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Square Enix financials indicate Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t done as well as hoped

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 7 November 2020 15:20 GMT Square Enix has reported its financials for the first half of its current fiscal year, and it appears Marvel’s Avengers didn’t sell as well as the company estimated.According to the financials (thanks,, only major releases such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Marvel’s Avengers provided an uptick in revenue for the first half of the year.While an uptick in revenue is always good, it doesn’t seem as though Marvel’s Avengers brought in as much revenue as the firm would have hoped.In the first half of the fiscal year when Final Fantasy 7…

Crystal Dynamics are working on requested Marvel’s Avengers features, delaying Kate Bishop

Marvel’s Avengers has been out for over a month now, during which time the superhero service game has been bracing through some speedbumps. Since launch, Crystal Dynamics say they’ve been taking on feedback while solving bugs, matchmaking issues, and game stability. They’ve outlined some player-requested features and raid-style missions currently in the works, though the addition of Hawkeye Kate Bishop is getting pushed back. Oh, and they’re handing out some freebies as a thanks for your patience. (more…)


Marvel’s Avengers next-gen release pushed into 2021, Kate Bishop DLC delayed

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 16 October 2020 16:02 GMT Crystal Dynamics has delayed the next-gen release of Marvel’s Avengers into 2021, and have pushed the Kate Bishop content out of October.In a blog post today, the developer said the reason for the Kate Bishop delay for Marvel’s Avengers is to have a “fixed, predictable patching cycle,” with time for extensive testing before new content is released.The team also made the decision to move the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S release into 2021 to ensure it gives the team time to “deliver a next-gen experience showcasing all that this game is meant to…


“We’re confident that we’ll see PC players return,” says Marvel’s Avengers dev amidst reports of dwindling player base

Crystal Dynamics has big plans for Marvel’s Avengers, and the developer says what’s coming will bring back lapsed players.Marvel’s Avengers seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth. Though it only released in September, the game rarely comes up in conversations online, which is the opposite of what you want from a service game in that style.A combination of bugs, lack of meaningful endgame content and big gaps in communication from developer Crystal Dynamics have caused players to give up on the game. As noted by Forbes, Avengers’ Steam numbers are dangerously close to dipping below 1,000 concurrent.Even…

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Marvel’s Avengers patched, players being handed free Polychoron and Uru

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 24 September 2020 20:57 GMT Patch 1.3.1 has been released for Marvel’s Avengers and addresses a handful of large issues.Smaller than last week’s patch, it includes a fix for Marvel Avengers players being unable to accept Faction Missions/Villain Sectors.Because this bug prevented players from being able to earn specific rare rewards, the team at Crystal Dynamics is granting the following to all players:  250 Polychoron and 500 Uru.These rewards can be claimed from today until Thursday, October 1 at 10am PDT. You will need to view one of your Challenge Cards to activate this reward.Other changes include…

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Marvel’s Avengers patch resolves a number of playthroughs stoppers, more

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 9 September 2020 16:46 GMT A new patch is available for Marvel’s Avengers on consoles.Crystal Dynamics has released an update for Marvel’s Avengers which fixes a number of playthrough stoppers, and makes some backup save UI improvements.You can also expect load time optimizations, and campaign mission reward outfits will no longer disappear from Cosmetics Inventory UIFor Xbox One specifically, the patch makes it so Achievements should now unlock and increment properly.There’s more to patch V1.2.5, so we’ve popped the notes below.The patch is already available for PS4 and will be released later today on Xbox One.V1.3.0, the next…

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Marvel’s Avengers patch improves stability, fixes some bugs

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 4 September 2020 14:46 GMT Marvel’s Avengers is out today, and so is a stability patch.A stability patch for Marvel’s Avengers is available on all platforms, but we’ve pulled PC-specific information off the game’s Steam page. Contents of the patch are based on data collected after early access to the game started on September 1. PC-specific fixes in the patch include a work-around for the Nvidia 10-series driver problem. The issue was causing crashes when using ALT-TAB, ALT-ENTER, and other situations.The patch also enabled Steam Cloud so that you can synchronize your save-games between multiple PCs….

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Marvel’s Avengers was the most-downloaded beta in PlayStation history

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 2 September 2020 19:11 GMT The Marvel’s Avengers beta was very popular, especially with PlayStation 4 users.Square Enix has announced the Marvel’s Avengers beta was globally the most-downloaded beta in PlayStation history.News of the achievement was announced on Twitter. A heroic achievement — the Marvel’s Avengers Beta was globally the most-downloaded beta in PlayStation history. Congrats to our team @CrystalDynamics!#EmbraceYourPowers on September 4 — Square Enix (@SquareEnix) September 2, 2020Earlier this week it was announced the beta, on all platforms, attracted 6 million players from all over the world. Participants spent around 27 million…

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The first post-launch Marvel’s Avengers character is Kate Bishop, the other Hawkeye

Superman and his Super Friends slip on their spandex for the launch of Marvel’s Avengers on Friday (though pre-orderers already have access), then after that Square Enix plan to update the action-RPG with new characters and content in that ‘live service’ way. Last night’s ‘War Table’ stream confirmed the first character coming after launch will be Kate Bishop, the other arrow-plinging hero known as Hawkeye. She’s a decent character in the comics, having a fun double-act with the original Hawkeye – who I should stress isn’t a wank like he is in the films. Anyway! Come meet Kate. (more…)

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Marvel’s Avengers adds Kate Bishop as post-launch hero, special missions detailed

The latest Marvel’s Avengers War Table provided a new look at the game ahead of release and revealed the post-launch hero, Kate Bishop.The third Marvel’s Avengers War Table was held today, during which Kate Bishop was announced as post-launch DLC. Alongside the character, four new high-level mission types were shown, which you will progress through via the Avengers Initiative: Villain Sectors, SHIELD Vaults, AIM’s Secret Lab, and Mega Hives.Villain Sectors are special missions that provide showdowns with powerful bosses that you will want to return to as your heroes get closer to the game’s level cap of 150, while SHIELD…

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Marvel’s Avengers unlock times, pre-load, pre-order bonuses and everything else you need to know

Marvel’s Avengers is just a few days away, and we know exactly when we can start playing.Marvel’s Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics has revealed pretty much all remaining details about the game’s impending release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Stadia. You may have already gotten a taste of what Avengers has to offer with the recent beta weekends, and the full game obviously offers much more.You’ll have access to six heroes (Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, and Thor), playable in the campaign and across over 80 War Zones and Drop Zones. Future, post-launch heroes – such…

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Marvel’s Avengers features a battle pass system, earned cosmetics, vendors

Crystal Dynamics has outlined how cosmetics, Challenge Cards, and other items will work Marvel’s Avengers.Marvel’s Avengers will feature a battle pass style system, but only on cosmetic items, and in a breakdown on the official website, Crystal Dynamics outlined how it will work.Any content purchasable with real money in the game will be “aesthetic-only additions,” which the studio says will help “keep the game fresh for years to come.”The real-world currency in Marvel’s Avengers was implemented due to future playable updates being free. These updates will include new characters, story content, missions, and regions.“Our in-game economy is built on a player-first…

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Marvel’s Avengers co-op has no join-in-progress

Marvel’s Avengers has a bit of an outdated approach to online co-op.Marvel’s Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics has been answering some leftover questions, and detailing practically how everything is going to work in the full game. Recently, the developer confirmed the general content of the game’s day one patch, and now, we get to learn more about Avengers’ mission structure, co-op and a few of the limitations that will be there at launch. In the latest blog post, Crystal Dynamics revealed that the game does not allow join-in-progress, at least at launch.In other words, you’ll need to assemble your team before…

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Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream set for September 1

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 25 August 2020 19:44 GMT A date has been set for the final Marvel’s Avengers War Table stream ahead of release.The Marvel’s Avengers War Table will provide an in-depth look at the first post-launch story season for the Avengers Initiative. It will also unveil an additional post-launch playable hero.Special attention will also be paid to the progression system, along with “hints and tips” for taking on the game’s over 50 different types of enemies, as well as additional details about high-level content.The stream will also take a deep dive into the Avengers Initiative, where players “hone…

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Virgin Media customers get beta access to Marvel’s Avengers this weekend

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 13 August 2020 15:57 GMT If you want to try out the Marvel’s Avengers beta early but haven’t pre-ordered, you’re in luck if a Virgin Media customer.Virgin Media customers in the UK are being handed early access to the Marvel’s Avengers beta this weekend on PC and Xbox One.The beta period for customers is August 14-16, and to apply for a code, you will need to visit the Virgin Media website.Here’s further instructions: Visit Fill in customer details on the registration form and click enter You will receive an automated email with a unique beta code…

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Crystal Dynamics addresses Spider-Man being PS4-exclusive in Marvel’s Avengers

Crystal Dynamics head Scot Amos recently addressed the controversy surrounding Spider-Man being a PS4-exclusive character in upcoming superhero game Marvel’s Avengers. The news comes from Nibel on Twitter, who spotted the information in a recent piece published by Newsweek. Check out the tweet below. Crystal Dynamics head Scot Amos has commented on the controversy surrounding Spider-Man being exclusive to PlayStation versions of Marvel’s Avengers Amos also says that the Spider-Man exclusivity has no effect on cross-play/cross-progression plans — Nibel (@Nibellion) August 5, 2020To contextualize this, a stir recently erupted from a retail posting that claimed Spider-Man would be a…

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Actually, Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers as a PS4-exclusive character

After much deliberation and several rumors on both sides of the story, it turns out that Spider-Man really is only coming to Marvel’s Avengers on PS4. Earlier today, a rumor that Spider-Man was coming to Marvel’s Avengers as a PS4-exclusive character was debunked by the UK retailer who listed a description introducing the possibility in the first place. Apparently the details were old, and had not come from Crystal Dynamics directly.Since then, it has been confirmed that Spidey truly is coming to PS4 and PS4 only. He’ll websling his way towards PS4s and PS5s all over the world in early…