new-physics-puzzler-lego-bricktales-has-awoken-my-inner-child Rock,Paper,Shotgun

New physics puzzler Lego Bricktales has awoken my inner child

I felt my inner-child squeal out when Lego Bricktales was announced during last night’s Future Games Show. They took my favourite part of Lego, building stuff, and turned the whole thing into a physics-based puzzle game, where you build creations to solve problems. The premise is your grandfather, who just happens to own an amusement park, needs your help getting all the health and safety requirements above board. Because of some complicated Lego lore reasons, the only way to save the park is by helping people all around the world. How do you do that? By building increasingly complex contraptions…

bridge-constructor:-the-walking-dead’s-strange-shambling-crossover-is-out-now Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead’s strange shambling crossover is out now

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what the connection between these two franchises is. But if developers ClockStone have proven themselves good at anything, building bridges has gotta be up there. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead‘s undead spin on the studio’s crossing-builder is out now, tasking you with ferrying Norman Reedus and co. to safety while funneling undead hordes to their overdue demise. (more…)

bridge-constructor:-the-walking-dead-exists,-but-mostly-in-live-action-trailer-form Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead exists, but mostly in live-action trailer form

What’s more stressful than constructing a shonky haphazard bridge? Why, constructing a shonky haphazard bridge while zombies attack, of course! Developers ClockStone and publishers Headup Games revealed Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead today at Gamescom Opening Night Live, with a live-action teaser trailer and so little else that the Steam store page just has screenshots from the production of that teaser trailer. Cliff notes are: it has bridge construction, it has zombies, and those zombies are the same ones that have been troubling Andrew Lincoln and his son Coral for all these years. (more…)