the-red-strings-club-devs’-next-game-is-actually-a-ten-game-collection Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Red Strings Club devs’ next game is actually a ten game collection

You may know Deconstructeam from their cyberpunk bartending story game The Red Strings Club, but they’ve made other games. Several other games, actually, which they’re pulling into a colleciton called Essays On Empathy. Essays includes a bunch of previously released Deconstructeam story romps along with their new game De Tres Al Cuarto about a couple comedians trying to make it big together. Essays On Empathy is launching on May 18th, and you can snag a peek at what it includes in a new trailer. Read more

interview-with-the-whisperer-is-a-chatbot-conversation-with-god’s-best-mate Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Interview With The Whisperer is a chatbot conversation with God’s best mate

An old man in Northern Spain claims to have a direct line to the divine, and you’re off to see if he’s legit. Interview With The Whisperer, a free short story from the creators of The Red Strings Club and The Bookshelf Limbo, is a wonderfully intimate conversation with a distracted old man and – if you’re lucky – the cosmic supernatural entity on the other side of his short-wave radio. (more…)