jack-king-spooner’s-next-handcrafted-game-has-a-teaser-demo-out Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Jack King-Spooner’s next handcrafted game has a teaser demo out

You can check out the next game from Beeswing and Dujanah developer Jack King-Spooner with a swish demo launched alongside a crowdfunding campaign. Judero is its name, and a surprisingly action-heavy adventure through the Scottish Borders is its game. Expect folklore, witches, jokes, stop motion, and beasties to battle and mind control. Read more

shovel-knight-developers-announce-mina-the-hollower Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Shovel Knight developers announce Mina The Hollower

The creators of retro platformer Shovel Knight have announced a whole new adventure, drawing inspiration from different classics this time. Mina The Hollower is its name, and retro action-adventure with Zelda and Castlevania influences is its game. Like with Shovel Knight, Yacht Club Games are partially crowdfunding Mina through a Kickstarter campaign, and in less than a day they’ve already passed the goal. Have a peek in the trailer. Read more

summer-games-done-quick-raises-over-$2.9m-for-charity VG247

Summer Games Done Quick raises over $2.9m for charity

By Dom Peppiatt 12 July 2021 20:28 GMT This year’s Summer Games Done Quick has raised a grand total of $2.9m for Doctors Without Borders – or Médecins Sans Frontières – over the course of a week.The annual event has been another massive success, with the final figure coming in at over $2,904,585 from over 40,000 donations over the course of the marathon. The GDQ team dropped a huge $250,000 into the tracker towards the end of the marathon (raised from money from sponsors, Twitch subscriptions and other miscellaneous amounts) pushing the total up to over $2.5 million at the…

rhythm-game-unbeatable-has-a-demo-and-it-slaps Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Rhythm game Unbeatable has a demo and it slaps

Often I’ll judge an anime by the quality of its opener, so if I think “Hmmm, yes, this bangs”, as characters soar across the sky and swing swords at clouds, then I know I’ll like it. And having just played the Arcade Mix demo for Unbeatable, an upcoming rhythm game where you kick your way through songs that positively slap, I think I’m in love. Read more

plans-for-a-wall-street-gamestop-movie-are-already-in-the-works VG247

Plans for a Wall Street GameStop movie are already in the works

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 1 February 2021 17:34 GMT A movie based on the turbulent events surrounding the on-going GameStop/Reddit stock situation is already in the works.In a new report by Deadline, it’s been revealed that MGM has acquired the rights to the book proposal for a new title called ‘The Antisocial Network’ from author Ben Mezrich.This book will follow the events of “a ragtag group of amateur investors, gamers, and internet trolls” who – through investments, coordination, and playing the bankers at their own game, “brought Wall Street to its knees.”Apparently, Mezrich and his representatives started sharing the proposal…

legendary-tetris-player,-jonas-neubauer,-has-passed-away-suddenly-aged-39 VG247

Legendary Tetris player, Jonas Neubauer, has passed away suddenly aged 39

Legendary Tetris player Jonas Neubauer has died, as per a statement on his Twitter account.According to a post published on Twitter, Neubauer died after a “sudden medical emergency” and passed away on January 4, aged 39.“He was the absolute best,” the message states. “We are devastated, overwhelmed with grief, and we already miss him dearly.”Neubauer was the seven-time winner of the Classic Tetris World Championship and was regarded by many as one of the best Tetris players ever. Neubauer began playing Tetris when he was just 8 years old, picking up the classic NES version of Tetris after seeing the game on…

squadron-42-isn’t-coming-out-anytime-soon VG247

Squadron 42 isn’t coming out anytime soon

By Dom Peppiatt, Thursday, 24 December 2020 14:50 GMT Star Citizen developer, Cloud Imperium, has issued a new progress update on the title’s single-player campaign, Squadron 42.The new update from the studio doesn’t make for encouraging reading for anyone expecting to get their hands on the single-player portion of Star Citizen any time soon.Director Chris Roberts posted in a new update on the studio’s blog revealing that Squadron 42 itself is nowhere near complete.“[…] I have decided that it is best to not show Squadron 42 gameplay publicly, nor discuss any release date until we are closer to the home stretch…


Star Citizen’s single-player campaign “will be done when it’s done”

It looks like the single-player campaign for Star Citizen is still a fair way off, according to developer Cloud Imperium Games.Squadron 42 – the planned singleplayer campaign part Cloud Imperium’s space simulator – apparently has a lot more time in development left.“We still have a ways to go before we are in beta, but everyone on Squadron 42 is working very hard to deliver something great,” explained studio boss Chris Roberts in an AMA over on the Roberts Space Industries website.“We haven’t been happy with how effectively we’ve been showing progress on Squadron 42, as we felt the previous format…

xcom:-long-war-studio-hit-their-own-alien-invasion-game’s-kickstarter-goal-in-six-hours Rock,Paper,Shotgun

XCOM: Long War studio hit their own alien invasion game’s Kickstarter goal in six hours

The studio behind the excellent XCOM: Long War mods have launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help finish their own game about alien invasion. Terra Invicta is not XCOM by a new name, mind. It’s a grand strategy game which starts with mysterious first encounters, leads to geopolitical manoeuvring as factions jostle for position and contend with alien influence, can develop into global war, then sprawls across the solar system with industrial colonies and spaceship battles. The devs say they plan to release Terra Invicta next summer, but could use a bit more cash to make it fancier. (more…)