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9-recent-reports-on-uk-gaming/esports-trends-for-2022:-brits-less-likely-to-trust-gaming-influencers,-uk’s-most-searched-for-game-and-streamer-revealed,-brits-among-the-most-curious-about-the-metaverse-&-more ESports News UK

9 recent reports on UK gaming/esports trends for 2022: Brits less likely to trust gaming influencers, UK’s most searched-for game and streamer revealed, Brits among the most curious about the metaverse & more

There’s been a ton of reports about new trends in UK gaming and esports flooding our inbox over the past month or so – here’s a roundup of 9 recent findings providing new facts and stats about UK gaming and beyond. Brits less likely to trust gaming influencers YouGov’s report into the power of gaming influencers found t hat Brits are less likely to trust gaming influencers compared to gamers in other countries. Continue reading 9 recent reports on UK gaming/esports trends for 2022: Brits less likely to trust gaming influencers, UK’s most searched-for game and streamer revealed, Brits among…

amazon-university-esports-reports-record-numbers-in-uk/ireland-winter-2021-season,-with-more-students-and-societies-participating ESports News UK

Amazon University Esports reports record numbers in UK/Ireland Winter 2021 Season, with more students and societies participating

Record numbers of university students took part in the Winter 2021 season of Amazon University Esports in the UK and Ireland, which is run by NUEL and GGTech. More than 1,150 teams of students from 105 universities around the UK and Ireland competed weekly against each other in a range of esports games, including League of Legends, Valorant, CSGO and Overwatch. That’s up from 900 teams the year prior, with signups for the Valorant tournament more than doubling year-on-year. Continue reading Amazon University Esports reports record numbers in UK/Ireland Winter 2021 Season, with more students and societies participating

final-fantasy-16-delayed-by-half-a-year-due-to-covid VG247

Final Fantasy 16 delayed by half a year due to COVID

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Fans will have to wait just a little bit longer for a fresh look at the hotly anticipated sequel. Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida recently took to Twitter to inform fans that the game would be delayed by a half a year due to COVID-related difficulties. He previously stated that we’d have more solid info in the back half of 2021 but given that we’re already preparing to ring in 2022, that ship appears to have sailed, and for…

league-of-legends-community-pays-tribute-to-yoppa,-one-of-the-uk-scene’s-first-players,-who-has-sadly-passed-away-aged-23 ESports News UK

League of Legends community pays tribute to Yoppa, one of the UK scene’s first players, who has sadly passed away aged 23

Serbian League of Legends player, Pavle ‘Yoppa’ Kostić, one of the League of Legends ESL UK Premiership’s first players, has sadly passed away due to Covid-related complications. The top-laner had previously played with the now-defunct organisation TCA Esports in the ESL Prem, with players like support Raizins, who is now a streamer for London Esports, and Deadly, the ADC who has just left BT Excel. Yoppa had played for a range of top teams over the years, including Giants Gaming, the academy teams of Mad Lions and Vitality, and most recently Schalke Evolution. Continue reading League of Legends community pays…

uk-rainbow-six-personalities-criticise-2022-six-invitational-for-having-no-live-audience:-‘this-event-isn’t-just-about-esports,-it’s-for-the-whole-community-to-get-together’ ESports News UK

UK Rainbow Six personalities criticise 2022 Six Invitational for having no live audience: ‘This event isn’t just about esports, it’s for the whole community to get together’

From big tournaments to the PGL CSGO Major to smaller UK gatherings like Epic.LAN (34), live audiences are starting to trickle back into esports events. But not all of them are switching to live audiences straight away, given the situation around Covid-19. The recent League of Legends World Championship (Worlds) 2021 did not have a live audience, neither did the 2021 Dota 2 International, and neither will the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational in Montreal, Canada in February 2022. Continue reading UK Rainbow Six personalities criticise 2022 Six Invitational for having no live audience: ‘This event isn’t just about esports, it’s…

valve’s-dota-2-tournament-scraps-live-audience-due-to-the-pandemic Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valve’s Dota 2 tournament scraps live audience due to the pandemic

Four days before the start of their huge Dota 2 tournament, Valve have called off having a live audience at The International. This year’s event in Romania was meant to be a glorious return after 2020’s International was cancelled by the pandemic, but that pandemic is not yet over. With Covid-19 infection rates in Romania rising again, Valve will still hold the tournament but now without the audience. They’re automatically refunding event tickets, obvs, but oof that’ll be a lot of people out travel costs. Read more

parents-in-the-uk-are-more-positive-about-their-children-gaming-now-than-they-were-pre-lockdown ESports News UK

Parents in the UK are more positive about their children gaming now than they were pre-lockdown

(Image credit: James Lawson/iEventMedia) The pandemic has seen more people play games while stuck indoors, with parents taking on a more positive attitude towards their children gaming. A third of parents questioned said that they now better appreciate the skills that gaming requires, while a fifth now had a more positive attitude to gaming than when they did pre-lockdown, according to new UK research. A survey of 1,221 UK adults conducted by gaming retailer and publisher Green Man Gaming in April 2021 found that 80% of parents said that their children played more during lockdown, with 45% saying that their kids…

uk-based-esports-orgs-and-businesses-raised-a-record-42m-in-funding-in-2020-according-to-new-report ESports News UK

UK-based esports orgs and businesses raised a record £42m in funding in 2020 according to new report

UK-based esports organisations, startups and scaleup companies raised £42m in 2020, making it a record year for UK esports startups in terms of both the value and number of deals.  That’s according to new research published this week by Here East, the tech and innovation campus in London, and Beauhurst, a UK database for fast-growth companies. The pair claim to have analysed all investment data for British esports since 2011. Growing UK esports businesses have raised £138m over the last ten years, and the research has found that 61% (£85m) of that investment was secured in the last two years.  Continue…

the-next-insomnia-gaming-festival-could-be-byoc-only-and-take-place-in-october-2021-at-a-different-venue-(or-country!)-–-exclusive-interview-with-craig-‘wizzo’-fletcher ESports News UK

The next Insomnia Gaming Festival could be BYOC-only and take place in October 2021 at a different venue (or country!) – exclusive interview with Craig ‘Wizzo’ Fletcher

The new owners of Insomnia Gaming Festival are thinking about dropping the expo for a BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer)-only event this year, due to the pandemic. SuperNova Capital – which acquired Insomnia from GAME last month – is looking at running the event in mid-October. And tickets could go on sale in the next month as a best-case scenario. But it admitted things are still ‘up in the air’ for Insomnia in 2021, depending on how the situation and government guidelines around Covid-19 change. Continue reading The next Insomnia Gaming Festival could be BYOC-only and take place in October…

how-lockdown-changed-gaming-in-the-uk:-9-key-takeaways-from-ofcom’s-online-national-2021-report ESports News UK

How lockdown changed gaming in the UK: 9 key takeaways from Ofcom’s Online National 2021 Report

Ofcom has published its Online National 2021 Report which features a host of data about gaming habits in the UK – and how these changed after the pandemic hit last year. We’ve rounded up 9 stats from the report. 1. Almost two thirds of adults played games last year With people at home for much of the year, online gaming saw a big increase in 2020. Nearly two thirds (62%) of adults, and 92% of 16- to 24-year-olds, said they played games on an electronic device, and over half of all gamers agreed that gaming helped them get through lockdown….

red-bull-kumite-london-preview-with-uk-fgc-commentators-f-word-&-tyrant:-‘hopefully-this-kicks-off-more-offline-events-as-it’s-been-really-tough-without-them;-i’d-like-to-see-the-uk-fgc-maintain-its-level-of-hunger-beyond-this-event’ ESports News UK

Red Bull Kumite London preview with UK FGC commentators F-Word & Tyrant: ‘Hopefully this kicks off more offline events as it’s been really tough without them; I’d like to see the UK FGC maintain its level of hunger beyond this event’

Red Bull Kumite London gets underway this weekend (May 22nd and 23rd, from 2pm to 10pm BST each day on Twitch and YouTube), with some of the world’s best Street Fighter players going head-to-head. The event marks a return to a physical offline setting at London’s Red Bull Gaming Sphere, and features a host of UK FGC (fighting game community) talent, including participating players ProblemX, Hurricane, Boltstrike and Jones, as well as hosts for the event such as Ryan Hart and Damascus. Continue reading Red Bull Kumite London preview with UK FGC commentators F-Word & Tyrant: ‘Hopefully this kicks off…

let-shigeru-miyamoto-take-you-on-a-charming-tour-of-super-nintendo-world VG247

Let Shigeru Miyamoto take you on a charming tour of Super Nintendo World

Nintendo has finally lifted the lid on Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.“Mario’s Dad” Shigeru Miyamoto took to the hosting in a special Nintendo Direct (below) this week showing off the new area in the park.Ever since the area was announced, fans have been clamoring to find out more about the slice of the Mushroom Kingdom coming to our real world. We’ve seen designs and small glimpses here and there of the park, but until now, we’ve mostly had our imagination.That changed this week as Miyamoto took to showing off many of the features of the area in a…

dan-arrives-in-street-fighter-5-in-february-2021 VG247

Dan arrives in Street Fighter 5 in February 2021

Dan is coming to Street Fighter 5 in February 2021, a little bit later than planned, Capcom has announced.We’re approaching Street Fighter 5’s fifth anniversary, and to celebrate, the developer is adding Dan Hibiki to the game – as well as working on the game’s next Season of content.In a video message, Street Fighter 5 producer Shuhei Matsumoto confirmed that the developer is still working on the upcoming Season, but noted difficulties stemming from Coivd-19 mean that the studio is slightly behind.“Year 2020 has been a difficult one due to the effects of Covid-19, having a significant impact on our life…

no-physical-fortnite-events-planned-for-2021,-epic-games-confirms VG247

No physical Fortnite events planned for 2021, Epic Games confirms

Epic Games has confirmed that physical Fortnite events, such as the Fortnite World Cup, will be held online-only throughout 2021.Epic said it has no plans to hold in-person Fortnite events next year, as the coronavirus pandemic continues.The publisher noted that its desire is to hold online-only events for the foreseeable and that extends even to the biggest annual events in the Fortnite calendar, such as the Fortnite World Cup.of interest to visit too, with more expected as the season progresses.“Our intent is to eventually hold global in-person tournaments again, but our priority for any such event is the health and safety…

japan’s-super-nintendo-world-finally-set-to-open-in-february-2021 VG247

Japan’s Super Nintendo World finally set to open in February 2021

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 30 November 2020 17:09 GMT Japan’s Super Nintendo World theme park will officially open its doors to the paying public on February 4, 2021.That grand opening date for the theme park was announced this morning as Super Nintendo World’s team showed off the first official images of the part, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from the Mario Kart and Bowser’s Castle attractions.According to IGN Japan, Bowser’s Castle will feature a massive statue of the infamous kidnapper and the area based on his lair will feature a ton of details related to the long-time…