two-uk-based-youtubers-destroy-soulja-boy-on-twitter-after-artist’s-rude-response-to-damning-reviews-of-his-new-trdr-handheld-games-console ESports News UK

Two UK-based YouTubers destroy Soulja Boy on Twitter after artist’s rude response to damning reviews of his new TRDR handheld games console

American rapper Soulja Boy got roasted on Twitter yesterday evening after a pair of UK-based YouTubers stood up to him. YouTubers SUNPI and NNESAGA (pictured) were two of the first UK-based YouTubers to review the device, and defended themselves on social media after the rapper verbally abused SUNPI and got involved in a debate with NNESAGA. Soulja Boy responded to the reviews of his new handheld game console, the Soulja Boy Game, or TRDR Pocket, which is essentially an Android-powered app-based device priced at $299.99. Continue reading Two UK-based YouTubers destroy Soulja Boy on Twitter after artist’s rude response to…

battlefield-2042-cheats-advertised-months-before-release Twitch

Battlefield 2042 Cheats Advertised Months Before Release

Officially announced on June 9 and slated for release on October 22, Battlefield 2042 left a very narrow window for the international cheat machine to spring into action, but spring they have with at least one website already advertising aimbots and ESP-style player location sensing to ruin Dice’s upcoming 128-player shootfest.

steam-deck:-can-you-play-mobas,-mmos-and-esports-games-on-valve’s-portable-pc? ESports News UK

Steam Deck: Can you play MOBAs, MMOs and esports games on Valve’s portable PC?

Can the upcoming Steam Deck play games well-suited to desktop PCs, like MOBAs, MMOs and esports titles? The short answer is yes, you can. But we’d ask another question: would you want to? Let us explain. Valve’s newly announced Steam Deck portable PC is an interesting bit of kit – the handheld device measures 298mm x 117mm x 49mm and features a seven-inch touch-screen, with a 1280 x 800px (720p native) resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio. Continue reading Steam Deck: Can you play MOBAs, MMOs and esports games on Valve’s portable PC?

pre-orders-for-playdate,-the-console-with-a-crank,-open-in-july VG247

Pre-orders for Playdate, the console with a crank, open in July

By Stephany Nunneley 8 June 2021 17:47 GMT Playdate pre-orders will open in July, Panic has announced.The hand-crank mini-console will run you $179, and the exact launch date for Playdate will come soon, and there will be at least a week’s warning before pre-orders open up.Watch on YouTubeDuring a live update stream today, Panic also introduced the Playdate Stereo Dock, the first Playdate accessory.You can use it to store and charge your console when not in use, and it features a Bluetooth stereo speaker. Pricing and availability on the Playdate Stereo Dock is not yet available.Along with pre-order information and…

undertale-comes-to-xbox-game-pass-on-consoles-tomorrow VG247

Undertale comes to Xbox Game Pass on consoles tomorrow

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 15 March 2021 18:03 GMT Microsoft has announced that the indie PC classic, Undertale, is finally coming Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. And it’s coming Xbox Game Pass on day one, too.It’s certainly been a big day for Xbox announcements; as well as the confirmation that five classic Bethesda titles are getting FPS Boost, we’ve also heard that Outriders is launching into Xbox Game Pass on launch day, too.Now, Microsoft has announced that Undertale is officially heading to Xbox consoles on March 16, 2021. That’s tomorrow if you’re struggling to keep up. The game will…

new-nintendo-switch-model-to-have-a-bigger-oled-screen-–-report VG247

New Nintendo Switch model to have a bigger OLED screen – report

By Dom Peppiatt, Thursday, 4 March 2021 11:59 GMT Nintendo is apparently planning to release an upgraded Nintendo Switch console later this year that will include a 720p OLED screen, according to a new report.As per a new article from Bloomberg, Nintendo is planning to launch an upgraded version of the Nintendo Switch later this year that will use Samsung Display tech for its screen.The report suggests that the new Switch model will use a 7-inch 720p rigid OLED panel – an improvement over the current Switch’s 6.2-inch LCD panel – and will go into production in June.For reference, the Switch…

microsoft-is-reportedly-testing-1080p-streaming-for-xbox-game-pass-cloud-games VG247

Microsoft is reportedly testing 1080p streaming for Xbox Game Pass cloud games

By Dom Peppiatt, Sunday, 28 February 2021 11:04 GMT Microsoft is testing a higher resolution streaming solution for the Xbox Game Pass streaming service Cloud Gaming, previously known as xCloud, ahead of a larger upgrade to the service later in the year.According to a new WindowsCentral report, an unnamed (but ‘trusted) game developer source recently shared an image of Hellblade running via xCloud which revealed that the resolution of the streamed game was 1080p – a big improvement from the restricted 720p that’s been available via the service up until now.Most mobile handsets operate at a resolution of at least…

bomb-rush-cyberfunk-has-a-jet-set-radio-vibe-and-it’s-out-next-year VG247

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has a Jet Set Radio vibe and it’s out next year

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 24 February 2021 20:23 GMT Originally slated for release this year, the Team Reptile game has been delayed to 2022.Team Reptile has released a trailer for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, which was announced last summer.Coming to all “relevant platforms” including Steam, the game features music from Hideki Naganuma who is best known for scoring Jet Set Radio and its sequel Jet Set Radio Future.According to the game’s description, in it, you choose a character from your crew and freely explore three-dimensional streets. The goal is to bomb and get your name up. Every neighborhood has many spots…

dbrand’s-black-ps5-faceplates-sell-out-in-a-few-hours VG247

Dbrand’s black PS5 faceplates sell out in a few hours

By Alex Calvin, Friday, 12 February 2021 12:29 GMT You can’t get one of the company’s Darkplates before May at the moment.Within a few hours of going live, skin company Dbrand’s black PlayStation 5 faceplates have pretty much sold out.The PS5 Darkplate went live this morning (Friday, February 12) and were out of stock within just a few hours. At the time of writing, you won’t be able to get one of these faceplates shipped before May. Buying the Darkplate will set you back $59 – though at the moment it’s just $49.As the name suggests, this is a black…

squadron-42-isn’t-coming-out-anytime-soon VG247

Squadron 42 isn’t coming out anytime soon

By Dom Peppiatt, Thursday, 24 December 2020 14:50 GMT Star Citizen developer, Cloud Imperium, has issued a new progress update on the title’s single-player campaign, Squadron 42.The new update from the studio doesn’t make for encouraging reading for anyone expecting to get their hands on the single-player portion of Star Citizen any time soon.Director Chris Roberts posted in a new update on the studio’s blog revealing that Squadron 42 itself is nowhere near complete.“[…] I have decided that it is best to not show Squadron 42 gameplay publicly, nor discuss any release date until we are closer to the home stretch…

consumer-spending-on-digital-games-is-up-14%-year-over-year VG247

Consumer spending on digital games is up 14% year-over-year

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 20 November 2020 20:21 GMT Folks have been spending quite a bit of money on digital games.Consumer spending on digital games is up 14% year-over-year to $10.6 billion according to numbers crunched by Superdata.According to the data, in October, console spending grew the fastest, with earnings from sales up 18% year-over-year (yoy).Mobile earnings were up 15% and digital for PC was up by 10%.Genshin Impact, released on September 28 for PC, mobile, and PS4, was October’s highest-grossing game.FIFA 21 sold 1.5 million digital units with revenue up compared to FIFA 20 launch month digital sales. The…

xbox-series-x/s-supply-shortages-expected-to-continue-until-april-2021,-says-microsoft VG247

Xbox Series X/S supply shortages expected to continue until April 2021, says Microsoft

Microsoft has acknowledged hardware shortages for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X may last until well into 2021.Keen gamers around the world have struggled to get their hands on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles since launch, and it looks like things aren’t going to get any easier for eager consumers any time soon.During last week’s Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Conference (transcribed by Seeking Alpha), Microsoft’s chief financial officer Tim Stuart acknowledged the supply/demand disparity with the new hardware and suggested it’s going to last a while longer yet.“I think we’ll continue to see supply shortages as we…


PS5 trophies will unlock avatar pictures, profile banners and more

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, 19 October 2020 18:03 GMT Trophy-hunters, look sharp – a new feature looks set to make PS5 trophies even more valuable than they were on PS4.Over on the PlayStation 4, if you are diligent enough to unlock Platinum trophies, you can unlock bonus themes and avatar pictures for your efforts.Typically, Sony sends an email to the account linked to your PSN, and you can redeem rewards from there. The PlayStation 5 appears to make trophy-based rewards much simpler to claim – and more common, too.During the PlayStation 5 UI video that was shared by the company…


PS5 release date, price, confirmed games, backwards compatibility – everything we know

The PS5 hits the shelves in just a few weeks, so here’s everything you need to know about it. Over the last few months, more details have emerged about the PS5’s impressive capabilities, such as super-fast loading times thanks to its SSD, crisp 8k resolution and confirmed backwards compatibility for the majority of PS4 games. Since the latest PS5 showcase, Sony has confirmed that there won’t be a Smart Delivery system like Microsoft is offering, but that individual titles such as Marvel’s Avengers will get free upgrades at launch.The PS4 Pro was a decent bridge between last-gen and the next;…