Chivalry 2

chivalry-2-co-developers-condemn-tripwire-interactive-over-president’s-anti-abortion-comments Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Chivalry 2 co-developers condemn Tripwire Interactive over president’s anti-abortion comments

Shipwright Studios, co-developers of Chivalry 2 and Maneater, are cutting ties with Tripwire Interactive after Tripwire president John Gibson voiced his support for the stringent new Texas abortion law. Shipwright say they’re starting to cancel contracts with Tripwire “immediately”, while Chivalry 2 creators, Torn Banner Studios, have also released a statement condemning Gibson’s views. Read more

vg247’s-definitely-not-a-podcast-video-chat-–-mario-golf,-chivalry-2,-scarlet-nexus,-and-pokemon-cards VG247

VG247’s Definitely Not a Podcast Video Chat – Mario Golf, Chivalry 2, Scarlet Nexus, and Pokemon Cards

By Tom Orry 25 June 2021 18:00 GMT As we move forward with VG247 and look ahead to a site redesign, we plan to roll out a lovely podcast that you can listen to on a weekly basis, full of friendly chat about the latest games. You’ll get to know us all so well that when we inevitably all start our own Patreons we’ll be rich beyond our wildest dreams. Alex can buy all the arcade machines he wants, Dorrani can buy more trainers, and I can finally buy an OLED TV.Watch on YouTubeBut, this is not that podcast. This…

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Chivalry 2 is most fun when sat on a bench

The tutorial for medieval first-person slasher Chivalry 2 felt like I’d attended my first zumba class run by Stanis Boratheon. I was told the art of warfare lay in the swing of your hips, not your sword. And that to riposte, you match your opponent’s movements. But to break someone’s guard you use your legs. Got that? Orders were barked, “sir yes sir”, and I barely kept pace. Then I was enlisted into the Siege of Rudhelm. I’d need to stoically defend a fortress with all the moves I’d learned, and I was stressed out. So when the gates opened…