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Report: Chess Grandmaster From Anal Bead Conspiracy Accused Of Cheating In Over 100 Games

Hans Niemann, who sparked the internet’s favorite anal bead meme last month after beating chess world champion Magnus Carlsen in a stunning upset, is now accused of cheating in over 100 online matches, according to a new unprecedented 72-page report by The world’s most popular website for online chess shared it with The Wall Street Journal, and is calling on some in-person matches, including Niemann’s victory over Carlsen, to be investigated further as well.

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Chess Is An Esport, According To Twitch Star And Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura

Sometimes it’s the small sprinkles of strangeness that stand out the most. If you had told me several years ago that 2020 would bring daily disasters of incomprehensible consequence, I probably would have believed you, because we’ve been trending in that direction for a while now. The idea of an esports organization signing a chess grandmaster, however, would have at least gotten a “Wait, what?” In hindsight, though, Hikaru “GMHikaru” Nakamura’s decision to sign with TSM makes perfect sense. Thanks to the recent efforts of Nakamura and other chess streamers, Twitch is reshaping the 1,500 year-old game in its own…