Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

valve-are-running-a-$1-million-cs:go-weapon-skin-design-contest Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valve are running a $1 million CS:GO weapon skin design contest

Valve are challenging artists to create the CS:GO weapon skins of their dreams. Or someone else’s dreams. Any kind of dream or nightmare theme you like, really, so long as you slap it on a CS:GO weapon to enter. They’re launching a total $1 million contest tomorrow in which ten creators will win $100,000 and have their CS:GO weapon finishes added to the game. The contest runs through the middle of October, in part to celebrate and support the community of Steam Workshop creators, Valve say. Read more

valve-fix-steam-security-exploit-after-two-years Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Valve fix Steam security exploit after two years

Last week, hack-hunting group Secret Club revealed several exploits affecting some of Valve’s games that could let hackers gain remote access to players’ PCs. The group claimed they’d reported these exploits to Valve previously, but the company hadn’t done anything about it – until now. Secret Club say Valve have fixed an exploit the company had supposedly known about for two years, which could’ve allowed hackers to steal player data through Steam invites. Read more