Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

chill-cafe-visual-novel-coffee-talk-episode-2-arrives-this-april Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Chill café visual novel Coffee Talk Episode 2 arrives this April

Coffee Talk is one of my favourite visual novels from the last couple of years, and when developers Toge Productions announced they were making a second episode back in 2021, I raised a steaming hot mug of tea in celebration. Now, it’s time to brew up another one, as they’ve just announced its official release date of April 20th. Read more

storyteller-launches-in-march-2023,-over-a-decade-after-its-debut Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Storyteller launches in March 2023, over a decade after its debut

Last night’s Nintendo Indie showcase gave us fresh looks at many exciting indies. Chief among them was Storyteller, a narrative-puzzle game we first saw ten years ago, and has now confirmed a release date of March 23rd. The game’s comic-strip puzzles let you remix classic stories, like Dracula, using various props, verbs and nouns. A game for all the literary nerds out there. Read more