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upcoming-gothic-fantasy-roguelike-rogue-lords-makes-you-play-as-a-cheating-devil Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Upcoming gothic fantasy roguelike Rogue Lords makes you play as a cheating devil

Rogue Lords is an upcoming gothic fantasy roguelike being developed by Cyanide Studio (the creators of Blood Bowl and Styx), and it’s set to release this year. It caught my eye when it was first announced amidst the notE3 celebrations last year, mostly due to the eerie aesthetic and cool concept art shown during publisher Nacon’s announce-a-thon stream. But today, the devs released a new gameplay trailer that’s piqued my interest once more, because it shows that players can kind of cheat to win runs. Read more

werewolf:-the-apocalypse-–-earthblood-shows-off-wolf-stealth Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood shows off wolf stealth

World Of Darkness ’em up Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is just around the corner, so the developers over at Cyanide Studio have begun releasing some videos to show off a closer look at how it plays. Today’s developer diary gets into your werewolf’s rage resource but I’ve gotta say that what really caught my eye was the wolf stealth bits. (more…)

blood-bowl-3-continues-games-workshop’s-fantasy-sport-in-2021 Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Blood Bowl 3 continues Games Workshop’s fantasy sport in 2021

Following a brief and vague announcement, publishers Nacon today revealed that Blood Bowl 3 is coming in 2021 with more violent fantasy American football. Cyanide Studio’s latest adaptation of the Games Workshop tabletop warsportsgame is building on the latest version, with the new teams and rules of the Second Season Edition. Today’s new trailer doesn’t have any of the game in action, but it does show some downright unsporting equipment like lawnmowers and tentacles. (more…)