hitmarker-survey-reveals-‘out-of-date’-hiring-processes-in-the-esports-and-games-industry-plus-other-trends:-84%-of-applicants-would-rather-answer-job-specific-questions-than-submit-a-cover-letter,-40%-deem-gender-neutral-job-descriptions-to-be-‘very-important’ ESports News UK

Hitmarker survey reveals ‘out of date’ hiring processes in the esports and games industry plus other trends: 84% of applicants would rather answer job-specific questions than submit a cover letter, 40% deem gender-neutral job descriptions to be ‘very important’

Hitmarker, the UK-based esports and gaming job platform, has today announced the findings of its first ever industry report – and Esports News UK has pulled 9 key stats from it. With a focus on candidate preferences when job seeking, Hitmarker says this report will serve as a publicly-available resource on what candidates find value in, what they don’t and how companies in the games industry can use this to improve their own recruitment processes. Continue reading Hitmarker survey reveals ‘out of date’ hiring processes in the esports and games industry plus other trends: 84% of applicants would rather answer…

uk-based-esports-orgs-and-businesses-raised-a-record-42m-in-funding-in-2020-according-to-new-report ESports News UK

UK-based esports orgs and businesses raised a record £42m in funding in 2020 according to new report

UK-based esports organisations, startups and scaleup companies raised £42m in 2020, making it a record year for UK esports startups in terms of both the value and number of deals.  That’s according to new research published this week by Here East, the tech and innovation campus in London, and Beauhurst, a UK database for fast-growth companies. The pair claim to have analysed all investment data for British esports since 2011. Growing UK esports businesses have raised £138m over the last ten years, and the research has found that 61% (£85m) of that investment was secured in the last two years.  Continue…‘are-female-and-marginalised-gender-players-good-enough-to-become-pro-gamers?-the-answer-is-simple-–-yes-they-are’ ESports News UK reveals Valorant Huntress Trials player rank data: ‘Are female and marginalised gender players good enough to become pro gamers? The answer is simple – yes they are’

Rix.GG, UK esports organisation Rix.GG has released player rank distribution data from the Huntress Trials, a female and marginalised gender Valorant tournament. This data, taken from all 83 players signed up to participate in the April tournament (including subs), shows that almost half of participating players had an in-game rank of either Immortal or Radiant – the highest ranks in the game. 44% of players in the Huntress Trials April tournament were Immortal during April of the current act, while 1.2% of players were Radiant. Continue reading reveals Valorant Huntress Trials player rank data: ‘Are female and marginalised gender…

85%-of-uk-video-games-spending-was-digital-in-2020 VG247

85% of UK video games spending was digital in 2020

By Alex Calvin, Wednesday, 3 March 2021 17:28 GMT Games made almost as much money as video and music combined.More than 85% of the money spent on video games in the UK last year was splashed on digital products.That’s according to data from the Entertainment Retailers Association – as spotted by – which says that 85.4% of consumer spending on games was for digital titles. In total the games industry raked in £4.4 billion, an increase of 17.7% year-on-year.Games made up 48% of entertainment spending – £7.8 billion – meaning that the medium brought in almost as much as…

microsoft-flight-simulator-soars-to-two-million-players VG247

Microsoft Flight Simulator soars to two million players

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 18 December 2020 17:13 GMT Number of users has doubled since September.The recently-launched Microsoft Flight Simulator already boasts more than two million players.That’s according to the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann, who said on Xbox Wire that it flew past this milestone faster than any other entry in the series so far. If that wasn’t enough, Microsoft Flight Simulator had the biggest ever launch for a PC title in Xbox Game Pass.“As we’ve said time and time again, our launch in 2020 was only the beginning of our journey with Microsoft Flight Simulator,” Neumann…