fsr-2.0-tested:-amd’s-new-upscaler-closes-the-gap-on-dlss Rock,Paper,Shotgun

FSR 2.0 tested: AMD’s new upscaler closes the gap on DLSS

AMD’s FSR 2.0 upscaler is out now – in only one game, Deathloop, but still. This is a big moment for the heavily upgraded FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution), as it’s basically attempting to fight Nvidia’s rival DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) with some of its own tactics. There’s none of Nvidia’s machine learning enhancements, but whereas FSR 1.0 was a simple spatial upscaler – meaning data used for upscaling a frame could only come from within the frame itself – FSR 2.0 uses a temporal upscaling technique similar to that of DLSS. This allows it to draw data from previous…

i-can’t-get-enough-of-deathloop’s-alternate-reality-arcade-cabinets Rock,Paper,Shotgun

I can’t get enough of Deathloop’s alternate reality arcade cabinets

Much to my great shame, I never got round to playing Deathloop at the end of last year. Ironically for a game about a never-ending timeloop, I just never had enough minutes to fit it into my schedule. But! I have been rectifying that this week, and cor, it’s a bit good, isn’t it? I’m particularly enjoying just letting rip with its big chunky guns when I mess up trying to be all sneaky-like. In my painstaking attempt to do a completely clean, blood-free ghost run in Dishonored 2 all those years ago, I’d sort of forgotten just how powerfully…

best-of-2021:-halo-infinite,-and-alex’s-other-goty-picks VG247

Best of 2021: Halo Infinite, and Alex’s other GOTY picks

With Metroid Dread, Deathloop, Hitman 3, and Nier Replicant as noteworthy runner-ups! If you’d asked me the status of my Halo fandom at the start of 2021, I’d have described myself as a ‘lapsed’ Halo fan. Ask me again now, at the end of the year, and I’m like that guy from that old viral video where he’s singing the Halo theme to some random woman in a parking lot. “You’re a monk!” she exclaims. And yes. I am a monk of killing, precise with a Battle Rifle. My love of Halo Infinite is split pretty evenly between its campaign…

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The Game Awards 2021 winners: It Takes Two walks off with Game of The Year

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Plenty of awards were handed out last night. Here are the winners. The Game Awards 2021 took place yesterday evening, and along with plenty of reveals, news, and trailers, awards were handed out. This year’s Game of the Year nominees were Deathloop, It Takes Two, Metroid Dread, Psychonauts 2, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Resident Evil Village. Deathloop, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, It Takes Two, and Psychonauts 2 lead the pack with the most nominations. Below you will…

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Deathloop has made NPC AI a lot more aware of you with a new patch

Arkane’s sneak-o-shooter Deathloop is a good game, but maybe not quite as stealthy as you might expect from the studio behind Dishonored. Even our Deathloop review said “stealth is just the thing that goes wrong before a good fight”. Well, you might want to be a bit sneakier now, as the game’s second major update has arrived and it makes NPCs a fair bit smarter. The patch addresses some common complaints about the PvP Invasion mode too. Read more

the-joy-of-playing-deathloop-as-the-pettiest-man-in-existence Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Joy of playing Deathloop as the pettiest man in existence

Hello! How was your day? Oh, me? Well, I spent the morning scheduling a crank wheel delivery to Updaam. Had lunch. Went back in the afternoon, disabled a few turrets, then hid behind a bin for a bit. All solely to turn off an oxygen pump and asphyxiate a bubble-encased band that I could have easily shot in a few seconds. Tomorrow, I may climb to the top of a three story building just to plummet, machete first, on the face of a guard that killed me once a few loops back. Hello. My name is Colt, and I am…

colt’s-squishy-vulnerability-is-stopping-me-from-enjoying-deathloop’s-action Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Colt’s squishy vulnerability is stopping me from enjoying Deathloop’s action

Let’s try action. Let’s try action. Let’s try action. This is the Deathloop I’m in at the moment, but I’m slowly beginning to think it’s worth breaking the cycle and taking the stealthy approach as often as I can. I’m confused, you see. In many of the game’s pre-release teasers, we saw Colt bursting into action. Stealth? No no, this is more of an FPS. The music flares, enemies die, it is carnage. But when I actually give action a go in the game, I’m mostly left dead in seconds. Either that, or I meekly duck behind some cover and…

deathloop-pc-update-adds-more-descriptive-crash-messaging,-fixes-issues-with-achievements VG247

Deathloop PC update adds more descriptive crash messaging, fixes issues with achievements

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. A couple of things for PC players. An update for Deathloop has been released on PC which resolves an achievements issue and includes better descriptions for errors. According to the notes posted on Steam, there was an issue where certain achievements were not unlocked for players. This has been fixed. The update also includes more descriptive error messaging for some users experiencing crash issues upon launching the game. This is caused by CPUs that do not meet the minimum requirements,…

deathloop-queen-of-riddles-and-all-yerhva-quiz-answers VG247

Deathloop Queen of Riddles and all Yerhva quiz answers

The baffling riddle game has an even more unbelievable reward. The Deathloop Queen of Riddles side quest is one of the trickier and more deceptive parts of the game. Secret quizzes such as the Yerhva Quiz are common fare for Arkane games, but this one’s a bit different. Solving it takes a great deal of time and exploration, and at the end, you might find it wasn’t worth your time after all. Deathloop Queen of Riddles | All Yerhva quiz answers You’re supposed to find and document the Yerhva quiz answers by discovering all the Blackreef information documents around the…

the-yervha:-how-to-beat-deathloop’s-fiendish-trivia-machine Rock,Paper,Shotgun

The Yervha: how to beat Deathloop’s fiendish trivia machine

What are the correct answers to the Yervha’s questions in Deathloop? The Yervha, a.k.a. Queen of Riddles, is a trivia machine in Deathloop. If you can answer all 10 of its questions correctly you’ll win a prize! A very modest prize, but a prize nonetheless. And who doesn’t love a good trivia challenge? You certainly seem to, since you’re here! Read more

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Best Deathloop trinkets: what every trinket does and which are best for your loadout

What are the best trinkets in Deathloop? Trinkets might sound frivolous, but they are in fact Deathloop‘s answer to mods: applying them provides potentially very powerful combat buffs, and therefore they’re actually very important. Deathloop’s Trinkets come in two varieties: Character Trinkets (personal mods applied to your player character) and Weapon Trinkets (mods which can be applied individually to every gun in your possession). Read more

deathloop:-pc-performance-guide-and-the-best-settings-to-use Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Deathloop: PC performance guide and the best settings to use

If you’ve read Brendan’s Deathloop review, you’ll know Arkane Lyon’s latest is a frequently hilarious time-loop shooter that’s worth getting trapped in. And if you’ve seen its official PC system requirements, you’ll also know it makes some big asks of your hardware. At least, in theory. After a few hours of testing it appears the minimum requirements aren’t quite so minimum, and it’s possible to get slick frame rates in Deathloop even on older graphics hardware – especially if you make a few choice settings adjustments. Read more

deathloop-review:-a-thrilling,-slick-adventure-–-and-arkane’s-best-game-yet VG247

Deathloop review: a thrilling, slick adventure – and Arkane’s best game yet

At the heart of Deathloop in both narrative and video game terms is the titular loop. One might argue that Arkane Studios has embraced something of a loop itself, too. There’s a certain type of game they make, a certain feel that ties together Dishonored, Prey, and now Deathloop. Like this game’s lead, Arkane has forged a new path with a canny combination of repetition and experimentation; repeating and refining many of the mechanics and ideas that made their past games great, while introducing new concepts that serve to elevate the game as a whole. Like I said, chief among…