alright,-you-tell-me-how-you-would-organise-these-keys Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Alright, you tell me how you would organise these keys

I quite like organising objects in games, up until I bump into someone else’s incorrect organisation system. I cannot believe the state of some people’s Minecraft and Stardew Valley chests. Today I’m experiencing that distress while playing the demo for A Little To The Left, a puzzle game about organising someone’s household items while a mischievous cat sometimes interferes. And, I cannot believe how incorrect the ‘correct’ answer is on a key-arranging level. The wrongest of the wrong. Look, come on, you tell me how you’d do it. Read more

peggle-goes-roguelike-in-peglin Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Peggle goes roguelike in Peglin

Combine the peg-pinging action of Peggle with the roguelikelike dungeon crawling of Slay The Spire and you get Peglin, a delightful game which launched into early access on Monday. Off your cute wee peglin goes on an adventure, battling baddies and claiming treasures, but damage is dealt by pling-plonging orbs down Peggle/pachinko boards and you have a bag of different orbs instead of cards. I like it, and it has a demo you can try for yourself. Read more

steam’s-enter-the-dragon-showcase-of-chinese-devs-and-publishers-starts-today Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam’s Enter The Dragon showcase of Chinese devs and publishers starts today

A week-long festival highlighting the work of Chinese developers begins on Steam today, organised by publisher Pixmain. Enter The Dragon brings a load of streams lined up on Steam and over at Pixmain’s Twitch channel to show off Chinese-developed indies like the spooky looking SCP: Secret Files, and plenty of demos to take a crack at. Think I’ll be installing My Time At Portia follow-up My Time At Sandrock and roguelike cyberpunk platformer Loopmancer this weekend. Read more

orx’s-compelling-mix-of-deckbuilding-and-tower-defence-is-100%-my-jam Rock,Paper,Shotgun

ORX’s compelling mix of deckbuilding and tower defence is 100% my jam

Medieval city builders that pit you against enormous waves of enemies are clearly having a bit of a moment right now. In the last few months alone, we’ve endured the cursed nights of Age Of Darkness: Final Stand, called down sky lasers on the hordes of Diplomacy Is Not An Option, and now we’ve got ORX, a dark fantasy tower defence game that blows all of them out of their ditch water moats with its compelling mix of deckbuilding and real-time strategy. It’s not out in full just yet, but its demo got a substantial update this week, adding more…

we’ve-played-nine-sols-and-its-sekiro-inspired-combat-is-shaping-up-nicely Rock,Paper,Shotgun

We’ve played Nine Sols and its Sekiro-inspired combat is shaping up nicely

Nine Sols is an upcoming 2D action platformer developed by Red Candle, the folks behind horror games Devotion and Detention. It’s a pretty big leap from their usual fare, but based on a 40 minute demo I got to play this week, it’s worked out a treat. There’s a hint of Sekiro in there, with katana clashing combat, combined with a mysterious story that has me itching to know more. This is rare for someone like me, who often cares more for the action than the characters. Hey, keep an eye on this one. Read more

pharaoh:-a-new-era’s-demo-shows-that-i-had-no-idea-how-to-play-pharaoh Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Pharaoh: A New Era’s demo shows that I had no idea how to play Pharaoh

Like many, I was excited by the existence of Pharaoh: A New Era beacuse I played a lot of the original Pharaoh as a kid. There’s a demo of the big fancy remake on Steam as part of the Next Fest, and Katharine mentioned it made her realise she had no idea what she was supposed to be doing when playing Pharaoh back in the day. I then tried A New Era for myself, and can only say “big mood”. Read more

lost-in-play-is-a-lovely-point-and-click-adventure-with-a-dash-of-professor-layton Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Lost In Play is a lovely point and click adventure with a dash of Professor Layton

Lots of games purport to feel like playable cartoons, but I really do mean it when I say that Happy Juice Games’ delightful point and click adventure Lost In Play feels like a playable cartoon. While the full game isn’t due out until the summer, I can confirm that its 30-minute Steam Next Fest demo is an absolute joy from start to finish. If you’re after a kid-friendly adventure in the vein of Röki but with an extra smidge of Professor Layton-style logic puzzles thrown in, this is the Next Fest demo for you. Read more

our-12-favourite-demos-from-february’s-steam-next-fest Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Our 12 favourite demos from February’s Steam Next Fest

Just in case you needed more games to play this week on top of Elden Ring and everything else coming out, you’ll be pleased to hear that Valve have just kicked off a brand-new edition of their indie demo extravaganza Steam Next Fest. Running from today until Monday February 28th, there are hundreds of new indie games for you try during this week-long festival, and to help you get started we’ve put together some personal highlights of the best demos we’ve played so far. Whether you’re after small, relaxing puzzle games or a new RTS to sink your teeth into,…

run-an-eldritch-plant-shop-in-strange-horticulture-this-month Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Run an eldritch plant shop in Strange Horticulture this month

Ever since Alice Bee first played Strange Horticulture, she’s raved about the mysteries and merchandising of running a weird plant shop. Lots of studying and cataloguing plants, serving customers, and feeling proud of your wee business. Plus solving mysteries in ways only an occult plant shop owner can. Not long to wait now, as the makers announced today that the game will launch on the 21st of January. Read more

monster-hunter-rise-looks-glorious-in-its-new-pc-demo Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Monster Hunter Rise looks glorious in its new PC demo

Despite having sunk several hours into Monster Hunter Rise on my Nintendo Switch this year, I cannot tell you how excited I am to play the upcoming PC version. While my relationship with the previous game in the series, Monster Hunter: World, has been somewhat tainted by excessive hours of benchmarking, the Monster Hunter series has always been a sight to behold on PC, and Rise looks set to be no different – especially now I’ve had a chance to play the upcoming PC demo ahead of its release on Steam tomorrow, October 13th. Read more

i-have-a-lot-of-respect-for-the-storyteller-dev-for-finishing-something-after-a-decade Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I have a lot of respect for the Storyteller dev for finishing something after a decade

Storyteller has been in development for an age – over a decade, at the longest estimate. That’s a very long time. That’s about a third of my entire life. Invaders Must Die came out the same year developer Daniel Benmergui first started work on his fairytale puzzle game. To be fair, Invaders Must Die is a pretty bangin’ album, so logic would therefore dictate that Storyteller is going to be a pretty bangin’ game, too. Alice0 is certainly enamoured with the current demo you can play as part of the Steam Next Fest this week, and I’d strongly recommend you…

voice-of-cards:-the-isle-dragon-roars-is-yoko-taro’s-new-card-based-rpg Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Voice Of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars is Yoko Taro’s new card-based RPG

Nier director Yoko Taro is making a new role-playing game in which everything is depicted through cards, and somehow it’s not called Yoko Tarot. Story? There are cards for that. Combat? Turn-based card battles, of course. Travelling through the world? Flip over some cards, see what you find! It’s called Voice Of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars, and it’s set to release this October. On top of that, a demo will be available later today if you fancy trying it out. Read more

the-next-steam-next-fest-is-scaring-up-hundreds-more-demos-in-october Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The next Steam Next Fest is scaring up hundreds more demos in October

It looks like Steam Sales and Steam Next Fests are fated to be pals for the foreseeable future. Valve have announced that they’ll be hosting yet another big game demo bonanza in early October, which is almost guaranteed to be followed by the yearly Steam Halloween Sale. The next Steam Next Fest is scheduled to kick off on October 1, once again bringing hundreds of demos for upcoming games and livestreams from their developers. Read more

uk-talent-joins-rainbow-six-invitational-broadcast-line-up ESports News UK

UK talent joins Rainbow Six Invitational broadcast line-up

Ubisoft has announced the broadcast talent line-up for the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational – and there’s a host of UK talent on board. UK casters and hosts on board for this year’s Invitational include Dezachu, AceOfPyrite, Fluke, Xrtroika, Demo, Kixstar and (US/UK). That represents 40% of the total talent line-up. The full line-up also includes other top hosts from around the world, including Jess, Interro, Zenox and more. You can see all 15 talent in the tweets below: Here is the lineup of talent that will share the #SixInvitational experience with you! Continue reading UK talent joins Rainbow Six Invitational…