jagex-are-buying-the-scum-devs Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Jagex are buying the Scum devs

Cambridge-based Runescape publisher Jagex have announced they’ve acquired Gamepires, the devs behind open-world survival sandbox Scum. The deal was made for an undisclosed amount. Both companies said they’re now looking to work together to “accelerate Scum”, and release it in 1.0 across multiple platforms in the future. Read more

current-gen-exclusive-serious-sam-4-surprise-launches-on-xbox-game-pass VG247

Current-gen exclusive Serious Sam 4 surprise launches on Xbox Game Pass

Another week, another surprise arrival on Xbox Game Pass – but this time, Xbox One owners are being left out. Another week, another surprise launch on Xbox Game Pass! This time, it’s Serious Sam 4 from Croteam and Devolver Digital. You’ll play as the last remaining resistance to an extra-terrestrial invasion, leading the Earth Defence Force as Sam “Serious” Stone and his heavily-armed squad of misfit commandos. The game is a day one launch on Game Pass, arriving without that much fanfare, but then neither did some of Xbox Game Pass’s most recent arrivals either (most notably Townscaper and Generation…

Indie darling Devolver has bought Serious Sam maker Croteam

By Alex Calvin, Thursday, 22 October 2020 12:28 GMT Croatian studio Croteam has been snapped up by indie publisher Devolver Digital.This new union was announced on Devolver’s website and follows a long history between the two companies. Croteam was founded back in 1992 and is best known for the Serious Sam games, as well as 2014’s The Talos Principle.2001’s Serious Sam: The First Encounter was published by Gathering of Developers, a company founded by some of the people who would later go on to set up Devolver in 2009.“A decade ago Devolver Digital was just getting started and looking for…

serious-sam-4-will-let-you-pilot-the-pope’s-personal-mech Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Serious Sam 4 will let you pilot the Pope’s personal mech

I had heard that Serious Sam 4 would let us drive a Popemobile. I had not heard that the Popemobile in question is a giant heavily-armed mech whose boot-up sequence dialogue concludes, “All systems ready. Let God sort them out.” A new trailer hot out of Gamescom today shows the Popemobile in action, smashing a tentacle monster in the middle Vatican City and alright, yup, this is some big brash stupid spectacle I can get behind. See the Pope’s private Evangelion in action in the trailer below. (more…)