Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

crisis-core:-final-fantasy-7-reunion-mod-brings-back-the-original-voice-cast VG247

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion mod brings back the original voice cast

Zack’s back, although he never really left. If you’re finding yourself missing Zack Fair and co’s original voices, then you might want to check out the Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion mod that brings them all back. Announced last June and released last month, Crisis Core has received a pretty extensive remaster that has overhauled a lot of what was present in the original PSP game. For one, the visuals are completely new, with modern models, new textures, and fancy lighting, all to bring it closer to Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s visual style. But it’s not just the visuals…

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Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion review: polished story filler that’s a missed opportunity after FF7 Remake

When Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII first came out in 2007 as part of Square Enix’s somewhat indulgent (and merely so-so) FF7 Compilation project, it was intended to fill in the backstory of one of the main game’s most mysterious and spoilerific character twists. Namely that FF7 hero and perpetual mopey boy Cloud Strife wasn’t quite who he thought he was, and that he actually owes a lot of his life (literally and figuratively) to the peppy, squat-loving ShinRa go-getter Zack Fair. (And if you’re mad about me spoiling that 25-year-old story beat, wait until you see what they’ve done…

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Crisis Core Reunion couldn’t have been a cloud version because of “high expectations” from FF7 Remake fans

What do you mean, the PSP had great graphics? According to Crisis Core Reunion’s producer, the game couldn’t have been just a cloud version because Final Fantasy 7 Remake fans have “high expectations.” Yes, admittedly this is an odd comment, but one that producer Yoshinori Kitase appears to be making in reference to the original PSP version of the game. “If a game’s original hardware is no longer manufactured, it can be difficult to play the title. Crisis Core is an example of that,” Kitase explained in a PlayStation Blog interview (thanks, GamesRadar). “Of course, it would be possible to…