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Almost a year after Elden Ring changed everything, there’s never been a better time to return to Dark Souls

If you’re considering a replay of Dark Souls, there’s no better time to praise the sun than right now – in a cold, forgettable week in January Everything dies. That’s one of the unavoidable truths of the universe: everything that is given life must also give over to death. It’s true of us frail, transient humans, and it’s true of the very best video games ever made, too. Everything dies, no matter how important it once was. And 11 years is a long time in this industry. It’s a yawning gulf, an epoch. It feels like so much longer ago…

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Absolute chad beats every Souls game back to back, without taking a single hit

This run hasn’t been seen before, so it’s quite the feat. It might not come as news to you that one player with the patience of a saint has managed to beat every Souls game, including Elden Ring, back-to-back without taking any damage. What do you want to see from an Elden Ring sequel? We’ve previously seen players take on Elden Ring while limiting themselves to one hit per boss, in a display fit for an episode of One Punch Man. We’ve also even witnessed one player complete all the Souls games (excluding Elden Ring) back to back without taking…

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Dark Souls 3’s servers are offline again

I hope Dark Souls 3 rested at a bonfire recently, because its servers are down once again. FromSoftware confirmed that PvP multiplayer for the Steam version of the game had gone offline in a tweet, and said they’d provide an update once details were available to share. When I published this post, no explanation was forthcoming about what the cause of the downtime might be. Read more

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Elden Ring’s roaming cavalry is an enemy design FromSoft has been trying to make happen since Demon’s Souls

For over 13 years, FromSoftware has been refining a particular idea it had all the way back in Demon’s Souls, and Elden Ring contains the latest iteration. It’s quite easy to draw a line from Demon’s Souls all the way to Elden Ring. You can argue that all of developer FromSoftware’s games since that seminal title have been expansions on the same idea, even if the individual details and specifics can vary drastically. This doesn’t just refer to the general feel, game mechanics or structure; FromSoft has also been known to reiterate on old ideas with every new game, and…

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Finished Elden Ring but never played Dark Souls? Now’s the time

If your business with the Erdtree is finished, it’s time to return to the roots. So, you’ve finally completed Elden Ring. After dozens of deaths to every one one of dozens of bosses. After untold moments where that infernal golden tree looks like it’s just over the brow of the next hill only for you to get waylaid up a mountain – or for a whole new land to emerge between you and your goal – your beautiful, arduous journey is over. The completion of a From Software game can be a strange time, the initial elation of victory fading…

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The official Dark Souls pen & paper RPG sounds a bit sloppy

Oh sure, Dark Souls is a challenging game at the start, but at least your characters begin with enough stats to wear their starter outfit. That’s not necessarily the case with the official licensed Dark Souls pen & paper RPG, which seems a touch sloppy. Along with giving one class starter gear it won’t have the stats use, it has some spells and items which, going by the rules, seem unhelpful at best. The real Dark Souls starts here. Read more

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Dark Souls servers to remain offline until the release of Elden Ring

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Bandai Namco is working to make sure the security vulnerabilities present in Dark Souls won’t affect Elden Ring. Bandai Namco has announced Dark Souls servers will remain offline until Elden Ring is released. The company brought the servers for all games in the series offline after a security flaw was discovered that could result in hackers taking over another’s computer through remote code execution. According to Dark Souls and Sekiro modder LukeYui, one of those who brought the exploit to…

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Dark Souls tabletop RPG announced from the maker of the board game

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. The domination of multiple mediums by Dark Souls continues. There’s a new Dark Souls game on the horizon, but not necessarily in a form you’d expect. Steamforged Games, the maker of the Dark Souls board game, announced (via Gamespot) that it’s publishing a new Dark Souls pen-and-paper RPG. And if past quality is any indication, it should be a treat for fans of both tabletop and the Dark Souls franchise. What’s interesting is the announcement tweet mentions Lothric and the…

dark-souls-3-streamer-blows-minds-by-beating-game-with-single-button Twitch

Dark Souls 3 Streamer Blows Minds By Beating Game With Single Button

Have you ever picked up a FromSoftware game, played it for a while, got your ass whooped repeatedly, and wondered how you’re ever supposed to beat the game? It’s probably a question every Dark Souls 3 player has asked at least once. However, you probably haven’t asked yourself how you’re supposed to beat it using just Morse code on a single button. Because that would be silly. But one Dylan “Rudeism” Beck did.

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Elden Ring Delayed, But It Also Keeps Leaking

February 2022 was already packed full of big game releases. Now FromSoftware has added another to the list, delaying Elden Ring a month from its original January 21, 2022 release date. In the meantime, the game will get a player demo next month as grainy in-development footage continues to leak online. Elden Ring, the open-world successor to the Dark Souls series, will now come out on February 25, 2022 to give FromSoftware more time to work on it. “[T]he depth & strategic freedom of the game exceeded initial expectations,” the studio announced on Twitter today. In November, it will host…

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Dark Souls bosses rated by how much money they’d owe you after a night out

So, thought you’d take all your great Lordran chums out for a drink to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Dark Souls, did you? Bad times, pal. Sure, they’ll take care of any everlasting dragons you happen to have hanging around on your lawn, but when it comes to a night on the bevvies, they might well be the sorriest bunch of cheapskates since Final Fantasy 8’s GFs. Consider this your one and only warning before these fantasy grifters clear you out for the month. Read more

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Where to pre-order Elden Ring: versions and pre-order bonuses

One of the biggest highlights of the Summer Game Fest was a new Elden Ring trailer, along with a release date for January 21, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.If you’re as excited as we are to check the end results of From Software and George R.R Martin’s collaboration, you can pre-order the game in the UK and the US from the links below.The Elden Ring versions and pre-order bonusesWatch on YouTubeFans were starting to get a little worried about The Elden Ring. There’s been a lack of news since its initial reveal at 2019’s…

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Dark Souls, Fall Guys and Mario Kart are the most stressful games you can play, according to a new study

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 15 November 2020 12:47 GMT A new set of scientific research identifies Dark Souls III, Fall Guys and Mario Kart as the most stressful experiences you endure whilst gaming.A new study, conducted by BonusFinder in collaboration with sports scientists and competitive gamers, discovered that the average players’ average heart rate increases the most whilst playing Dark Souls, but Fall Guys and Mario Kart – games supposedly aimed at the more casual side of the gaming market – also have a pretty significant impact.In the study, 14 players were asked to play 16 of the most popular…