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gloomwood’s-last-update-for-2022-opens-the-doors-to-its-dodgy-tavern Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Gloomwood’s last update for 2022 opens the doors to its dodgy tavern

Creepy stealth fest Gloomwood snuck into early access a few months ago and made fans of immersive sims look out from under their hoods – but sadly the work-in-progress won’t let you slip past its city gates. With Gloomwood’s final update for this year, though, you can at least nip in the local tavern now. Only, it seems there’s something pretty nasty dwelling inside its presumably one-star walls. Have a watch of the trailer below, and get us a Guinness and a packet of Golden Wonder from the bar. Ready salted, please. Read more

dusk-developer-blames-his-cat-for-releasing-chop-goblins-three-weeks-early VG247

Dusk developer blames his cat for releasing Chop Goblins three weeks early

David Szymanski, the developer behind 2018 retro-styled shooter, Dusk, has just released his new game… three weeks ahead of schedule. Chop Goblins was anticipated to launch on 2 January 2023, but it appears David Szymanski and his cat had other ideas. Catch some Chop Goblins gamep[lay here. On 12 December, Chop Goblins hit Steam. Who did David Szymanski first blame for it? His cat, Zamboni. “WTF, I just came upstairs to my office and discovered the Zamboni released Chop Goblins early! They must remind him of himself,” the tweet reads. Zamboni is pictured, sat on what we can assume to…

chop-goblins-releases-retro-fps-three-weeks-early,-blames-it-on-cat Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Chop Goblins releases retro FPS three weeks early, blames it on cat

Games get delayed so often that it’s always a pleasure when a release date is instead moved earlier. Chop Goblins maybe takes it to an extra extreme. The 30-minute retro shooter from the developer of Dusk was due for release on January 2nd, but it’s out now after being released several weeks earlier. “I was bored,” explained the developer on Twitter. Read more