Flamelurker with a dance pad

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 6 December 2020 13:59 GMT A streamer has managed to vanquish one of Demon’s Souls PS5’s hardest bosses, the Flamelurker, with a dance pad instead of a DualSense.Beating a boss in Demon’s Souls (or any Souls-like game, for that matter) is always a rewarding feeling… but vanquishing a tricky foe with a dance pad? Well, that’s another feat altogether.YouTuber and Twitch streamer Luality has managed to overcome the Flamelurker using only a dance pad, putting down the DualSense in order to off the boss with nothing more than impressive footwork and impeccable timing (thanks, PushSquare).The video above shows…

demon’s-souls-ps5-has-a-mystery-door-that-nobody-can-open VG247

Demon’s Souls PS5 has a mystery door that nobody can open

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 16 November 2020 20:20 GMT There is a mysterious locked door in the PlayStation 5 version of Demon’s Souls that didn’t appear in the original game, and its presence has curious players baffled.The peculiar door (which you can see at the bottom of the page) originally appeared in a video over on Reddit, and since its initial discovery players have been scratching their heads and trying to figure out what it leads to – and why it’s there.The locked door, which is located in World Level 1-3, is disguised by an illusory wall (of which there…

demon’s-souls-reviews-round-up-–-all-the-scores VG247

Demon’s Souls reviews round-up – All the scores

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 15 November 2020 13:42 GMT This week, the headline title of the PlayStation 5 launch window, Demon’s Souls, was released into the world to critical acclaim.“If there’s a showcase game for the next-gen consoles at the moment, it’s undoubtedly Demon’s Souls on PS5” says our very own Tom Orry in his article lamenting how the game’s gorgeous graphics impact his ability to survive.But our editor-in-chief isn’t alone in his praise for the game; critics all over the world have been waxing complementary about From Software and Bluepoint’s latest hardcore action-RPG achievement.If you’ve been feasting on whatever…

demon’s-souls-|-how-to-beat-maiden-astrea-and-garl VG247

Demon’s Souls | How To Beat Maiden Astrea and Garl

Maiden Astrea and her protector Garl Vinland can be a hassle, but with the right strategy they can both be dispatched just like every other boss in Demon’s Souls.When entering the fog gate, head to your left down the side path towards the Maiden. You will have to face Garl Vinland who blocks the way.The best way to fight him is to get close and bait out his swings, back away, then counter attack. Be careful when attacking Garl, as he can parry and riposte you for massive damage.If you have the miracle Second Chance, be sure to keep it…

demon’s-souls-|-how-to-beat-leechmonger VG247

Demon’s Souls | How To Beat Leechmonger

Leechmonger can be one of the easier bosses in Demon’s Souls if you know how to approach the fight. He is incredibly weak to fire, so having anything with fire damage will melt him almost instantly.The Leechmonger has four different attacks that can be devastating, but are easily avoided. The first attack is a slow double sweep that swings back and forth. This attack can be easily dodged Secondly, Leechmonger has a fast sucker punch. Try to avoid being in front of him at any time because of this move, as it comes out instantly Third, it has a flurry…

demon’s-souls-|-how-to-beat-dirty-colossus VG247

Demon’s Souls | How To Beat Dirty Colossus

Like the boss before him – and many throughout Demon’s Souls – the Dirty Colossus is extremely weak to fire. He also only has four different sets of attacks he can use, so he is easily countered and defeated.One important thing to note, is to try not to break his wooden arm. If you do, he will release flies that randomly attack you throughout the fight. The first attack Dirty Colossus has is his ranged fly barrage. You can spam side roll to easily dodge this attack. If you do get hit by the fly barrage,they will stick to you…

demon’s-souls-|-how-to-beat-old-monk VG247

Demon’s Souls | How To Beat Old Monk

The Old Monk is one of the most unique bosses not just in Demon’s Souls, but in the whole series. If playing online, it’s possible that this fight will be against another player who gets summoned in to fight you.This player can do everything a normal invader can do. This includes healing, so you have to keep the pressure on. They also get Homing Soul Arrows that cast automatically, so you need to be ready to dodge at a moment’s notice. This guide will be assuming you’re playing in offline mode and fighting the npc version of the boss, as…

demon’s-souls-ps5-|-best-starting-class-and-character-builds VG247

Demon’s Souls PS5 | Best Starting Class and Character Builds

In the PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls, there’s a dizzying array of inscrutable starting classes to choose from. And right at the beginning of your adventure, how are you supposed to know which to pick? Then, as you trudge your way through the dark kingdom of Boletaria, every time you level up becomes a head-scratching decision. With tons of different stats to mull over, shaping the perfect character build across your playthrough can be an overwhelming distraction. To answer the burning questions of which starting class you should pick in Demon’s Souls, and how to craft your best character build…

demon’s-souls-state-of-play-presentation-shows-off-12-minutes-of-gameplay VG247

Demon’s Souls State of Play presentation shows off 12 minutes of gameplay

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 7 November 2020 14:05 GMT Have a look at some Demon’s Souls remake gameplay.Sony’s latest State of Play presentation focuses on Demon’s Souls remake for PS5.In the video, which is narrated by SIE Worldwide Studios creative director Gavin Moore, you get a look at the offline experience.Once the game releases, you will be able to discover the asynchronous and synchronous multiplayer features for yourself.In general, the remake includes very little in terms of new content. There are some new weapons, the soundtrack has been entirely recorded with a large orchestra, and the remake can be played in 60fps at dynamic a 4K…