Crossfire: Legion

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Crossfire: Legion, the new RTS from Homeworld devs, hits Early Access this spring

One of last year’s low-key big reveals gets new details. Today, we get to learn more about Crossfire: Legion, the new RTS from Homeworld and Relic veterans at Blackbird Interactive. You may have forgotten about Crossfire: Legion. The game was announced in June last year alongside several other titles at Prime Matter’s publishing label reveal event. At the time, we didn’t get to learn anything about it. Now, Blackbird has unveiled plenty for us to chew on. For starters, Crossfire: Legion, as the name might suggest, takes place in the universe of the incredibly popular free-to-play FPS from Smilegate. The…

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Crossfire: Legion is the future of the RTS as it was in 1999

Can I get a ‘woop woop’, or at least a ‘wololo’, for the spin-off strategy game? The Ensemble Studios swansong that was Halo Wars, an RTS so streamlined it was aerodynamic. The ballistic ballet of Gears Tactics, which piled extra biceps atop XCOM’s shoulders. Even when money has moved through the membrane in the opposite direction, it has resulted in projects that were – let’s not overstate this – endearingly experimental. Can I get an understanding nod for Command & Conquer: Renegade? The strangeness of Crossfire: Legion’s situation is that you might not recognise it as a spin-off at all….