diablo-immortal’s-chinese-release-has-been-postponed-for-“optimizations” Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Diablo Immortal’s Chinese release has been postponed for “optimizations”

Blizzard have confirmed they’re delaying the launch of gem-wrangling time sink Diablo Immortal in the Asia Pacific region until July 7th, so they can complete “optimization”. The delay was originally announced on Sunday by the game’s regional publisher in China, NetEase, and was picked up on by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter. The decision to delay came a few days after Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo banned the Diablo Immortal account due to unspecified “violation of related laws and regulations”. Read more

steam-troubles-in-china-raise-concerns-that-a-ban-is-coming Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Steam troubles in China raise concerns that a ban is coming

Steam has existed in a grey area in China, technically not following rules which require all games be approved yet never drawing the ire of authorities. Many have long expected it to eventually be banned, though, especially after Valve partnered with Perfect World to launch the limited Steam China. This might now be happening. Maybe. Or it’s possibly being hindered, at least. This all started with a big stink on Christmas Day that led some to declare Steam had been banned by the Great Firewall which restricts access to many sites outside China, but the reality is not so clear…

uk-caster-aux-joins-lpl-english-language-broadcast-team-for-2022 ESports News UK

UK caster Aux joins LPL English language broadcast team for 2022

UK League of Legends (LoL) colour caster Dan ‘Aux’ Harrison has joined the Chinese LPL English language broadcast team. Aux made the announcement that he will be a full-time caster with the LPL in 2022 on New Year’s Eve. The news comes after Aux had a successful stint as an LPL guest caster during the Summer 2021 Season. Aux has a storied history in UK League of Legends, having played as support for Excel Esports for almost two years, helping Excel win their first ESL Prem in late 2017, before transitioning into casting. Continue reading UK caster Aux joins LPL…

riot-says-china-is-the-reason-why-there’s-a-lot-of-damage-and-faster-games-in-league-of-legends-at-the-moment ESports News UK

Riot says China is the reason why there’s a lot of damage and faster games in League of Legends at the moment

Riot Games has explained why it’s leaned more towards high damage, fast-paced games in League of Legends. Speaking on a call with a select few influencers on October 12th, including UK streamer HuzzyGames, they answered one of his questions. He asked them: Is there too much damage in League? HuzzyGames explained Riot’s answer in this video on his YouTube channel (around the 30-minute mark), saying that the influencers weren’t allowed to record the call, but were able to take notes. Continue reading Riot says China is the reason why there’s a lot of damage and faster games in League of…

5-reasons-why-a-gaming-limit-would-be-bad-for-the-uk:-‘copying-china’s-gaming-ban-would-harm-uk-children’,-warns-it-body-bcs ESports News UK

5 reasons why a gaming limit would be bad for the UK: ‘Copying China’s gaming ban would harm UK children’, warns IT body BCS

China’s limit on computer game time risks harming children’s education and should not be introduced in the UK, the professional body for the IT industry has said. Modern gaming challenges like building Minecraft worlds with friends, or trading on Roblox, encourage children’s interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects, said Professor Andy Phippen, a Fellow of BCS, The Chartered institute for IT (formerly known as the British Computer Society). Parents, not the state, should regulate gaming time, but they deserve better research and guidance on the effects of screen-time to make those informed decisions, BCS added. Continue reading 5…

wolves-become-first-football-club-to-participate-in-the-honor-of-kings-pro-league ESports News UK

Wolves become first football club to participate in the Honor of Kings Pro League

Premier League football club Wolves have become the first traditional football club to enter China’s King Pro League (KPL) esports tournament. Wolves parent company Fosun Sports has acquired Honor of Kings esports team Chongqing QGhappy. QGhappy will now become part of the Wolves Esports family, and change their name to Chongqing Wolves. They will continue to be the home team of South West China’s Chongqing and take part in the new season of one of the world’s top mobile esports professional leagues. Continue reading Wolves become first football club to participate in the Honor of Kings Pro League

a-man-of-many-talents:-video-of-fnatic-valorant-team-captain-boaster-singing-in-mandarin-watched-by-millions ESports News UK

A man of many talents: Video of Fnatic Valorant team captain Boaster singing in Mandarin watched by millions

Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett is not only capturing the minds of Valorant fans worldwide, but he’s now winning over their hearts too, thanks to a mix of musical talent, lively personality and witty charm. The British Valorant player and team captain of Fnatic’s Valorant side, who recently reached the final of the Stage 2 Masters LAN in Iceland, was very much the face of the tournament. Whether it was his crazy post-game celebrations with the team, lively vlogs, enthusiastic face reactions when the camera panned to him or his politeness in press conferences (“first of all, thank you for the question…”), Boaster…

chinese-police-shut-down-“biggest”-cheat-distributor-in-massive-bust VG247

Chinese police shut down “biggest” cheat distributor in massive bust

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 1 April 2021 11:23 GMT Chinese authorities have taken down a major player in the cheat creating business.Tencent has teamed up with Chinese authorities to bust a massive cheat distributing operation called Chicken Drumstick. The cheat maker reportedly sold cheats for popular mobile and PC games, including the likes of Valorant, Overwatch, Call of Duty mobile and more.Some of those games, of course, are published by Tencent, and the giant publisher has been working with Kunshan police to track down and bust this group. According to BBC, the group made $76 million in revenue over the…

genshin-impact-downloaded-at-least-17-million-times-in-four-days VG247

Genshin Impact downloaded at least 17 million times in four days

Genshin Impact has racked up a confirmed 17 million downloads on mobile devices alone in the four days since its release.The game, a free-to-play action-RPG that caught gamers’ eyes last year thanks to the similarities it shares with Breath of the Wild, has already been a huge success.Mobile performance analyst site App Annie shared some of the game’s impressive stats to Twitter. The analyst states that developer MiHoYo has achieved 17,000,000 downloads on mobile alone.It is also the biggest international launch of a Chinese game the industry has ever seen, according to, 🗓️ Oct 5 – #AppAnnie’s #mobile #statoftheday 🎮✨#GenshinImpact…

black-myth:-wu-kong-trailer-was-fully-playable VG247

Black Myth: Wu Kong trailer was fully playable

The trailer for Black Myth: Wu Kong dropped earlier this week and stunned viewers all over the world – remarkably, the gameplay demo showcased actual, playable footage. Developed by Hangzhou-based studio Game Science, Black Myth: Wu Kong is a contemporary retelling of iconic Chinese mythological text Journey to the West. It’s set to be the first AAA game developed entirely by a Chinese studio, and players have been massively impressed by what the team has demonstrated so far.Games industry analyst Daniel Ahmad recently translated an interview with Game Science, during which the team announced that it has been hugely surprised…

chinese-streamer-quits-cyberpunk-2077-voice-acting-role-due-to-online-backlash VG247

Chinese streamer quits Cyberpunk 2077 voice acting role due to online backlash

One of China’s most popular streamers recently announced that she has chosen to quit her Cyberpunk 2077 voice acting role due to receiving massive backlash from fans online. 渗透之C菌 is one of the most well-known YouTubers in all of China. According to a user on Reddit, she was one of several Chinese streamers who was due to make a cameo in Cyberpunk 2077, either as stars of in-game commercials or as minor voice actors.The announcement was widely discussed across Chinese social media, with fans wondering whether it was necessary for a game to have so many celebrity appearances. Some people…

china-isn’t-cancelling-its-biggest-game-show E3

China Isn’t Cancelling Its Biggest Game Show

While E3 and the Tokyo Game Show have been scrapped in favor of virtual events, China Joy will go forward as planned—as an in-person event. As Shanghai Daily reports, the show will be held from July 31 to August 3. Special measures will be in place to help keep visitors and exhibitors safe. Besides submitting to temperature checks, attendees will need to disclose their real name as well as show valid ID and a health code tracking app. According to South China Morning Post, the app gives each Chinese citizen a color to denote whether or not they could be carrying…