Dead Cells

four-years-on,-dead-cells-remains-a-roguelike-delight Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Four years on, Dead Cells remains a roguelike delight

I have a strange relationship with Dead Cells. I picked it up in 2019 and played it for a while, by which point I’d clearly had my fill. No DLCs to my name, nothing. I’d done a big run and put the game down. Fast forward to now. Suddenly I own the latest expansion The Queen And The Sea, plus all the DLCs that came before it. I’m nonchalant, thinking that I dropped the game for a reason. Surely I can’t be won almost three years later? Well, nope. I was wrong. The DLCs have opened my eyes to the…

new-dead-cells-update-makes-it-more-approachable-to-newcomers Rock,Paper,Shotgun

New Dead Cells update makes it more approachable to newcomers

Dead Cells has received yet another update, named Practice Makes Perfect, which adds a training area, powerful buffs called Aspects, and other more. The devs say the patch is focused “on improving the ease-of-use and learning curve for everyone (paticularly newcomers & occasional players), without altering the overall difficulty of the game.” To facilitate this goal, all the new features are optional – allowing players to execute their sweet dodge rolls with the challenge they prefer. Read more

curse-of-the-dead-gods-adds-dead-cells-themed-dangers-in-crossover-update Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Curse Of The Dead Gods adds Dead Cells-themed dangers in crossover update

What’s better than playing two dark and punishing indie roguelikes separately? Mixing them together and being punished by both at the same time! Last night, the temple-roaming hack and slash Curse Of The Dead Gods added a load of Dead Cells-themed stuff. It’s an update rather appropriately named Curse Of The Dead Cells, and it brings over a handful of weapons, as well as a new Dead Cells-inspired room type and curse. Read more

dead-cells-will-be-free-to-play-with-switch-online-in-the-uk-next-week VG247

Dead Cells will be free to play with Switch Online in the UK next week

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 20 January 2021 19:06 GMT Dead Cells will be free to play with Switch Online in select regions for one week starting January 26 and until February 1.If you are a Switch Online subscriber and have yet to try Dead Cells, you can do so for free next week if you live in the UK or Europe.Dead Cells is a Castlevania-inspired platformer featuring permadeath, where you’ll die, kill something, and learn your lesson in order to survive.The game has many weapons and gadgets available and is high risk with big rewards. Many times, you will find yourself trapped in…