lord-of-the-rings-online-devs-try-to-put-fans-at-ease-over-amazon’s-lotr-game-announcement VG247

Lord of the Rings Online devs try to put fans at ease over Amazon’s LOTR game announcement

Standing Stone has said its MMO Lord of the Rings Online “is not going away,” despite future competition from Amazon. Speaking on a forum post, senior community manager Cordovan reassured players the game is not shutting down anytime soon. There isn’t a 16th Anniversary trailer, so the 15th Anniversary trailer will have to do. “During the past few days, we’ve received a number of notes from excited and concerned community members about a new MMO coming to the Tolkien-verse from Amazon Games,” reads the forum post. “Some folks have asked what this means for LOTRO. We wanted to give everyone…

oblivion’s-connection-to-discworld-is-a-legacy-worth-celebrating VG247

Oblivion’s connection to Discworld is a legacy worth celebrating

From The Elder Scrolls to Tomb Raider, Terry Pratchett had a profound influence on the world of video games. ^Stay tuned for the video version of this article. I’ve been thinking recently, apropos of absolutely nothing, about the word “Legacy”. How it’s a particularly loaded word when it comes to authors, artists, filmmakers… any kind of creative, really. A prolific author, unlike the vast majority of us, leaves behind a body of work full of clues as to their real character: Terry Pratchett, for example, who is Britain’s best and most beloved author after Tolkien, published a bewildering 41 Discworld…

f1-2022-announced-for-july-release-on-consoles-and-pc-with-vr-support VG247

F1 2022 announced for July release on consoles and PC with VR support

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Hit the wheel and double the stakes, throttle wide open like a bat outta hell. EA and Codemasters have announced F1 2022 alongside a July 1 release date. With the racer you can expect a new season, redesigned cars, overhauled rules, and the new Miami International Autodrome. The game features an authentic lineup of all 20 drivers and 10 teams, and you can enjoy new immersive or cinematic race sequences. You will be able to create a team using the…

grid-legends-review:-the-most-playable-mass-market-track-racer-in-years Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Grid Legends review: the most playable mass-market track racer in years

Instantly beautiful, fast and playable, Grid Legends provides the perfect counterpoint to serious sim racing. It is very clearly similar to 2019’s Grid reboot, although there is immediately one thing that’s changed that makes this offering worth the upgrade. No, not the added story mode, it’s more fundamental than that; it’s the handling. It just didn’t feel quite right in the last game, whereas here it’s arguably the most playable handling system of any modern racer that doesn’t have ‘Kart’ in its title. Even though your car slides at every opportunity, it’s actually disguising the fact there’s a great deal…

grid-legends-is-driving-the-series-to-glory-with-its-new-story-mode Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Grid Legends is driving the series to glory with its new story mode

Codemasters’ Grid series continues its resurgence after 2019’s decent-but-slightly-neutered reboot. This time, it’s going right back to Codemasters’ TOCA Race Driver roots and adding in a full-fat story mode, complete with real actors. No Scotty, mind, but we suppose they have to save something for the sequel. It’s this story mode we’ve been given early access to, so let’s jump in. Read more

codemasters-has-announced-a-february-release-date-for-grid-legends VG247

Codemasters has announced a February release date for Grid Legends

The racer will arrive in early 2022. Codemasters and Electronic Arts have announced a February 25 release date for Grid Legends. Annouced during EA Play Live back in July, the racer promises a large variety of game modes, including a deeper Career with over 250 events, a story mode entitled Driven to Glory, the return of Drift and Elimination, and the introduction of Electric Boost racing. Drivers of all levels will be able to drive over 100 vehicles upon release, race on classic tracks and in cities, and connect with others via cross-platform multiplayer. Not only does it support cross-platform…

checking-out-f1-2021-online-with-the-logitech-g29-racing-wheel VG247

Checking out F1 2021 online with the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel

By Dorrani Williams 16 July 2021 16:17 GMT I’m still no Lewis Hamilton, but I’m having fun. As I’ve been saying for a while now, I’ve got a new love for Formula 1 racing and have been really enjoying my time playing F1 2021 – so much so that I’ve gone out and purchased a racing wheel to give me a more authentic experience.Now make no mistake, I’m driving the cars in automatic with the majority of assists turned on but already it’s miles better than using a controller (I was playing on PS5, and the DualSense is no slouch).Watch…

dirt-5-players-can-expect-some-new-content-next-week VG247

Dirt 5 players can expect some new content next week

Dirt 5 players can expect some new content coming next week on July 20.Additional cars, tracks, events, and more Playgrounds options are coming to Dirt 5. Watch on YouTubeIt’s all part of the Super Size Content Pack, Update 5.00, and the Parts Unknown Playgrounds Update.The first of the new free circuits to be added to the game will be Sao Conrado and Rio Seafront, Brazil. Both have slightly different layouts perfect for off-road machines. These tracks, and their reverse variants, are available in Arcade mode with all customizable weather conditions. Both are used for multiple events in the new Career…

codemasters-leadership-resign-four-months-after-ea’s-acquisition VG247

Codemasters leadership resign four months after EA’s acquisition

By Dom Peppiatt 7 July 2021 11:01 GMT EA has announced that Codemasters‘ CEO Frank Sagnier and CFO Rashid Varachia are stepping down following the publisher’s acquisition of the studio earlier in the year.The duo will leave Codemasters at the end of July. As per a statement released by EA, the duo’s departure was always part of the overall plan regarding the takeover, but things have been sped up due to the speed at which the British racing game group has been integrated into EA’s wider company structure following the completion of EA’s $1.2 billion acquisition of Codemasters back in February 2021.“Since joining…

on-the-day-of-f1-2021’s-reveal,-new-owner-ea-jacks-up-regional-steam-prices-vs-last-year’s-game VG247

On the day of F1 2021’s reveal, new owner EA jacks up regional Steam prices vs last year’s game

News of EA’s first F1 game as Codemasters’ new owner was soured after a massive disparity in regional pricing became clear.Overnight, Codemasters announced F1 2021, this year’s version of its long-running, official Formula 1 racing game. The game is due July 16 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.Watch on YouTubeThe announcement is fairly exciting. For one, this is Codemasters’ first game under EA Sports, having recently finalised a $1.2 billion acquisition deal. The few F1 2021 features revealed so far are also interesting. This year’s game introduces two-player co-op for career mode.F1 2021 will also expand…

dirt-5-is-free-to-play-this-weekend-with-xbox-live-gold-and-game-pass-ultimate VG247

Dirt 5 is free to play this weekend with Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 18 March 2021 19:29 GMT Dirt 5 is once again free to play, but this time it’s on Xbox systems.Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can play Dirt 5 for free this weekend. You can play the full game on Xbox from today through the weekend, including the Career mode, the custom arena creator mode Playgrounds, participate in online races and party modes, and much more. There are over 70 unique routes, covering mud, ice, sand, tarmac, gravel, and more, with extreme dynamic weather transforming any race at any time. Dirt 5 finds…

dirt-5-and-nba-2k21-are-free-to-play-this-weekend-on-steam VG247

Dirt 5 and NBA 2K21 are free to play this weekend on Steam

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 5 March 2021 17:18 GMT Play the racer and sports game for free for the next three days.Both Dirt 5 and NBA 2K21 are free to play this weekend on Steam. Dirt 5 finds you going off-road to race around various routes around the world, covering gravel, ice, snow, and sand. There are plenty of vehicles to choose from ranging from cars to trucks, to GT heroes. The game features a Career, four-player split-screen, online modes, livery editor, and more new features.The game is also on sale for 50% off. This includes both the standard edition…

sorry-take-two,-it-looks-like-ea-are-buying-codemasters-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Sorry Take-Two, it looks like EA are buying Codemasters now

Hope you’re ready for some big business-y numbers on this fine Monday afternoon. Last month, Take-Two Interactive announced they had plans to buy Dirt developer Codemasters for a whopping £759 million. However, that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. Other gaming megacorp, Electronic Arts, are ready to do the buying instead. They’ve swooped in with a cheeky £914 million offer for Codemasters, who are expected to complete the deal with EA early next year – unless some other giant publisher kicks in the door throwing even more cash everywhere, I suppose. (more…)