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Life is Strange: True Colors review – magic and mundane combine

Life is Strange first debuted in 2015, and since then, the series has carried a lot of things. Newly-made fans loved its attempts at a queer storyline; they hated its cringey, teen-clearly-written-by-out-of-touch-adult dialogue. But regardless, that first game set the tone for a series about (mostly) young people building connections with each other and trying to figure out a way into the future. Six years later, Life is Strange True Colors is more than just the next entry in this beloved series; it’s a testament to how much this franchise has grown and matured from the initial template. The first…

here’s-the-first-15-minutes-and-six-choices-of-life-is-strange:-true-colors Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Here’s the first 15 minutes and six choices of Life Is Strange: True Colors

Empathy overdrive adventure Life Is Strange: True Colors is headed to launch next week and hey, Deck Nine have shared some more gameplay. If you don’t know yet how you feel about this next narrative choice game, come and take a look. Supernaturally gifted 20-something Alex Chen knows a thing or two about hearing and influencing emotions. She may just convince you that you’re psyched about her move out to small townsville. The first 15 minutes of the game show off introductions to several characters, the first six choices Alex has to make, and the ridiculously pretty Haven Springs. Read…

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Here’s 13 minutes of new Life Is Strange: True Colors gameplay

Deck Nine’s next supernatural drama ’em up Life Is Strange: True Colors is just about to land in September and Square Enix have now queued up a longer look at an early part of the game while you wait. The new 13 minutes of gameplay show off protagonist Alex Chen’s first meeting with two other main characters—and potential romantic interests—at the local record store. Perfect place for a bit of bants about Smash Mouth and Kings Of Leon, naturally. Read more