Dead Space 2

ahead-of-the-remake,-can-we-all-agree-that-dead-space-2-is-better-than-the-first-one? VG247

Ahead of the remake, can we all agree that Dead Space 2 is better than the first one?

As much as I loved being spooked aboard the USG Ishimura, playing through Dead Space 2 over a decade later is more engrossing and fun than I remembered. Released 27 months after the original game – back when development cycles weren’t absurdly long – Dead Space 2 found success in early 2011, but history and online discussion haven’t elevated it to cult status like they did with the 2008 classic. Going back to it, ahead of this month’s shiny remake of the original, to confirm my suspicions, I can now proudly declare it’s the best installment of Visceral’s trilogy. Come…

pre-ordering-the-dead-space-remake-will-get-you-a-free-copy-of-dead-space-2,-too VG247

Pre-ordering the Dead Space remake will get you a free copy of Dead Space 2, too

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. We heard you like Dead Space, so we put some Dead Space in your Dead Space. If you have the Dead Space Remake pre-ordered on Steam, upon its release this month you’ll also find the original version of the second game in your library. The pretty highly anticipated remake of 2008’s Dead Space is due out at the end of the month, looking to breathe some fresh air into the series that hasn’t had a new game since the threequel…