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Chinese police shut down “world’s biggest” cheat seller

Chinese police have reportedly shut down a cheat seller in collaboration with publishers Tencent, arresting 10 people and seizing sports cars in the process. The operation, named Chicken Drumstick, sold subscriptions to cheats for games including Overwatch and Call Of Duty Mobile. The police claim this was the “world’s biggest” cheat operation, though that’s a tough one to quantify or verify. But hey, another cheatmonger shut down, that’s good. Read more

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Chinese police shut down “biggest” cheat distributor in massive bust

By Sherif Saed, Thursday, 1 April 2021 11:23 GMT Chinese authorities have taken down a major player in the cheat creating business.Tencent has teamed up with Chinese authorities to bust a massive cheat distributing operation called Chicken Drumstick. The cheat maker reportedly sold cheats for popular mobile and PC games, including the likes of Valorant, Overwatch, Call of Duty mobile and more.Some of those games, of course, are published by Tencent, and the giant publisher has been working with Kunshan police to track down and bust this group. According to BBC, the group made $76 million in revenue over the…

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Years of CS:GO replays will be investigated for coach exploits

Coaches eh? They’re meant to be a great help for improving your game, but it seems some sneaky Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams have taken that to mean peeking where they’re not allowed during high-stakes competitive games. Now, the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) is raking through years of demos to find these meddlesome cameramen, with the suggestion that they might go easy on folks who own up to their crimes. (more…)