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twitch’s-pogchamp-removal-was-never-enough,-and-now-it’s-turning-into-a-disaster Twitch

Twitch’s Pogchamp Removal Was Never Enough, And Now It’s Turning Into A Disaster

It’s not every day you hear about an enormous platform like Twitch swatting the face of one of its most popular emotes clean off and rendering the president’s account indefinitely inert, as it did in the aftermath of last week’s Capitol Building insurrection. But Twitch does do similar things from time to time, on a smaller scale. You just don’t hear about it. That’s a problem.

twitch-is-winning-the-battle-against-qanon,-despite-only-suspending-a-few-far-right-channels Twitch

Twitch Is Winning The Battle Against QAnon, Despite Only Suspending A Few Far-Right Channels

Earlier this month, Twitch temporarily suspended a channel called Patriots’ Soapbox. The channel is not enormous, generally pulling 20-50 concurrent viewers over the course of its 24/7 talk show-style streams, sometimes spiking into the 100 range. But Patriots’ Soapbox is notorious: Some credit the organization behind it, which has bases of operation on many different platforms including YouTube and Discord, with having helped start the now-infamous QAnon conspiracy movement, while others acknowledge that it has at least been a key part of QAnon’s evolution and popularization. Twitch’s structure has so far kept Patriots’ Soapbox small, but there are other, potentially…