Eve Online wraps its invasion story with a call to rebuild New Eden

The space-faring pilots of Eve Online have had quite a time with the evolving story that CCP Games cooked up for them. Those dastardly Triglavians have been throwing space wrenches in everyone’s plans for months and now the fourth quadrant (space talk for “chapter”) of the story has arrived. The Phoenix Quadrant will ask players to rebuild New Eden in the aftermath of the star wars. (more…)

eve-online-is-adding-a-graphical-setting-to-remove-spaceships-and-also-everything-else Rock,Paper,Shotgun

Eve Online is adding a graphical setting to remove spaceships and also everything else

Eve Online is so closely associated with the joke about “spreadsheet” gaming that the first time I saw it years back I was genuinely surprised that it actually has pretty, 3D ships. I suppose I was expecting a very complex space-themed MUD. Well, now it’ll have an option to become that, sort of. A new graphical setting for reducing GPU load during giant space battles will remove all that pretty outer space from your view, captain, leaving only the interface full of numbers and letters. (more…)