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dead-island-2-video-offers-an-extended-look-at-gameplay VG247

Dead Island 2 video offers an extended look at gameplay

Strap in for 14 minutes of walkers, shamblers, runners, and more. With just under two months to go until Dead Island 2 releases, Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver have unveiled an extended look at gameplay. The video kicks off the action at the very beginning of Dead Island 2 in Bel Air, Los Angeles, and takes you on a 14-minute ride. Dead Island 2 | Extended Gameplay Reveal Armed with an array of weapons, each with its own unique fighting style and upgrades, watch as slayer Dani meets standard zombies, variant zombies, and apex zombies. Each one has its own…

dead-island-2’s-release-moved-forward-by-one-week VG247

Dead Island 2’s release moved forward by one week

We’re so used to hearing about delays of late that this is a breath of fresh air. Dambuster Studios has announced its long-awaited zombie slaying sequel, Dead Island 2, will be released one week earlier than previously announced. The game will now be released on Friday, April 21 after originally set for February before it was delayed to April 28. Dead Island gameplay trailer Announced last year, the game is set in Los Angeles, a city that has become a zombie-infested hell. In the sequel, a deadly virus spreads across Los Angeles turning its inhabitants into zombies. The city is…

saints-row-4-is-free-on-the-epic-games-store-next-week,-just-in-time-for-its-crossplay-update VG247

Saints Row 4 is free on the Epic Games Store next week, just in time for its crossplay update

You’ll be able to get Wildcat Gun Machine for free too. Saints Row 4 is the next free title on the Epic Games Store, coming next week just as the PC version gets a big update. Earlier this week, a post was shared on Saints Row 4’s Steam page announcing that all copies of the game will be upgraded to the Re-Elected edition, which includes the Game of The Century Edition, and a whole heap of DLC packs too. This update is planned to release on December 8, which also happens to be the day that Saints Row 4: Re-Elected…

saints-row’s-first-major-update-is-out-in-november,-and-it’s-one-big-bug-hunt Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Saints Row’s first major update is out in November, and it’s one big bug hunt

The Saints Row reboot sees its first major update next month, but don’t expect any new stuff in Santo Ileso to play around with. Devs Volition insist this one’s just concentrating on hunting down and squashing the game’s many bugs. As we noted when it was released in August, Saints Row has rather a few technical issues. While Volition say this means they’re not at the stage where they can be “talking about roadmaps and expansions”, they are at least releasing a free cosmetic pack this week that includes some boots that look like bananas. Read more

saints-row-gameplay-overview-shows-off-all-the-factions-out-to-get-you VG247

Saints Row gameplay overview shows off all the factions out to get you

Plus a look at some of the friends joining you on your journey. Saints Row is out in less than two weeks, so Volition and Deep Silver have dropped a new gameplay overview trailer diving into what you can expect from the game. For a gameplay overview trailer, there isn’t much in the way of actual in-game gameplay, but it did dive into the various factions you’ll meet in the game. First up is Los Panteros, who’s run by certified beefcake Sergio. They’re all about smuggling, and “have no hesitations about getting up on your business,” making them one to…

chivalry-2-house-aberfell-update-adds-weaponized-bees-to-the-game VG247

Chivalry 2 House Aberfell update adds weaponized bees to the game

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Also comes with new weapons, items, and playable character. The Chivalry 2 update House Aberfell launches today on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Today’s launch featuring the introduction of The Raid of Aberfell, a brand-new, 64-player Team Objective map that finds attacking and defending teams at the frontlines of battle over a sprawling map. This is one of the largest updates yet for Chivalry 2 – and remains part of developer Torn Banner Studios’ commitment to…

saints-row-opening-mission-gameplay-has-been-revealed VG247

Saints Row opening mission gameplay has been revealed

Volition isn’t shy about putting out new gameplay videos for the rebooted Saints Row game. Gameplay from two of the opening missions of the new Saints Row has been released by Volition, in partnership with Game Informer, giving us a better look than ever before at the tone and setup of the rebooted game. If you’ve already seen the previous videos focusing on vehicles and car combat and the world of Santo Ileso, you’re probably ready to see how it all fits together in some honest-to-God, actual missions. Bear in mind that the video embedded above is still using pre-alpha…

wasteland-3’s-next-dlc-stars-radiation-worshipping-cults Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Wasteland 3’s next DLC stars radiation-worshipping cults

InXile have announced the next expansion for Wasteland 3 will arrive on October 5th, inviting players into a battle between two rival cults. Cult Of The Holy Detonation will take players to a new area in Colorado where some heavily irradiated people are worshiping some sort of nuclear experiment. You’d think people wouldn’t worship something that was poisoning them, but hey ho, that’s their problem… Well, actually this DLC makes it your problem, so uh, good luck with that. Read more

e3-2021:-20-games-missing-from-the-show E3

E3 2021: 20 Games Missing From The Show

Silence screams volumes. Over the past five days, video game publishers have shouted announcements for the biggest games from the rooftops. But that chorus has been drowned out by the far more deafening din of what wasn’t announced at E3 2021. Of course, we had some inkling beforehand about which blockbusters wouldn’t show up. Ubisoft said from the jump that we’d see nothing from The Division or the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remake. Deep Silver, the publisher behind series like Timesplitters and Dead Island, also said that it wouldn’t exhibit any games at E3. Activision, Sony, and EA…

sorry,-no-metro-or-saint’s-row-surprise-at-e3-this-year,-deep-silver-say Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sorry, no Metro or Saint’s Row surprise at E3 this year, Deep Silver say

June is here and the smell of E3 is in the air. Social media managers are making vague, cheeky posts about their games that don’t yet have release dates. Fans are wondering if the 23rd entry in their favorite series will be announced. In among all that excitement is always bound to be a reality check or so. Deep Silver have helpfully popped up to name four things that you don’t need to get your hopes up for during any of the upcoming summer showcases. Saint’s Row, TimeSplitters, Metro, and Dead Island are going to be keeping their collective heads…

metro-exodus:-enhanced-edition-gets-dualsense-haptic-feedback-support-on-pc VG247

Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition gets DualSense haptic feedback support on PC

By Dom Peppiatt 23 May 2021 20:36 GMT Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition is the first PC game to fully support the PS5 DualSense pad, with a new patch enabling haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for the game.Developer 4A and publisher Deep Silver added a new update on Friday afternoon that added support for the DualSense controller if you’re playing in wired mode. This is the first time you can use the triggers in any version of the game, too, given that the PS5 version of Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition isn’t due to release until June 18.Twitter user @mrdomino_ showed off the new…

saints-row-the-third-remastered-comes-to-ps5-and-xbox-series-x/s-next-week VG247

Saints Row The Third Remastered comes to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S next week

By Stephany Nunneley 18 May 2021 16:34 GMT Deep Silver has announced Saints Row The Third Remastered will release for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S next week.Saints Row: The Third Remastered will arrive for the consoles on May 25. It is also coming to Steam and GOG this week on May 22.Watch on YouTubeOn the new consoles, you can expect the game to run at greater performance settings equivalent to the PC edition at High settings.Visually the game’s engine is now able to run at a much higher performance, bringing improvements to lighting, texture resolution, and other visual effects.Framerates have improved on…

metro-exodus-enhanced-edition-is-out-now-as-a-free-upgrade-on-pc Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition is out now as a free upgrade on PC

I’ve found that the dingy post-apocalyptic world of Metro Exodus always looked quite good, but today developers 4A Games made those visuals even better. They’ve released the Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition, expanding the FPS’s ray tracing capabilities, increasing framerates and display resolutions, among other technical upgrades. You can download the Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition right now if you’d like, but be warned: it requires a ray tracing-capable GPU at the very minimum. Read more